Can This Chef Make A 3-Course Meal With A Campfire? • Tasty
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Can This Chef Make A 3-Course Meal With A Campfire? • Tasty

previously on chef out of water what am I gonna do the blindfold Oh God I think I’m ready welcome to the season finale of chef’s out of water I’m Alexis your chef who’s always up for a challenge all season long the Internet has been choosing what I should cook with and today it looks like you’ve chosen where I don’t know who I’m cooking for and they don’t know what I’m cooking with although I’m guessing they’ll probably be able to figure it out I can smell pine needles and I hear a babbling brook so this is amazing this is my dream all season long I’ve been asking for fire and I’m gonna have fire and I’m outside thank you so I’m gonna make a three-course meal over a campfire I’ve got to get some kindling to get started let’s go make a fire you thought you had me with a campfire but this is actually a gift I’ve been making fires for truly as long as I can remember I grew up in the country we have a really big fireplace and every single night in the winter we built a fire because it’s so cold I usually put a bunch of newspaper from a ton of kindling on top luckily we’re in the woods we have an abundance of kindling and then make like a kind of teepee situation around it with the wood and as soon as it gets hot then you can add more wood and kind of shift it into you know having some having direct heat so I’m having lower heat so I’ll have some more control over the campfire I have a great to cook with which is making it so I don’t want to say easy but before I like the spire we need to talk fire safety we’ve been working with the Angeles National Forest they know we’re filming here there’s a ton of people on fire watch I’ve got Ryan with me he’s gonna be watching the fire making sure there’s no debris anything happening let’s light this fire well my fire is going and getting really hot getting ready I’m gonna start on dessert I’m making a plum cardamom orange crumble I did a tasty 101 about this so feel very prepared so I’m starting off with some plums did I seriously just put salt I cannot be trusted what is wrong with me yeah it was literally just salt oh no oh no I’m gonna go wash these plums off stand by I have to stop doing that I also just said a minute before that I was level 10 confident so I think I need to bring my ego down about five notches and stay away from salt sugar flower as a binder you could use cornstarch too orange zest I’m just mixing everything together the plums can actually just hang out in this skillet okay moving on to the filling I’ve got flour oats salt intentionally sugar very intentionally cinnamon and cardamom mix and then some cold cubed butter and I’m just gonna take my hands coorporate it and then kind of crumble it you know I think a challenge is going to be that I know how long this takes in an oven or even on a grill but over a campfire it’s gonna be a little trickier in terms of timing crumbles done I’m gonna wash my hands cover this with foil and get this on fire there’s really great safety gloves this fire is really hot campfires gonna actually get up to over 500 degrees so I’ve got a ton of options it’s probably too hot for the crumble now but I want to get it going the flames are gonna die down a bit it actually looks like it’s at the perfect spot for my entree I’ve got a few different elements but one of them is fire roasted eggplant where you actually just bury it in the coals I’m gonna get a head start doing that move on to my prep salad all done over the grill of course when I use the blender I thinly sliced zucchini on a mandolin so I’m gonna do the same thing they’ll probably grow really fast but that’s okay I’m just gonna sprinkle them with little salt this is gonna draw moisture out just gonna slice the cucumber’s easy I’m gonna make some pickled red onions filled with fire pickling is really easy you basically need vinegar sugar and salt oh and water I’m gonna add some peppercorns and some coriander seeds so how this this liquid is gonna go over the fire I’m just gonna cut up with this cheese really really fast ooh baby oh my god cobbler has been taken over by the plums but it’s okay whoa okay definitely time for tinfoil school my pickling liquid should go right here I’m just gonna get let this go for a few minutes and my eggplant looks absolutely perfect I mean just falling apart it’s like legit collapsed into itself which is exactly what I want I’ve got a new set of dish clubs oh my god so and you just take a spoon and all that beautiful perfectly cooked eggplant skin goes inside my pickling liquid is ready to go I’m gonna add the onions so now that the onions are in and the pickling liquid is hot I can actually take it off the heat and I’ll just let it rest to room temperature cobbler is definitely taking longer than it would nothing but it looks kind of cool and rustic I’m just gonna throw some peppers on the grill I’m really excited about my entree I’m gonna do this whole Mediterranean spread so I’m gonna make lamb kofta which are like all belong with lamb meatballs first things first I’m gonna put garlic in the grill to just a little bit of olive oil wrapping it up you can just stick this literally right in the fire go to work on the lamb kofta so I’ve got mint parsley salt smoke I’ve got everything in my bowl for my lamb kofta and then just gonna mix it all together my peppers are so charred so beautiful oh my god I’m just gonna peel the charred skin right off I was hoping that the crumble was gonna turn golden brown it’s definitely cooked through it just doesn’t have that classic color it’s also getting kind of jammy on top like this jammy plum mess um so I’m gonna take it off I think it’s fine it’s not gonna be an oven crumble but it’s baked true it’ll be delicious you don’t want to shape these into meatball so you want to make them into these like oblong an extra-large egg maybe a duck egg I’m just gonna skewer it my coffee are done I have a bit more prep to do but I’m gonna have Ryan put them on the grill Ryan you rang if you can just put these over the grill medium-high heat okay this is the best I’m gonna add some lemons the lemons I just want them to get really charred and beautiful I’m gonna use that for the baba ghanoush and for a vinaigrette I’m gonna make this kind of garlic Irby spread finna grab the garlic fire the garlic is a bit charred it’s soft it’s just gonna add a really nice smoky flavor to the whole spread just smash it just make it like a paste pepper cuz I’m gonna add some green olives gonna add some capers just add a little more brightness I’m gonna hit it with some olive oil I’m gonna add soldier stir I’m gonna let this Irby situation hang out these are good they smell absolutely incredible they look like they’re cooked first place so we’ll see once you try them look at those lemons I’m just gonna move them here these zucchini are super thin so I imagine it’s gonna take less than two minutes if that halloumi halloumi is a really firm cheese so it’s pretty ideal for brilliant taking lemons oh great they’re just slightly charred which is what I want I don’t want them to fall apart just have a little smokiness from there oh yeah the cheese is melting at a very fast pace hey my confidence level in the salad is like 9 I’m gonna put Ryan on fire watch fires nearly out and get everything samples now that everything’s grilled I have a few more things to do I’m gonna actually have fruit fire goes down I’m gonna have Ryan just grill these quickly Ryan this is the best way to cook gonna add some of the lemon juice to my Irby thing oh my god it’s so good okay Wow the grilled garlic and grilled lemons just intensify the flavors even more got my eggplant from earlier I’m gonna add some tahini lemon again salt this is definitely the best campfire meal I’ve ever made for the peppers see how they’ve kind of collapsed into themselves they have this amazing charred skin and you can just peel it right off that’s a joy of a charred pepper I thought maybe I’d make like a platter a tray see how that goes of course to Mediterranean plate is done so now I’m just gonna plate this salad it’s add some mint The Onion’s have probably been pickling for probably two or three hours but after an hour you can use them tiny bit of olive oil a little bit of sumac and salt this is so pretty I’m so happy my taste tester has arrived and I think staying in line with the campfire theme I’m gonna serve the crumble just in the cast-iron I think it’s time for them to taste hi I’m you Tommy I am a nifty producer here at BuzzFeed and I am a huge outdoor enthusiast I used to be a marine biologist I love camping usually on the weekends I try to find some fun things to do outside I’m super excited to see what Alexis uses today cuz we are outdoors and you know there’s so many options now we have solar ovens you have these small little stovetop ovens so there’s so many things I know what she’s gonna make is gonna be amazing so I’m super excited I think this was my favorite day of the entire season and it’s the taste test I’m most excited for so can we bring them in thank you for having me the perfect taste tester yay I think you are the biggest outdoors person I know oh yeah I mean you go skiing you go hiking you do everything yeah well I’m very excited to be here course one your appetizer is a zucchini and halloumi it’s out it smells good it what does it smell like to you like summer but that I feel like summer smells like barbecue and charcoal and it definitely comes out course Jew this whole Mediterranean spread this is like insane over the top for at a campsite having this come out I’m glamping yeah that’s the move one of these a Mediterranean taco and this lemon grilled lemons are great for anything like I bet it would be great did you use this here okay final course Oh beauty it is I know it looks crazy it’s a plum cardamom crumble it’s almost like a if a lemon tart Oh as a plum tart like the same consistency yodeler made a Kurt Kurt holy that’s exactly what it tastes like this is so good these are the kind of unexpected things that happen when you’re camping and now you have this like Honi masterpiece they could be like you I made a plum tart hey it’s nothing I told me you’ve probably figured it out by now but what do you think I made this meal with Fieger would great yeah yeah expiry you could smell it in the food I wish you guys could smell it cuz you could smell that like that wood-burning grill there’s hard there’s nothing else like it there’s no appliance there’s no tool there’s nothing else except firewood and campfire that can give you those waivers thanks for trekking here and now we’re into the woods I love it it’s like the best birthday ever what an amazing season I feel proud of myself I feel excited I feel creatively inspired honestly I didn’t know that I could do half of this stuff and it was great campfire cooking was great blender Easy Bake Oven I just I feel so lucky that I got to do this Thank You internet for all your suggestions your tips your advice and even some of your crazy ideas I’m Alexis thanks for watching the first season of chef’s out of water let me know in the comments if you’ve made any crazy campfire meals I’d love to see [Music]


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