Camping with Christina! We Accidentally Hike 8.2 Miles…
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Camping with Christina! We Accidentally Hike 8.2 Miles…

Good morning! Or afternoon, or evening. But it’s morning right here, right now. The sun has just risen and I’m about to leave to go on a camping trip with my sister. -Camping!
-We’re going to the mountains! -Forgot my wallet.
-Forgot sunglasses.
-Forgot sunglasses, forgot my water. We got a tent, and we have toilet paper, so I think we’re gonna make it. -Whatcha doing there?
-Making a sandwich. -In the back of the car?
-In the back of the car. -Where are you gonna put the sandwich?
-I don’t know… I just realized we don’t have plastic bags. -I’ll just wrap it in a paper towel.
-Just carry it in your hand. -Are you ready to go?
-I’m ready! Are you prepared for hazardous conditions? Um… I’ve got my Nikes, so… We don’t have plastic bags, but hopefully we won’t need that to deal with any conditions on the trail. -Okay, so we’ve been hiking for like… 20 minutes?
-20 minutes. -And we’re both dying.
-I’m so out of shape. -It’s really high up.
-Also just hard.
-It’s very steep. But on the bright side, I did find this pinecone and I’m gonna have it made into a shoe. It’s like, as big as my foot. Yeah. It’s gonna be a perfect fit. -Time to rest?
-Yeah. We started out way below that rock right there. Oh, I’m not pointing to it at all. There. This one. Nope. I’m like a weather person. -And…
-We’re tired.
-Really tired, yeah. Look how many pinecones there are right here. It’s like a shoe store. You wanna go shopping? So this is the parking lot where we started… Way, way, way down there. I had to put my zoom lens on because it’s so far down there that this one doesn’t go in far enough. But you can see, uh, we’re very high up right now. This is that rock that we were looking up at, and then even at, earlier. And now we’re here. We made it! And we now have a tent! Went much more smoothly than expected. Dinner. So, because this is California and it’s really dry, there are no fires allowed. We had to make s’mores, so… we’re making them with a candle. A scented, decorative candle. It was pretty good. -It doesn’t quite want to mush like a normal s’more.
-You’ve gotta catch it on fire a little bit. It’s pretty tall. It’s pretty thick. You push, and like, I’m afraid I might break the graham cracker. -You can’t break the graham.
-Yeah I know, but I’m about to, because I’m about to bite into it. -Better than a totally room temperature s’more.
-Yes. Probably not quite as good as a microwave s’more. Definitely not as good as the real thing. But we gave it our best try. So um, there were bound to be casualties. And we just dropped a marshmallow in the candle and extinguished our light. Now we have to get the lighter back out. -Tell me a ghost story.
-Once upon a time there was a little marshmallow. He got dropped in a candle and he died and now he haunts this campsite. -Oh no. This very campsite, where we’re sleeping tonight?
-Haunted by this marshmallow. -This very marshmallow?
-That’s the marsh. You may be hearing… there’s a large group of kids somewhere at this campsite and they’re treating us to a concert. Right now it’s “Let It Go” from Frozen. What I’ve done here is I’ve perfected the technique a little bit. And see, I melted the chocolate a little bit too, then I put the warm side of the chocolate up, put the marshmallow on top of that, and then smushed it all together. And you’ve got something that looks a little bit more like a normal s’more. See? Got some melty action there. I feel like I’m on Food Network right now. -So we did an 8.2 mile hike today.
-Accidentally. Neither of us knew it was going to be that long or that challenging. -And it was like an altitude gain of 2,500 ft.
-We are tired. Very tired. And it’s dark, and there’s not much you can do after it’s dark in a tent. So we’re about to go to bed. And then if our legs still work tomorrow we’ll do some other fun stuff. Goodnight. Hey everyone! I’m Anne and I’m gonna give you a house tour today of my campsite number 63. Let’s go! So, right in front of me we have the car. And then, let’s see, we walk over right in front of us and we’ve got our fire pit that we’re not allowed to use. Not today. Not right now. ‘Cause we don’t wanna burn the whole forest down. So. And then we walk over a little bit more to the outer boundary of the campsite, and there’s a hammock over here, where you will find Christina. Going back behind us, walking across this big dirt area. Got some nice dirt here. And here we’ve got our table. Down here is the tent. Then at the very end we have these two trees with orange dots on them. Um… don’t know why. And that’s it. That’s my campsite tour. I made a breakfast s’more. Peanut butter, banana, chocolate, and graham. And it rocks. We left the campsite, we got everything packed up. Successfully folded the tent back into a tiny little bag. And now we’re in Oak Glen to pick apples. Or pumpkins. I don’t know. Whatever’s here. -Look, a pumpkin!
-Hey! Read the sign! Nope. Nope. Nope. This is exactly what it feels like to look for a boyfriend in LA. It’s hot, it’s dusty, and all the good ones are already taken. So, I’m finally home. I’m so tired. My legs hurt so bad from that hike yesterday. I can barely walk. And I really just wanna lay down and go to bed but I have to unpack everything. So I’ve got to put this camera down right now. See you next time!


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