Camping Tip: Easy Peasy Dish-washing with Kids
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Camping Tip: Easy Peasy Dish-washing with Kids

Hi! This is Liling Pang and welcome to another
edition of camping tips by Trekaroo. Today we are going to show you how our family washes
dishes when we are camping, and it’s a lot of fun and it’s really simple if you set it
up correct. Today we are going to show you how our family sets up our washing station
so that it’s really easy for the kids to participate. In order to set up the wash up station correctly,
we need paper towels, 2 basins, hot water, soap, something to clean the dishes with,
and gloves. Ethan wanna show them the gloves? and that just helps when the water is really
cold from the tub. First off,what we always do is we will wipe off any excess food that’s
on the plate specially when it’s gooey and gummy, it makes a lot easier for the kids
to wash the dishes. If your kids are a little older they can participate in this part of
the process but if your kids are a little younger then maybe the adults wanna help with
this. Wipe it as clean as you can. We are going to make the dish washing soapy water,
a little bit of cold water and I heated up this hot water on the stove, always use some
gloves. We will pour some of that in their too. The hot water really helps to get any
grease out and that’s sort of the first dunk. Zachary is going to show us what we do. Oh!
and put some soap. He is going to show us what he does. Get as much of the grease off.
You want to see? Okay, let’s watch what your brothers are doing. This is the rinsing dung.
First hub is soapy water with hot water in it. This can be cold, that’s ok. and then,
that’s the second child and then the third child… sometimes will put it here and if
you don’t have a dish rack, you can just have someone else be wiping the dishes. Off and
drying them off, and then if you have another child, they can help to put it away in whatever
storage container you are using. So, it’s really easy because we set it up on the picnic
bench like that, it’s just the perfect height for the kids and then this can be sort of
the area that you set up with both the dirty dishes as well as the clean dishes. So, I
hope that was really helpful for you. Our kids have been doing this for years now. They
started off when they were probably 4 and now they are pro’s. Thank you very much!

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