CAMPING WITH BALDI! (Annoying Orange Field Trip)

(Orange muttering) (intense EDM) – Aye yo it’s AO with another gamer video! Look what it is again. It’s Baldi! Ooo.
– [Baldi] Let’s go camping. – I don’t wanna go camping with Baldi. Yeah, I don’t think you
have positive intents. (Orange laughing)
Get it? In-“tents” (Orange laughing) The demo ends here. Why does it end there? I’m gonna go see what’s on the other side. See what’s going on over here. Ooo, “the demo ends here”.
Why does it keep ending? Whoa, what?! “No, seriously, that’s it.” “Stop! There’s nothing else”, but I think there might be something else! “You’ll regret this”. Ooo, I don’t wanna– – [Man] No breaking the
fourth wall in the halls. (Orange laughing)
– You funny. What happened? It’s a prinicpal butt. (Orange laughs) Alright, I guess I gotta
go around the corner and I gotta go to Baldi
and I gotta figure out what’s going on here. Okay gizzards. – [Baldi] Let’s go camping. – Only if, you know, you
promise you not gonna hit me in the booty with a
ruler. I don’t like it. – [Baldi] Alright, all set. I’ll go set up the bear traps. – Bear traps? – I want you to keep the fire going. – Okay
– Go out into the woods and collect firewood. – Okay. – Then, bring it back to refuel the fire. – The fireee. – The bigger the fire is,
the more points you’ll earn. – Sounds hot! – Alright, go for it! – Okay! I’m totally gonna go for it, woo! Yeah I’ve got a stick! Yeah I’ve got a sticky-stick! Hey, hey guys, what’s brown and sticky? A stick! (Orange laughs) Got two sticks! Yeah! Got three sticks!
Love all those sticks! Stick next to me and you’ll be just fine! Whoa boy look at all
those floating sticks! Alright, why am I slowing down? What’s going on? Oh the more sticks I
carry, the slower I am! Oh okay, maybe I probably
shouldn’t carry this many sticks but I like have this many
sticks! It’s so much fun! You know me, I really like to branch out! (Orange laughs) Wait, what’s that noise? Huh? (mechanical whirring)
(Orange screams and cries) Baldi you hit me in the booty again! – [Baldi] Let’s go camping! – Let’s go butt-slapping! – [Baldi] Alright, all set!
– That’s what you say, right? Yeah let’s slap butts out here
– I’ll go set up the bear trap – Yeah let’s go to the
forest and slap butts! You like that don’t cha!? – [Baldi] And I want you
to keep the fire going! – I don’t like it, I don’t
like it when you slap butts. – [Baldi] Go out into the
woods and collect firewood. – Baldi, baldy Baldi!
– [Baldi] Then, bring it back to refuel the fire!
– Trying to share my hairstyle Yeah I don’t like it! – [Baldi] The bigger the fire is– – Stop yelling at me
I know what I’m doing! – [Baldi] the more points you’ll earn! – He’s still yelling at me, I know! – [Baldi] Alright, go for it!
– Collect some sticks but don’t collect too many sticks cause then you go too slow
and can’t get back to the fire and the fire burns out and you get angry and come slap me in the booty! I know how this goes! I know how it goes! (Orange laughs) Alright we’re getting some sticky sticks! Okay, seven seems to be good! You think I can make it? Oh yeah gotta run! Gotta run run! Run and gun and have some fun. Can I get– I wonder if I can take eight? Eight to eight, that’s just great! Come on! Let’s get fired up you guys! Gonna put some fire in the firewood! Put the firewood in the
fire in the fire and fire. You know what they say about fire drills! They’re real ALARMING! (Orange laughs) – [Baldi] Wow! – Wow! You have to scream it in my ear? (Orange groaning) Feeling good in the neighborhood! Oh yeah! Oh I see there’s a timer up there too! I didn’t realize that! That’s cool, that’s cool,
I got this, I got this. I got two sticky sticks! Now I’m gonna put them on the fiery fire! Next I better get some more sticks Cause that’s real important,
you gotta have more sticks! The more sticks the better, right?! The more sticks the better the butter! Yeah butt-kickin’! Butt-kickin’ with sticky-sticks! That’s what I do! Wait the crickets sound like
they’re slowing down again! And I haven’t picked up
more sticky-sticks yet! What?! I guess I don’t understand… Understand about doing handstands?! Can’t do that, don’t have hands! Don’t worry about it, stop talking bout– Uh oh. (frightening clicks) Chuck some sticks! Throw some sticks!
No! (mechanical whirring)
(Orange laughs) I was trying to start the fire again! – Let’s go camping! – Yeah, that’s what a
butt-slapper would say! – [Baldi] Alright, all set! I’ll setup the bear traps,
– Creepy peepin’ Baldi! Butt-toucher!
– [Baldi] I want you to keep – Set bear traps, of course!
– the fire going! – Yeah like “Hello Neighbor”,
“Granny”, all these games! They’re settin’ bear traps! At least you’re setting
bear traps out in the woods, but I don’t know why
you’re catching bears. Why are you trying to catch bears? Are you trying to make bear sandwiches!? Is that what you’re trying to do Baldi? You making bear sandwiches?! Yeah that sounds pretty GRIZZLY. (Orange laughs) Okay, I see– I get it, I don’t think it matters how many
sticks you’re carrying, it’s just how quickly you
come back to the fire. Do I have to put my butt
in the fire? (Baldi yells) Woooooow! You’re butt’s in the fire! Now I’m speedy jeans! Speedy jeans without jeans! Because I don’t wear pants! The no pants dance!
Embrace the power of naked! That’s what I do! I’m just going back to the fire. We’re getting fired up here! I got three sticks, how
do you like that action? (Orange laughing) Get ready to be wowed! – [Baldi] WOW! (Orange groaning) How do you like that butter-buns! Yes! Grabbin’ sticks! Yeah that’s right, I don’t
take sticks off of trees. I pick up the floating sticks. I don’t know why there are floating sticks in this place but, whatever! Sounds like it’s slowing down again… I got one more stick okay. I better go back to the fire! I don’t want to lose the fire again. Cause I don’t want to
get slapped in the booty! Baldi goes chasin’ me through
woods and slappin’ booties! I don’t like it! I don’t understand why
he’s trapping bears. – [Baldi] WOW!
– WOW! (Orange laughs) That’s what you sound like Baldi! (Orange laughs) Ooh stickies! Breaking sticks off trees, yo! Oh you barkin’ up the wrong tree! That’s what you doin’! Excuse me, excuse me tree, coming through! Just trying to collect
some sticks for the fire! So Baldi won’t touch my booty! You would understand, if you had a booty, tree! But trees don’t have booties! So you don’t have to worry about the Baldi touching your booty! – [Baldi] WOW!
(Orange laughs) – WOW! Let’s keep this fire going! We need some more wood here! How much orange could a wood chuck chuck could a orange chuck in wood? What? Orange you be chucking wood
all up in your business. Yeah I be chucking wood
like a wood chucks chucks! Yeah, you know how a wood chuck chucks! Specially wood Chuck Norris! Wood Chuck Norris could
chuck a lot of wood! Uh oh I think we’re– I
need some more sticky-sticks This is not gonna look good. I’m a little worried I’m pretty far away from
the fire at this point! But I’ve got three sticks
so I’m pretty good! Oh there’s another stick! It’s pretty hard to pass
up all these sticks! I got to get more of them sticks! You love sticks, everybody
loves sticks! Right? (Orange laughs) Sticking with the sticks! Okay there’s the fire, gotta
get back to that fire, yeah! We’re all fired up with– where’d it go?! Oh no. I think the fire went out! (Orange muttering) You can’t go through the tree! (Mechanical whirring)
(Orange laughs) Baldi I thought you were
busy catching bears! – Let’s go camping! – Yeah let’s go touch butts! – Alright, all set!
– Weirdo. – [Baldi] I’ll go set up
– Stop talking to me! – [Baldi] the bear traps.
– I don’t like you! I don’t like anything you say! – [Baldi] You keep the fire going! – I don’t care if we
share the same haircut! You’re just a weirdo, coming
out the woods, taking me in. All alone. (Orange laughs) Yeah go collect some sticks, Orange. It’s cool, you’ll love it! Definitely won’t come over
and hit you in the butt with a stick, yeah! Right, right. So what exactly am I supposed to do here? Am I supposed to keep
the fire going forever? Forever? Or do I just keep going
until the time runs out? You haven’t explained anything Baldi! You just said you were
going to collect some bears. And then I gotta collect some sticks And we’re gonna make a
bear-stick contraption! Is that what this is for? Is that what we’re doing Baldi?! We’re making a bear-stick fort? That sounds like PANDA-emonium! – [Baldi] WOW! (Orange laughs) That’s what you sound like! Yeah, hanging out with your
bear in your underwear! Yeah, you catchin’
bears in your underwear! That’s what you do! (Orange laughs) Okay so this time we’re
not gonna let Baldi slap me in the booty! We’re definitely gonna
collect a lot of sticks. But speaking of sticks, we’re gonna stick pretty
close to the fire! Gonna log some hours by the fire! Get it, log? (Orange laughs) – [Baldi] WOW!
– WOW! Look at all that pointages! I like that! Almost up to 18,000 points you guys! So I guess maybe I’m just
gonna try and stay alive for 1,000– 100 more seconds,
thousand more seconds. Yeah it’s whatever, whatever,
just making up numbers! Five bajillion-google!
That’s a number right there! I bet you didn’t know that! (Orange muttering) That’s a pretty good number! Where you at Baldi? Hey, hey Baldi! You so bald that I can
see what’s on your mind! (Orange laughs) Baldi, you so bald Mr. Clean got jealous! (Orange laughs) Baldi you so bald, that
I could polish your head and take you bowling! (Orange laughs) – [Baldi] WOW!
– WOW! Pretty good right, pretty good? You so bald Vin Diesel
thought you were his twin! (Orange laughs) Yo Baldi! You so bald you
moonlight as a crystal ball! (Orange laughs) Get it, moonlight? Crystal ball? You bald! (Orange laughs) Especially at night here! Baldi’s so bald I mistake
his head for the full moon! (Orange laughs) Same thing as my booty! (Orange laughs) Get it, full moon? (Orange giggles) Everybody loves it! Okay we got thirty seconds– uh oh! Things are slowing down here! We got to get back! Back to back, got to get back on track! You got any good bald jokes for Baldi? Let me know, I need em all! Got twenty five seconds you guys! Here we go! – [Baldi] WOW!
– WOW! He kinda sounds like a Wahmbulance (Orange mocking Baldi)
(Orange laughs) What’s that Baldi? You want me to call the Wahmbulance? Does your booty hurt
from all my bald jokes? (laughs) You deserve it! You deserve it. Look at that countdown! Three! Two! One! ♪ That’s how it’s done! ♪ (upbeat music)
(Orange cheering) ♪ Winner winner chicken dinner! ♪ ♪ Winner winner chicken dinner! ♪ That’s right! Alright guys, thank you
so much for watching! (Angelic choir singing) (Orange rambling) (intense EDM music)

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