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Hello ladies and gentlemen We are very happy to see you here with us again on Pissed Consumer YouTube channel. The story we are going to present to you today Is quite interesting if not tragic I’m just going to say really briefly you purchase yourself an RV And then you end up living in a tent According to the person who you’re going to see in our next common video interview Without any further ado. Please hear the story of Sandra enjoy the video and stay tuned for more Prior to the sale, everything was you know, naturally everything was good. It was ok. I flew from Los Angeles to Houston to take delivery of it and I was supposed to be met at the airport. Nobody ever met me so I took an uber out to Katy Texas, which was not too close to the airport to pick it up And I saw it there were a few switches and what have you that you know, they said ok, fine. Yeah They took in the back supposedly defects and it was mostly aesthetically because I don’t know anything in it about mechanics and What ended up happening was they were supposed to give me An orientation and a walkthrough. So at least on the way home if something were to happen I might know you know where to look for what to do where to go if it’s important and if you know Whatever and they just shuffled me right out of there After they took the check and I sign the Oz’s paperwork and all that kind of stuff and that’s it and I’m and you know, it was like I had to to distrub strong-armed into getting into the you know this RV I knew nothing about You know and it was running already I remember that and it was facing the street and I was being helped in and then he had another guy admits coming in on the other side put the belt on me I remember that you know and then You know I said wait a second. I said I need an orientation. I don’t know what to do here, you know and The salesman sat there and just mouth call me, you know Sandra could you please specify for the purposes of this interview? What exactly type of RV you purchase from Camping World? Yeah, it was the 2011 car coachman Concord 301 assets Thank you. So now you have this RV not only did they show you out the door without proper instructions and guidance When you got home? Did you start having problems with this RV? Immediately? I would say three days into the trip. Yeah. I started having difficulty There were a couple leaks that I noticed. I didn’t know what they were from, you know and I just at that point I just like Hurry up get home I Remember about you know, three days then I looked at the seat and I thought it was I was so tired I thought I was saying things you know, and I’m looking at the seat and it looks like there’s a shot I thought it was a shadow and it turns out that it’s Seat eight the seat coming up its licking off it’s feeling and as it turns out Not even one week later the paint job that they did that they represented, you know Wish I had a snapshot of thank God of their shove their page Through the sale of the vehicle because I did that with everything when I won’t during my research prior to buying Luckily I had that and and it said newly reupholstered with leather throughout so, you know and then the whole thing was just horrible I and I I have pictures of all of it and So, you know it it took them and and and then I started thinking about it and I you know I really didn’t even touch on on this on the severe You know parts of the whole deal and that happened to all so when I came back it was blistering hot and I was packing up to go work camping up north and I had to run the generator in order to run the air conditioner and so I had the generator going on and then all of a sudden this alarm started going off and I kind of just took off and $750 ticket for that and then the second time they included a photograph and that photograph was a photo of the hardwired unit that said must be replaced by June 2014 and I didn’t buy it until 2016 so Already, that was a violation infraction And that’s I think believe they believe that’s when the CEO miss Reid was coming through. I was probably exposed a lot worse And then I was hospitalized for twice Could you please tell me obviously you tried to communicate with the folks at Canfield? Oh, right Did you email them? Did you call them? I have everything and in? email and then I noticed toward, you know anytime there was a Solid or a firm promise to do something on their end The regional manager would always say. Hey, can you can you give me a call when you have a chance? That’s my starting realizing no, no, no more calls. No, how would you characterize their customer service? horribly horribly the I was treated like I didn’t even exist. I didn’t even exist and You know, the other thing I was at it’s funny because I the other it’s not funny, but it’s funny I mean in retrospect now, I’m looking at these documents that I had to pull and pay for myself, which is the N MVTIS it’s a multi-state vehicle history database for RVs and and commercial vehicles They don’t even have my vehicle is registered until after October And when I bought it that year in July, and I have two different reports here And what’s really odd is my they put in somebody put in my birthday That it was transferred Not to me. These don’t have the names of the parties but I can tell you that there was none near the day that I purchased on the 18th of July or 17th of July of that year Any any activity whatsoever from the DMV? You know see when I wrote like this my way of writing was basically broke it down to a two page brief document Which it’s not? But you know and then here’s a little synopsis, you know That’s what I purchased and what I had to spend in order to do so and why I’m homeless now because I have nothing left You know, I went completely broke. They broke me. Why did you choose Camping World in the first place? What if I would have found the same vehicle? Anyplace else I would have still pursued it. I think I would have done things differently yet You know I I would have maybe well if I could have I would have provided maybe for a few more days While I was there prior to taking delivery to get somebody unbiased to get in there and inspect it You know and and do what they needed to do. I didn’t I don’t know anybody in Houston I don’t know anybody in Texas, you know, it’s like I barely even nobody in California. So, you know, I mean Thought no-fault what it is what it is, you know The bottom line is is that they put me in a very precarious a very critically dangerous situation And all I know is I won’t ever know if I’m exposed to any type Yeah, or any CEO again because the third time they say is the charm you do you you don’t wake up. That’s it You’re gone. It’s like arsenic it builds up in the system. It doesn’t it doesn’t excrete it It really is and then I mean there’s just so many more horrific things that I was hit in the head with But you know by the wardrobes coming off, you know and they just I was like, are you kidding me? What did I buy? You know, what did I do? It was just horrible and then an ensign fell off the ladder the back ladder Where it was determined it was hard soldered on as a band-aid fix and I’m not really that heavy So, you know, it’s not gonna really affect me but somebody who was you know Some good weight on them like a normal weight. It snapped right off he fell back He was knocked unconscious and that was the last I ever saw of him Sandra Would you mind my asking where is the thing located right now? The RV I sold it I sold it you’re less than a year after I bought it. I took the Loss I took I was doing the numbers of the crunching and that was just on the RV It came to like sixty eight thousand nine hundred and some money and that’s not even including, you know, the things that I’m out Deduction wise, you know for the insurance companies and and all of this other stuff and and they just you know, they have this this way of Honestly just just Manipulating the situation to I don’t know why I don’t know what the point is is they already know? They’re not gonna do something or anything about anything at all. Why drag it out? just say No, I’m not intending on doing anything You know I did buy it as is and technically speaking they could have said you bought it as is but then they entered into this release Agreement that at the end and I’ve never heard of anybody without signing another agreement you know after they’ve already executed and as is Unless to me that’s an admission of fault. What would you say it was that point of no return? What was that thing that you the most about camping worked? Well to tell you I’ll tell you the the one thing that they did not ever substantiate or make clear is the fact that Good sound and camping world are one in the same. They’re owned by the same person I mean, I don’t know if this is the case But I’ve come to think illusion that at least as far as I’m concerned they churn out crap Because they can sell their warranty and then they know the minute that something is something will go wrong You know within probably 24 hours and they’ll need the roadside assistance and then they’re gonna be told by the Good Sam side take it back to where you got it from which is Camping World and So you’re generating a constant, you know loop of money absolutely and it’s hand-over-fist money from what they’ve sold in the first place which was garbage and A deathtrap as far as I’ve been told by the fire department. It was a deathtrap You know and I should have gotten rid of it a long time ago. I should have forced them to take it back They said I spoke with two different lawyers you know about If they thought that I was in the writer and the wrong they absolutely both I have that in writing too They sided with me and they said oh god. Are you kidding? You need to find yourself a good? consumer advocate, you know and I’ve Been talking to a lot of people and I found that the best way that I can get out there and get my voice out there is on the same platform that they’re on and and You know chances are the you know, I realize I’m gonna be homeless for how long I don’t know but the bottom line is is that it just dredges up all of this whole thing that I would not be in this position right now Oh, Had they not deceive me defrauded me thieved me and and you know and and just Let let it go. It’s like how do you live with yourself yourself? Under the circumstances when you lie to somebody and you tell him over and over again, you know, I mean even the Salesman, he wrote me in and he of apology after is I am so sorry. I am so sorry He said I just want you to know that I took my commission and I returned it to take Camping World to the accounting department the Commission made off of my unit and I said to him I said You know I said that is such you know what I said First of all, why wouldn’t you give it to me the damaged party? Why would you give it back to Camping World the one who I’m having the problem with getting getting anything done here? you know, so They held the title hostage, you know that – I was advised by a supervisor at the Texas DMV and he said until you until Somebody does something about this and and brings it to someone’s attention It’s gonna continue to happen. They’re registering vehicles when they’re not in the correct year Like and that makes a big difference when you turn around to sell it Because they’re either buying a 2011 but the VIN reflects 2010 I don’t care what I don’t care what anybody says That vehicle and the VIN correlation is what year it is, and it’s a 2010. It doesn’t matter What kind of magical wand you have or whatever? You say it is the fact of the matter is the chassis when it’s rolled off the assembly line it’s given a VIN and the VIN reflects the year and In everything like that. I don’t care what the housing is, you know So I mean and so I had to sell it as a 2010. That’s the other thing. They advertised this is a 2011 It’s like it’s not true. It’s just so many things and you know, it’s just a lot of deceitfulness a lot of unfair prep business unethical business practices You know, I think that they’re very fortunate I don’t know if anybody has passed away by Their fault. I don’t know. I know the name of the person who inspected the vehicle for all I know he works for Camping World

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