Camping Sleeping Bags & Pads : Trapezoidal Sleeping Bags

This is a trapezoidal sleeping bag. It’s kind
of like a rectangular one, but it’s tapered at the foot making the shape of it more like
a trapezoid. The nice thing about this is you’re cutting down on space inside the bag.
In order for the bag to do what it needs to do your body needs to heat up all the space
inside and without having that extra space that a rectangular bag has the trapezoidal
is a little bit more thermal efficient. This particular one has a zipper that goes down
about the hip. Some of them will actually go all the way down. The neat thing about
this one is that it has a vented foot bag. So right here, if you get hot you open that
up and let some of the heat out. Just like clothing during the day, your sleeping bag
needs to have some venting options so that you don’t get too hot and start to sweat inside
the bag and it just gets, if you sweat you get wet and then you get cold. So if you have
any questions give your local outfitter a holler.

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