CAMPING WEB SERIES – EPISODE 1 “Family Matters… or Does It?”
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CAMPING WEB SERIES – EPISODE 1 “Family Matters… or Does It?”

Julia fine you set it up on your own you whiz I did not sign up for this on my own sibling camping trip remember we do things together yeah well I’m not doing anything until you go get the instruction manual bye see that wasn’t so hard we’re doing this all wrong well not too shabby after all yeah like better than her last holiday together when was that like four years ago wow it’s been that long man we were overdue you know I’m so glad we could get away just the two of us who’s that I might have told a friend that I’d be here what Kelly wasn’t kidding when she said you were hot I came with a few people I hope you don’t mind um Tiffany she’s staying with me for a while we go way back my brother and he’s girlfriend nice to meet you Ethan Kaylee told me all about you you seem like a really really great guy I noticed no I’m a fire goin it though do you want me go gather some wood for you because I can totally go gather some wood for you this is my girlfriend I you and she’s gonna help me is that cool yeah did you guys bring like a tent and sleeping bags food yeah we’re sorted yeah well I’m Julia he seems lovely sister so excuse me I have to make a phone call now this is very good wood how young look how dry it is it’s gonna give us a nice little fire tonight you and I by the fire isn’t that gonna be romantic we’re gonna get more of it though more do you understand okay I understand more wood very dry very good for fire correct yes correct you’re the best ESL hyuna so glad you came to America Wow I doubt you have enough food there buddy yes I know how you and I are gonna go get some more well Ethan this is fun so how do you guys like eating in the outdoors well this is my first time camping really I mean I’ve been on a campsite before you know when I was a teenager but it was more like a resort kind of thingy you know with a tennis court and a pool and a disco bar yeah and my parents they have this huge RV like so cool in Korea we don’t do this camp but if you have a hot water for my ramen then I’m fine don’t worry hye-young I’ll make sure we always have hot water ah but don’t you love the wildlife with its savage beasts and mosquitoes no by the end of this trip you’re gonna feel like you’re one with nature no showers no bathrooms just pure untamed organic nature everywhere no bathrooms who might that be oh that I think I told a friend I’d be here you know on this trip we do things together chicken hey Ricky Ricky anything go way back I got a thing for numbers figures don’t die me I’ve been doing some math here for my record this painter see come on you given some


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