CAMPSITE REVIEW: Ussher Point Camping Area, Cape York
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CAMPSITE REVIEW: Ussher Point Camping Area, Cape York

Hi everybody I’m Leah. And I’m Brendon. And we are Track and Tide. We are currently in Cape York. We are going to do some reviews on the campsites up here. There are heaps of campsites up here, paid and free. So, hopefully you enjoy the video. So, hopefully you enjoy the video. G’day, we’re at Ussher Point on the East coast of Cape York. We’ve just driven 2hrs in here, on a very tight track. There are branches and trees
overhanging the road. You are almost guaranteed to get some
pinstripes so don’t bring your brand new cruiser in. So this is Queensland Parks camping
area North of the Jardine River. So there is fees involved. There is 4 camping areas in total. Each has a designagted number of
people allowed to camp in each area. And you will find all that information on the
QLD Parks page when you book. Because you need to book and pay before you come in. This is a remote camp it is the most
remote in the North Peninsula Area. So you need to be self sufficient. So toilets, rubbish and all that sort of stuff. Whatever you take in you have to take out. And just behave responsibly. Yep, ah, Campsite 1 you are inland on
what looks like a perched lake. Campsite 2, don’t even bother. It’s up in. like….It. It’s crap.
Campsite 2 is crap. A little pocket. It’s a little pocket up on top of the hills. It’s protected from the winds. Ah yeah, it is protected from the winds,
But there is nothing there, it’s pointless. Campsite 3 is down on the water. You could enjoy that one quite nicely. Campsite 4 is pretty spectactular. It’s umm. Yeah. Going to be windy though
If it’s… windy. It’s going to be rather… It’s going to be blowing a freaking gale
if it is windy. It’s right on top of a hill or ontop of a cliff [LOUD WIND] It is very spectactular though. So I would pick 1, 3 or 4. 2 pffft. Any except for 2. Alright. The turnoff to Ussher Point is about
12.5km from the Jardine River ferry. Or if you are heading South about
24km from Bamaga. Then heading east on Ussher Point Rd. It is about 54km to the
Sadd Point / Ussher Point intersection. And a further 4.5km on to the first campsite
at Ussher Point. So our drive in was about 2hrs of actual
driving time. and another 2hrs or so of clearing trees. The footage you are looking at now is our
entire trip in. and it is compressing down around 4hrs
into 5 or 6 minutes. The road surface varies quite a bit. There is sandy, boggy, rocky, and um, corrugated sections as well. There are sections where you will have
to straddle some washouts. and there is also a couple of off camber
little bits which you can see here. and they can be a little bit of fun,
but a little hair raising at the same time. The drive overall is quite easy though. So don’t be put off it is quite easy. The only thing that I think could put people
off is potientially the tightness of the track
in some areas. You will have trees probably brushing
on your car. There is also the amount of trees that need
to be cleared if you are one of the people that come in early in the season. but after a few people have come through,
I think that would aleviate itself. The people later in the season would have
a much easier run. There are some washouts along the track
as well which you will have to straddle. It may be helpful to have a spotter
to get you across them as well. Also worth a mention is that camper
trailers aren’t recommended In this camping area. It’s probably because of the tightness of the track
and the limited turning areas available. When going down the track I could imagine
it been quite difficult if you came across someone towing a campervan or campertrailer
and you were also towing one. It is going to be pretty hard to get past
each other. There may be some issues bringing in a
rooftop tinnie or rooftop tent because of overhanging trees or trees which
have fallen and are leaning over the road. We had one section where we struggled just
with our higher style of roofrack that we have. These things are just stuff to keep in mind
obviously where there is a will there is a way, and you will be able to get through. It was a pretty epic drive in, I have to say a big
thankyou to Leah. She cleared most of the trees while I sat in the air-conditioned cab. She was more then happy when we got to the
first campsite and saw the sign there. So, yeah, thank you Leah! We will just leave this sign up for a second,
you can pause it if you want. Just so you can read through it. But we are at the first campsite now and will go through the campsite reviews. Campsite one is off the main track on a
freshwater lake. It has a sandy / dirt base, with plenty of
shade from the surrounding trees. It is slightly more sheltered from the winds
then the coastal campsites. We saw some birds working the water so
there is definately some fish in there. So you can look forward to wetting a line. Ensure you remain croc safe at all times
though whilst camping there. The campsite caters for 4 people and 1 vehicle. It is great to use as a base and travel out
and explore during the day. Campsite 2 is located on top of the hill
on the main track. and caters for 8 people and 2 vehicles. Campsite 3 is located down on the beach and
caters for 4 people and 1 vehicle. We are at campsite 3 at Ussher Point. It is looking pretty pittiful out in the water. But you can definately see the potential. If it was a nice day it would be pretty
beautiful here. It’s got a little creek running out right here. and you can see down the far end there,
there is a little white point that just looks absolutely spectactular. I’ve seen photos of it on the right day and it
is gorgeous. Let’s go for a look. Gunna have a look around, yeah. We have just come across a shipwreck. It’s pretty disasterous. ahh. The small creek has some deep and dark
pockets and I choose to keep away from the waters edge a bit. There is quite a few small waterfalls
along the beach edge. This one I climb up and have a bit of a look at
where it is coming out. Because it is so windy on this day this one
little section the water is been held up and flicked up by the wind.
It looked quite cool. It turns out that it is fed by this spring, or i guess the filtered water from one of the
perched lakes coming out and trickling down. Here’s another that has made a bit of a
basin at the bottom. [YELLING] LOOK. What the hell. No freaking way! There is a message in a bottle. Do not open this is poison. What is it? [LAUGHING] Don’t get your finger stuck in there. Oh no!! it’s getting wrecked. Can you see what it says on there? It’s from a ‘MS Europa 2’
so it is off someones boat. Bottle looks clean as. Oh no! Use your pinkie. I think we are going to have to take it with us. Lift the bottle up at least so that it’s. Oh no! I ripped it. It needs to be wound up again. Well do it, wind it. Wind it now.
Get your pinkie on one side and then wind. No, Okay yeah.
Do that and pull down at
the same time. No? Kinda. Keep winding, wind! Wind… Wind.. [LAUGHING] No it’s destroyed! NOTE: If anyone does a message in a bottle, Put some twine on it. Oh no! I think we are going to have to smash the
bottle. No, No, No!
You hold the camera. [LAUGHING] Let’s see if I can’t get my finger stuck in it. Oh, my pinkie won’t even fit. We need to get some tweezers. 17th December 2016!!!! You Grots!!!! Right, 17th December. Theres NO message on there. Yeah there is I saw some handwriting. Really? Yeah! Oh man! I am not getting that. Fat fingers… Oh, you got it. You got it! Twist, Twist. It is coming… it’s not going to be pretty. [LAUGHING] Oh no! Too fast! YEAH!!!!! Whats it say? They’re from Deutchland, Deutchland. This is a…. Christmas. Christmas Bottle Mail Is that a phone number? No, thats a postal address. Ah… ‘MS Europa 2’ you littering grots!!!! I think we are going to have to take it
back with us and read it. I think so to, we will have to take the bottle
and lid and everything. Got the lid? Got the lid.
Keep looking up the beach then. Wow, first message in a bottle ever.. [CHEERS] As excited as we were about finding the
message in the bottle, its pretty sad to realise that businesses have
commercialised littering. On this day we explored as far as the white
sandy point, You go further along the beach you will
find a plane wreck and also some caves with bats. Campsite 3 definately has the best access
to all of these things. Campsite 4 is the most northern of the
four campsites, and is located at the top of a cliff.
It caters for 4 people and 1 vehicle. It has an amazing view over the ocean and
the surrounding coastline. The actual camping area offers no
shade or shelter from the wind. And it has a rocky gravel base. It was too windy to put up the drone so,
we whipped out the ‘Extreme Selfie Stick’ extendable gaff. So we could get some footage of the coast for you. If you continue North along the track past Campsite 4, there is a dune that leads down to some
unique rock formations. Looks like it could be out of a movie. The wraps up the reviews of the actual campsites,
the tracks between the campsites are fairly easy. Theres just 2 spots of concern. One the soft sand right down near campsite 3 on the beach. And this little step near campsite 4. We actually got into a spot of bother here the night before, when the rear left wheel had slipped
into a rut that had been washed out. It was about a meter deep so,
we decided to put the winch to use. North of Campsite 4 there is a steep hill
with some very soft sand, but because the track leads to nowhere
you are probably better off just walking down there and leaving your vehcile at the top.


  • Jason Wooler

    subbed. I hope to see plenty more clips like this, a great resource and shows us potential campers the best spots to try for. Thanks

  • bernard marden

    Good job. Fills a gap where detailed, helpful information isn’t provided in most other videos, so I think will be very helpful to people planning to do the Cape. Well done.

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