Camping Tent Wood Stove | Burger Feast Outdoors
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Camping Tent Wood Stove | Burger Feast Outdoors

What’s up guys, just wanted to check in
with you. We’re making our way up this forest service road right now, climbing
along the ridge of the mountain, just wanted to show you the view behind us. We
hear there’s a nice clearing up at the top of the mountain, so we’re gonna keep
going up that way. Yes, this is it it’s been consistently
raining for a while now, but this is the spot we’re gonna get unhooked and
probably pull the car up forward and be able to pull it back out this way, but
the fog is covering up pretty much everything right now, so I can’t
unfortunately show you the view, but it looked beautiful from what we could see
so hopefully it clears up tomorrow and I’ll be able to show you more. Alright,
now we’re in a little bit of a better spot out here got it all on a flat
surface and it’s starting to clear up over here too. I just noticed this spot
clears out – so far I’m digging this spot I think it’s gorgeous.
Andrea’s back here getting us all finalized in the back of the camper a
real team player, she is so now that we’ve got the camper in place we’ve
pretty much just got to go through and organize our things that we put up when
we move and once we get all that done, we’re gonna set up the wood stove and I
bought stuff to make burgers tonight, so we’re gonna cook some burgers on the
wood stove. Sometimes I like making a fire with
kindling wood and just striking a match and doing it all from bare hands, but
when you’re hungry and you got a propane tank, it just makes sense, it’s all closed
up oh they’re all right let’s get some burgers cooking. Hey leave it, good boy! Andrews getting the tea whipped up. Alright, I’m gonna go ahead and take
these guys off let that cheese melt nice and slow, I’m gonna toast the buns right
on top here, I’m a pretty plain burger kind of guy, so I just like a little bit
of ketchup a little bit of mustard and I’m good to go,
but we’re gonna go ahead and eat now, and we’ll catch back up with you guys soon,
take it easy.

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