Camping Tip: How To Roll Your Self Inflating Mattress

– Hi, guys. Teigan from Tentworld Online. Today I’m here to talk to
you about the easiest way to pack down a self-inflating mattress. Now these mats can be quite
difficult to pack away, but hopefully with these few steps, it’ll make the pack down process easier. So the first step is to make sure that your valves are open
so the air can escape. The second step is to roll the mattress from the opposite end of the valves, ensuring to squeeze as hard as you can when rolling to remove most of the air. Now when you get to this point, close the valves off and
unroll the mattress again. You will need to repeat step three, but keep the valves closed. When you have almost fully rolled the mat, open the valves and
squeeze all the air out. The last step is to close off the valves. Finish off rolling the mat, and place the mat in the bag. And that’s how you roll
a self-inflating mat. Thanks for watching.

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