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right then folks so we’ve come to go to
war and peace a day or a night before and guess who we got on the phone face
time folks number two fan he’s decided to camp out in a hotel yeah five-star
spots already got the jungle sleeping bag totally different from last on the
Arctic one with feathers and we’ve also popped on the hill servings all the
Bloods gonna rushed up ahead get some sleep folks and all will be
revealed tomorrow number two fan born in folks so it’s all out in folk so
it’s ladyboy with a burger valid it last year and that’s really early can you
generate it going down which is car in front a lorry beyond so but you know
someone knocking on the sides of that this is going on so we don’t know we
can’t see behind us so we don’t know ever the burger van is like right behind
this someone don’t know the situation food or open the door can’t see through
the little gap so we’ve all right the door see what’s afternoon folks
it strange someone knock the door down a net route thanks going on you know doing
the right a little bit yeah it’s like God also record it was situation update
then it’s like probably the lorry drivers a lorry behind there and the
lorries gone the lorry was parked in front of the
burger van and Lori draw
we’ll see if there’s anyone in there cause this Oh oh yeah the summer this is Lucy one huh and there’s a big event I’m Claire in the old place too late with ten minutes too late they’re camping I’d leave it don’t matter I am you say what we need a cool effect yeah sure yeah yeah yeah yeah well so we go to the pink well we’ve got
the side door we need that we’re gonna have to go in this one because we’ve got
the side door right yeah yeah bang your mate Janeiro jump out he needs to eat
what sort that yes still I’m wondering though I mean I hope we want to do it what’s going on
number two fan just working out where we can put all the tents how you doing
Chris morning folks welcome folks indeed welcome indeed get
the old tent set up folks got the pitch here we’ve got time lapse roll in as
well so it’s all going mental so should be interesting
are you that one man till it was over last year it’s that’s what the mattress
if we blew it up like yeah I wake up in the mornings and my face is just
touching the food there’s too much for crazy folks let’s just do this time
lapse is rolling I only just started folks and the heat
is unbearable Chris’s sir get the tensor on your
canvas classic get a good number two fans having trouble with L tent again boys what make is that there’s Chris is
10 I’ll classic one that’s a nice this be good crazy man we better give number to fana
a hand folks the dress right these new tents folks these new
tent pegs on them so we got some decent paid wooden ones well we’ve got the pegs
make them write about it come on pigs right in and this one ear
and ear yeah it’s all pegged out mate Oh Steve how you doing Steve that’s a
Friday there mate okay then I can find you and no matter where you are or the
sound of your voice where’s Colin here as well is it oh cool
can’t see him Court is coming out tomorrow so I need
to know what for the pigs inmates or not it’s not they don’t fit for the old it’s
not read no joking upgrading folk how mad lit up for he’s
coming tomorrow or something yeah definitely made definitely Liddy up
though innit crazy crazy chris has got mac and cheese you better
muffin some spam what Chris doing here that I wrote has a snap the rolls well
look at that it’s just no I just sliced it my night got some nice noodles over
it nice noodles even like a tiny square just to see if it does yeah I’m not a bit I’m not a big fan of
new things spams although they had spam in the wartime now I know spank club for
me folks yeah I’ll rather have the bacon it’s
like I’ve got one with bacon so you might like that one better is bacon
there really isn’t it it’s still the same animal so it’s with bacon I’ll be
right man who knows mate Cheers you got the water you are both suffering the suffering is
that still cold no the old snake brand in it I guess my cheeks a bit yeah you
can see that I think Chris over there as as well this is when funny oh yeah
tomorrow just looking web 38 I know it’s gonna be mad mate yeah that is mad so
this is drinking water this then I run that and
well that’d be right doesn’t say is it don’t drink it
washing your shoes it’s warm is it what oh god it’s warm folks it’s coming out that tank blue shower
yeah probably coming out of that tank in it this warm here let’s just pop running
all over look they’re the same ones we saw in Germany in that basement and what feel the ground shake in there mate
Jesus some weight their Donette that was probably the best time they
going here the Sherman and the t-34 the best tanks it was that is yeah Belgium not on this field wait if every time we
walk up we walk up a different way over the next couple days should you see it the sons in the show again it’s nice innit Akon in it sounds yeah sounds quieter than some
cars arson run along with it I’ll suit up the sound of it though
didn’t you down the meme absolutely amazing quite grim in that Jesus folks jewel film your folks filming Saamy good buddy’s son keeps getting on
the lens did you film that they say he’s taking pictures what’s
your Instagram than me well this looks so stable folks why is it made this is very so scary
last summon it alright see ya wouldn’t see maybe because they don’t maybe drive
yeah maybe the next time not next next few days maybe check out this Instagram folks tree you
want one of them Chris strap there twister hit again so you can look
through the bulletproof glass the short one where’s the blow a little bit still hot folks in it
certainly is mate we should I care shit that Chris has got
the old sausage going it it’s not really a corporation listen sausages folks yeah
this is Chris’s old cooker see what happens in it got a toast there stuff
cooking on here a good pot yeah that’s a bit burnt now then they looking forward
to my new loosen sausages mini sausages and Nettles what are they spaghetti
spaghetti and mini sausages folks bloody was back again the semi washed around
there folks really crazy so then we cooked up folks got loads
half a loaf of bread each and Chris’s got is in a bowl gives you confidence on
the total it has to be with the toaster mm-hmm I’ll put mine on my poster no
sabe no yeah that’s good it’s not bad skin sick of these whoops folks you know
I mean wasps everywhere


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