Camping with ZOMBIES (ROBLOX Animation)

Hey Rick, Rick you hear that? I didn’t hear anything, put out the fire
and go to bed. Leaves Rustling. Well that time I heard something. I’m gonna go take a look. Let me get my phone I want to record
this. You ready let’s go. Yeah I’m ready. Probably just a raccoon or something. (Foot steps in the leaves) Why did you stop? I heard something over
to the left here. Lets go. Wait a minute I think I see something. Whatever it is it’s right here I see it
did you see that Rick? Rick? Oh Great. Hey Ratrace!
I think I found it wait wait, OH NO! WHOA (Running through Leaves) (ZOMBIE GROWLS) Gasps, oh nooo. (Punch, punch, smack, bang) (Knife drops) (Scared, Heavy breathing) (Running through Leaves) HEY! AHH, Don’t do that! What are you two doing out here?
I heard something, and where is Rick? It’s bad out there and we gotta go now! Wait tell me what’s goin on? Okay, I’ll tell you on the way
let’s go. Whoa, what is that? (Zombie growls) Oh shoot here they come, RUN! (Zombie Growls) Scary Growl) That tree, quick. Climb up. Ahh! It’s got my leg. (Multiple Growling) Wow that was close, It almost got me. Now what are we gonna do? Stay here until they send a search party I guess. What about my family? I need to warn them. Whoever gets out of here alive, tell the police and tell them not to let
those things into the city. Okay, I’ll try. Whoa, the tree just cracked. We almost fell! And it’s bad down there! (Cracking) (SCREAMS) Oh, no no no no nooo RUN! (SMACK) Hey officer glad you stopped. We have a
problem out in the forest look. Right here zombies attacking anyone they see. There’s no such thing as zombies. This
had to be faked now get out of here before I arrest you for disturbing the
peace. Wait there’s Rick, Rick I thought you
didn’t make it. Rick, tell the officer what happened. Bang, bang, bang bang. What was that? It took so many shots to
stop that thing. That’s what I mean and they are
everywhere in the forest. They’re attacking every camper there are
lots of them. Ok, I’m gonna radio this in and call for backup. I’m outta here. I gotta go find my family. Calling all units, calling all units we have a situation along the forest entrance. All units advised to set up a blockade
on the east side of the city. Over and Out. (Police Siren) (Multiple Police Sirens) (Multiple Zombie Sounds) (MultipleShots) We stopped the invasion before it got to
the city. Yes sir we did it but we lost one of our men. Okay, so where did you see
him last. Right here sir, but I lost track of him
during the battle. Well I wonder where he could have gone. (Music) (Zombie Growling)

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