Camping with Kids – Family Camping – Things To Do in Louisiana: Chicot State Park [Ville Platte, LA]
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Camping with Kids – Family Camping – Things To Do in Louisiana: Chicot State Park [Ville Platte, LA]

(upbeat music) – All right guys we
made it to our campsite and we just heard some thunder. You think it’s going to rain tonight? – Yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes.
(laughing) – [Dad] Are we going to sleep in our tent and it’s going to rain? – Yay! – Whoa! (laughs) So this should be an
interesting night for us. I think the next two days it’s all clear, but we need to get these ties undone, so we can eat some lunch. Are you hungry? – Here, I’ll help you with that one. – [Dad] All right just keep twisting it. (upbeat music) All right, Krista made
some sandwiches for lunch. Some bacon on there bud? – I’m tired – You’re tired?
– You’re tired? – [Dad] You just took a nap you stinker. – [Mom] We have to eat so we
can set up our tent buddy. Once the tent’s set up,
you can go lay down in it. (upbeat music) – [Dad] It started raining. Alright, we’re camping and it’s raining. – (boy squeals) – [Dad] It’s a little chilly. – [Girl] I want to get on my sleeping bag. – [Dad] You makin’ do? – [Girl] I want to get in my sleeping bag. – [Mom] Okay, hold on. – [Dad] Okay. We’ll
work on that. All right. This is going to be fun. – [Children] (mumbles) – [Dad] Whose idea was this again? (upbeat music) – The rain has stopped which is good, so I figured I’d come and show
you all the showers at Chicot. Let’s go take a look at it. The bathroom area, bathhouse,
that’s what it’s called. A bathhouse. This one’s vacant. Lock it. Got a little
sink here. Some soap. And check this out (laser sound)
shower, baby-changing table if you are bringing a baby.
And we’ve got a toilet here and all this stuff here.
It’s pretty spacious. I like it. All right guys, we’re lighting the fire and we’ve got a camping
hack that we found. Take a toilet paper tube,
fill it with old dryer lint and use that as your starter for it. So we’re going to see if that works. We got our logs laid out here. I guess put this underneath these logs here. – [Mom] (mumbles) I don’t think it’ll matter. And then we’ll light that. – [Mom] (mumbles) – [Dad] Oh yeah. Yeah. We got the spot with the ants. It started raining, so we
can’t test our fire just yet. Try again. Can you do it? Keep turning. Turn it all the way till you can’t turn it anymore. Turn, turn, turn, turn, turn. Whoa. You like that? Okay now let’s keep it off
because it runs on batteries and we don’t want to
drain the batteries, okay? – [Boy] Yeah! – The rain stopped. Let’s
try this fire again. (hip hop music) – [Dad] All right. I took the stuff out of
the toilet paper roll to give more surface area and it seems like we got a fire going. And we’ve got fire guys. That lint toilet paper roll log thing did not work as well as
I thought that it would. It did catch on fire. I just
think I needed to take it out. You have to take it out of the roll. It’s like mainly just to keep it in there and I didn’t make a
teepee like I normally do so I should have made a teepee and that would have burned a lot better. But it’s been raining,
so we had to pick up some broken little kindling sticks and pine needles that were wet, but we eventually got it going. (upbeat music) (upbeat music continues) – [Dad] Dinner is served.
Is it good Amelia? – Mm-hmm. – [Dad] You like it a lot? – Mm-hmm. Good salad – [Dad] Yeah, it looks like a good salad. I’m going to have to get
me some in just a minute. (upbeat music) – [Dad] Everybody all snuggled up for bed? – Uh huh. – [Dad] Yeah.
– I’m eating cheese crackers. – [Dad] Eating some cheese
crackers before you got to bed? – You want cheese crackers? – [Dad] I don’t want
any. Thank you, buddy. So far we had a good first day here. Hopefully the night goes just the same. Hopefully the night goes better. (laughs) How’s it for you? – It’s not going to rain. Well,
the rains not fun, you know? – [Dad] Yeah. We made it
happen though. It was good. It just made everything muddy,
so that was a big issue. – [Mom] “Achoo, goes the warthog. Crash goes Uncle Fred.” – Where’s Uncle Fred? – The one in the picture. I
want to be able to (mumble). – Whoo! – [Dad] All right bud. Let’s
get snuggled up into bed. – All right. (mumble)
See if you can get up. – I want to get on my sleeping bag. – [Dad] Yeah. Time to get in it. (music) Night night. – [Boy] (laughs) That tickles me. – [Dad] Sleeping in a tent. – [Boy] Whee. – But, how are we going to make breakfast? – [Mom] We’re going to use the BBQ pit and put a griddle on it and make pancakes. – [Dad] Who wants pancakes in the morning? – [Children] Me! – [Dad] K. Okay. Let’s go to sleep. – Strawberry, blueberry pancakes. – [Dad] Night, night. I love you all. – [Children] (mumble) – Did you sleep well buddy? (sips drink) We got camp pancakes. You all ready for the
junior ranger program? – [Children] (squeal) Yeah!


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