Camping spots near Transfagarasan

Do you want to camp near the famous
Transfăgărășan road which was called by Top Gear the best road in the world?
Or you are just looking for a spot from where you can climb the three highest
mountains in Romania in a single day? Then you must watch this video! If you
prefer you can watch this video in Romanian and Hungarian as well and you
can read more details about this topic on my website So
let’s look at the camping spots! The first one is in the Bâlea valley right
after you come out of the forest coming from the north. The advantage of this
spot is that it’s very close to the road so you don’t have to really carry the
tents. But this is also a big disadvantage because all kinds of people
can get there and they leave a lot of trash even if the trash can is just a
few meters away! I’m really ashamed to see that and I hope you’re not one of
them! Another disadvantage of this spot is that because the forest is so close
we got some visitors at night: foxes! And not one and not small ones and they were
not afraid of humans not even me! 🙂 I had to look very scary to scare them away
but they kept coming back so in the end I just went to sleep but it wasn’t my
calmest sleep ever. The second spot is near the Bâlea Lac hut next to the lake. To
get there before you enter the tunnel coming from the north there is a smaller
asphalted road that goes to the left and just go till the end and this is also
where the path to the Capra lake starts. You will find some places for your tent
here. Maybe you have to pay a small amount to use it. From here you can reach
the main ridge of the Făgăraș mountains in about an hour.
Another option close to the lake is on the other side near the parking and close to the mountain rescue house. This is a good spot if you are
planning to climb the Negoiu peak which is the second highest in Romania. But the
disadvantage is that all day long you will hear the music coming from the
merchants next to the road. My fourth suggestion is to camp in the
Păltinului saddle which is a really nice flat place with a lot of grass. The
problem is that it’s quite exposed being at an altitude above 2300 meters. So only
use this one if you have a good tent and good sleeping bag. It also has the
disadvantage that you don’t have immediate water source but you have to
go to the Păltinului spring which is about 10 to 15 minutes away. The fifth
spot is one that we tested recently in the middle of September and it’s right
next to the Păltinului spring. I really like this place because the view is
superb. But it’s quite exposed because it’s right next to the main ridge. So
only go there if you have good equipment and you know what you’re doing you know
the main principles of how to choose your spot and where to put your tent
without endangering yourself. My last suggestion is near the Capra lake and
this is the one I have used the most. You have a lot of options here. I have
written about this in the article on my site. From this spot you can attempt to
climb the highest peak in Romania Moldoveanu and return in one day. I
only recommend this if you are really well trained maybe have some experience
with trail running and you can move comfortably on rocks. Expect some rock
climbing, scrambling and portions where there are chains to help you move. If you
plan to do this start early, bring a headlamp with you and be prepared for a
really long day! Have you done this already? Then leave me
a comment and tell me how much time did it take you. Don’t forget you can read
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