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Camping Tips | Design Squad

Hey there! It’s Deysi from Design Squad. Now, I don’t know about you,
but I love going camping. It’s so much fun. But when you go camping, sometimes you run into
some annoying little problems. But that’s okay,
because we’re engineers and we can solve these problems
using engineering. Whenever I go camping,
I bring my headlamp. And it’s great, but sometimes
it’s just too bright. When I’m in my tent,
I just want a nice soft glow, not a shining headlamp. And here’s how engineering
can help you solve this problem. Make a lantern
by using your headlamp, and strapping it around
a plastic container. The jug can either be empty
or filled with water. See? A nice, soft glow. When you’re in the woods,
it’s hard to organize your cookware
and it’s pretty easy to get your pots and pans dirty when you place them
on the ground, especially if the ground
is all muddy. So we’ve repurposed a belt. Just strap a belt around a tree,
use some metal hooks and… …ta-da! And finally,
when you go camping, there are no sinks
to wash your hands. At least there aren’t any
where I go camping. So you can use engineering to create your own
hand washing station. Just fill up an empty
detergent container with water, use some bungee cords
to strap on some paper towels, and there’s your portable
hand washing station. And there you go. Happy camping! And if you have any more ideas, send them to the Design Squad
website. There’s a big ant in there.

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