Camping With Lupus/Arthritis

Hey, there! We’re gonna take you on
a little camping trip, and we’ll teach you some ways to, to help make it a little bit easier, when you’re dealing with
lupus, or arthritis. So, first and foremost,
I want you to make sure, you always bring your pills with you. No matter where you’re at, no matter how long you’re gonna be away. You know it’s really important to stay on the same pill regime that
you have, super important. Please do not stop taking your pills, even if you feel better,
always make sure the doctor is the one to tell you to
stop taking your pills. Don’t make that decision
on your own, okay? When we’re camping, you
use your hands a lot, my hands get so stiff, so sore. One quick tip, trick that I
have is these little carabiners, they’re great for tying things together. I mean, just the simple act of tying, can be so difficult for us. Just clip on a carabiner and you’re done. Another little tip, trick I like is, you know how we use heating
pads so often for our joints, well you can make your own
camping heating pad very simply. Ace bandage, hand warmers. Pop it open, shake it up, wrap
your knee, whatever you want, stick it in there, you’re
good to go all night. That’ll also help keep
your body temperature warm. For those of us who have issues with our extremities getting too cold. If you also experience
something like being unable to cool yourself down, which I also do, I recommend these bandanas
that are submersible. They’re cooling bandanas, and they come in hat form like this, they come in handkerchief form, I guess, to tie around your neck. What you do is you soak ’em in water, about three, five minutes, pull it out and stick it on your
head or around your neck, cool you down. Very well, trust me, I recommend those. Always make sure you stay out of the sun. Like I said, I like spray sunscreen, I go with a 70. This is actually the
generic brand of what I use, but it’s pretty cheap. Umbrella. Let’s see, another thing that we’ve done, is we like to go fishing, and I used to have a really
big, really big, fishing rod and a pretty heavy reel,
just because of the type of fish that we were going after. Because of my wrist issues,
and my hand grip issues, we’ve downgraded to this
super light reel and rod, and it’s so much easier on my wrist. Yeah, so that was a really great idea, just took off the pressure from my joints, and I still get to do the
same activity that I love.

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