Camping with Classic BMW’s in Korea
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Camping with Classic BMW’s in Korea

Welcome to Car Scene Korea. ‘Team Klutch’ and that’s clutch with a K, is group of classic cars that are rooted in
old-timer classic Bimmers. This is the typical scene we see on the weekends in
Korea. I’ma grab my coffee I ordered before, of course, everybody needs some
morning coffee — Thank you. You guys won’t believe what we have over
here, and I’m not talking about cars. Korea also has a place like this. Never
ever thought in my life, that Korea would have such this. I hid my car today because, my car does not fit the scene, obviously, so I kind of hide it, put it away. well, yeah, just one more time. Just take a look at this
mind-blowing place! This place is gigantic.
Like, a beauty of this place is that all the roads that leads to camping sites
here and there are all — it’s not they don’t have crazy hills or bumps as you
can see over there, you know. Literally is like, a camping car on
site, and he’s got everything. Woods for the campfire – everything you need. Definitely a camper. Tarp.


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