Can You Beat Borderlands 2 By Using Every Weapon You Find?
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Can You Beat Borderlands 2 By Using Every Weapon You Find?

To say that there are a lot of weapons in
Borderlands 2 would be a serious understatement. In fact, YouTuber retroinactive calculated
that there at least 150,000,000 guns in the game. So what if you wanted to go on a quest to
use as many of those weapons as possible? Can You Beat Borderlands 2 By Using Every
Weapon You Find? I did a bit of research into the skills available
to the different classes and settled on Axton because one of the earliest skills you can
take provides a flat boost to damage across all weapon types, which will be extraordinary
useful. With a proper name for my character, I began
the game, and woke up in Hell with a Claptrap effectively robbing my grave. Close to his home, I checked my inventory
and found 2 weapons, both of which are useless because after Claptrap got his eye stolen,
I got a Pistol from his cabinet. With that weapon in hand, I can explain a
bit about how this run works. The short version is that every time I find
a new weapon, I have to use it until I find another weapon. It doesn’t matter if I’m using a Legendary
shotgun and a bandit drops a generic white-rarity pistol, it’s a new weapon which means I
have to use it. This also applies to shields, class mods,
grenade mods, and relics even though I only said “guns” in the title. I was stuck with the first pistol until I
killed Knuckledragger and got a revolver. That revolver didn’t last long because there
was a chest in this Hyperion barge that contained a shotgun. Myself, Claptrap, and Claptrap’s eye then
entered the Southern Shelf to find someone to stick the eye back in its proper hole. Before entering the town, I took out a few
flying creatures to get a nice little chunk of experience, then skipped the gate and began
clearing out the the Bandits and Bullymongs from the area. Once they were cleared out, I went back to
the gate, I sorta did things out of order as Claptrap hadn’t tried to open the gate
yet, so I had to clear out the town again. Not that that was a bad thing, it just meant
more experience for me. Claptrap shocked himself, I met Mister Hammerlock,
shocked myself to be like my hero, and sold all my crap at the vending machine. I thought about whether or not I should force
myself to buy a weapon from the machine and use it, but I’ll be going through enough
guns as it is so I decided against it, Claptrap’s eye got fixed, he called me ugly, and I banana
few side quests. I found a new gun to replace my shotgun from
one of the Bullymongs, which proved to be quite effective against the mongs in the next
area. With the two side-quests completed, I got
a new shield and a new rifle from Hammerlock, and went to find a new shield. Also, real quick, I’m not gonna mention
every time I obtain a new weapon. It happens far too frequently, you’d get
annoyed from hearing it so often, and saying it so many times would annoy me. The Marauders below the shield station were
cleared out in near record time, I only went down once, and went to take on even more maniacs
camping out near the infinite electricity. I skinned a few Bullymongs to give to Hammerlock
for his soup, sold my junk at the shield store, and got a sniper rifle from Hammerlock. It’s a shame that I didn’t plan ahead,
because that sniper is one level too high for me to use, which means that I’ll never
be able to use it. It would be too complicated to keep track
of over-leveled weapons and switching to them whenever I level up, so they’re just trash. Before setting off with Claptrap, I went by
Blackburn Cove to take on Midge-Mong. On my way there, I spied a pretty green light
that called out to me like a turtle in the sea. The way I dealt with chests changed later
into the run. My first method was stupid. I just looked right to left or left to right
depending on the container, picking up every piece of gear, and only used the last item
I grabbed. After arriving at my destination, I spent
a little while battling mutated monkeys and winged beasts i their fancy flying machines,
leveled up, and got my action skill: a turret that I can drop on the ground like a grenade
to let it carry some of the load for me. There were quite a few Bandits and such between
me and Midge, including one who heart attacked himself into a watery grave, and with his
last breathe, cast a curse on me condemning me to a death of my own making a few seconds
later. I then found aunt Midge and let the battle
begin. Between my turret, legendary grenades, and
explosive shotgun, he never stood a chance. I turned in the quest, picked up a few audio
logs for some easy experience, and Claptrap and I set off on another grand adventure. Jack managed to message me between murder
sprees to tell me about his diamond horse that almost had the honor of being named after
me. It’s a shame it didn’t happen. I’ve always wanted to share my name with
a horse. Another chest later and I’m at my 2nd actual
boss fight: Boom and Bewm. Boom died pretty quick thanks to my grenades,
and Boom took a few melee whacks to finish off, but I got him and he dropped a legendary
grenade mod, then I immediately found another, lesser, grenade mod. I won’t lie, this was pretty frustrating. With every orifice pumped full of disappointment,
I blasted open the gate, fought off them scoundrels who emerged, leveled up, upped my gun damage,
and opened another chest. It was here I changed the way I deal with
chests. I figured that if I’m gonna get one weapon,
or piece of gear, same thing, from it anyway, and I won’t use that weapon very long to
begin with, it shouldn’t matter if I choose which weapon I take. So that’s how I handled all chests going
forward. I then began making my way towards Captain
Flynt Coal. Even though I’m 1-2 levels higher than everything
I’m facing here, it’s still a bit tricky to get through, mostly because there are bullies
all over the place and my weapon sucks. I did get a solid revolver that did a few
gallons of damage per shot. A bit farther into the camp, I rescued Claptrap
again, made my way through a bunch of Psychos and Ne’er-do-wells, found myself a solid
rifle, and met Captain Flynt. Even after singeing some of the hair on my
arm, it still surprised me just how bad fire is for your health. It took me hiding in a glorified cabinet out
of Flynt’s reach for me to finally be able to take him down. The neat-o pistol he dropped was pretty effective,
but it didn’t last long as there was a chest inside his base that had a machine gun in
it. Upside is, I’m finally on the road to Sanctuary. My new gun was surprisingly effective against
both the Bullymongs and Nomads I had to face to get my hands on a new part for the Catch-A-Ride,
which allowed me to spawn a vehicle and press towards Sanctuary. I think killing most enemies with a vehicle
is okay since it yields far less experience than killing them with a weapon or a grenade. I couldn’t get into Sanctuary, Roland was
out getting sugar cane, tobacco, and spices. His 2nd in command, or something, is also
out of town, meaning it’s up to me to rescue him. Towards the end of his echo log he screamed
something about the Marrowfields. At the entrance to the Marrowfields I successfully
seduced lady luck because a Bullymong dropped a fire sniper rifle that was capable of doing
big damage to the other members of the Bully clan on the way to Corporal Reiss. After he went to the big casino in the sky,
I raided a Bloodshot camp and began the exhilarating process of killing 20 bloodshots. Once I’d found the power core and my socks
were thoroughly soaked in blood, I returned to Sanctuary, plugged in the core, watched
as Private Jessup had no idea what he was doing, met Scooter, and took the glowing Laffy
Taffy to Crazy Earl to get the last fuel cell necessary to launch Sanctuary into orbit. When that predictably failed, I listened to
an echo recorder Roland conveniently left out for any random Mitten Squad to stumble
upon. Turns out he’s in Frostburn Canyon. A lot of the Bandits there worship the Firehawk
and engage in the ritualistic torture the freshwater penguins inhabiting Michigan’s
many beaches. A few kilograms into the canyon, I leveled
up and put a point into the Preparation skill because it regenerates 0.4% of my max health
per second. That might not sound like a lot, because it’s
not, but it’s useful to have nonetheless. There wasn’t a whole lot that gave me trouble
here. The Nomads with shields are always annoying
to deal with when you don’t have any sort of elemental weapon, but the turret can provide
an ample distraction. Theres a narrow path where you face 2 Badass
Psychos. The first was manageable with grenades and
a turret. The 2nd one… wasn’t. The big issue was one of ammo. Normally when you run out of ammo you just
switch to a new weapon, but I can’t do that. And because Lady Luck was traumatized after
our date, most of the boxes I opened didn’t have any ammo. Enough of them did that I was able to take
him down and get a new weapon, a shotgun, from his body. The shotgun made quick work of the Spiderants
infesting the next area, there was another Badass Psycho up ahead and unfortunately I’d
gotten a worthless pistol from one of the Bandits I’d slain, making him time consuming
to deal with. I met the fire hawk who turned out to be Lillith,
probably because her elbow pad is red, and together we fought off the bandits who rudely
broke through the ceiling to get my autograph. With Lillith ready to join the cause, my next
objective was to inflate the Bloodshot Stronghold. To do that, I’d need a new vehicle that
only Ellie in the Dust can provide. She knows how to put together a Bandit car,
but she’ll need some parts to do it. I started off trying to destroy the vehicles
with my gun, grenades, and turret. Didn’t work all that well, so I decided
to just use the vehicle’s turret. Before I got the last piece, I used a slot
machine, won a stuffed animal on my first pull, and was done with gambling forever. I left my car to kill a few bandits and spiderants
for some easy experience, died because a pistol against flaming saw blade catapults is always
a losing endeavor, retrieved the last piece, Ellie made the car, and all that stood between
me and the Bandit Stronghold was Bad Maw. There were a couple problems with this situation. The first was that I was ridiculously low
on ammo, the second was that I only had a generic pistol, Bad Maw was 3 levels higher
than me, and most of the crates I found didn’t have pistol ammo. A weapon crate had weapons, but they were
pistols which wouldn’t have helped much anyway and were also too high a level for
me to use. I died, used the explosive catapult a few
times but decided that would be cheap, and left to do another quest for Ellie. It was mostly the same as what I just did
a little bit ago: destroy cars and pick up ornaments. I also got another side quest because two
is better than one except when you’re dealing with tumors, or bullet wounds, or broken fingers,
or late rent payments, or failed high school classes, or videos that were demonetized by
YouTube for no reason, or… [fade to nothing, cut to “lots of complaining later”]. I started this script on August 23rd and it’s
now September 5th so I remember much of it, but I’m gonna say that this was the first
spot that gave me a lot of trouble. That might be a lie, but I’m not too worried
about it. The only real issue was that I was still stuck
with this terrible pistol because for whatever reason nobody was dropping anything. The Buzzards were the main annoyance. They do a lot of damage in a short amount
of time and aren’t easy to destroy with a pistol. After a few deaths, I managed to get a solid
enough rifle out of a box, slowly take out the buzzards, pick of the volleyballs and
gas cans, light the net on fire with an explosive weapon, find a pretty solid purple pistol,
I mean, this thing took out Bandit Technicals like nobody’s business. I killed a Spiderling outside Ellie’s place
and lost the pistol because of course I lost it before I had a chance to use it on Bad
Maw, I turned in the two quests, and returned to face Bad Maw. This was essentially the opposite of the first
time. Bad Maw died, I entered the stronghold, and
began forcing my way through everything that stood in my path. The Fire Sniper Rifle I got from Bad Maw was
quite effective against the Bandits inside, the only downside was that I chewed through
ammo. It wasn’t long before I encountered Super
Toilet and things got annoying again. This happens a lot. Badass Nomads aren’t fun, but Mad Mike’s
gun did stupid amounts of damage, practically killing me in a single shot. The combination of a turret and compounding
fire damage proved too much for him, I fought through waves and waves of more Bandits with
an assortment of different weapons, got to the holding cells, opened a weapon chest containing
baby’s first rocket launcher, and finally met Roland. Roland got kidnapped. This is where we fight the Hyperion robots
for the first time and oh my god do they suck. The first encounter isn’t that bad because
I’ve got a rocket launcher, but a few feet into the Bloodshot Ramparts I had to swap
it out for a rifle. In most situations you’d try to keep a corrosive
weapon to use on the loaders, that’s what they’re weak to, but I can do that. Also I don’t think I’ve mentioned my inventory
management method yet. Basically what I do is favorite my current
gear and junk old gear to make it clear what item I need to use next if I don’t automatically
equip it as I pick it up. There were a hell of a lot of loaders on the
way to Roland. Like, a lot, a lot. The sub machine-gun I had was decent, the
explosive reload did solid damage but it also cost me a lot of ammo, and the real problem
with this run is running out of ammo. You can’t just switch to a different gun,
you either find more or you brute force your way through the enemies with melee attacks
and your action skill. Then came the Warden that was holding Roland. Thankfully I’d gotten a revolver just before
I faced the constructor so it wasn’t overly difficult to take it down. Roland and I got to work clearing out the
remaining Loaders, we fast-traveled to Sanctuary, he explained the plan, and sent me off to
Tundra Express to wake up his spy. 3 Varkids had to be lit on fire to wake him
up, their pain filled screeches did it i guess, and it was… Mordecai and Combat Parrot. He’s friends with a toddler named Tina who
enjoys nursery rhymes and blowing people up with explosives. She had to two explosives stolen, or kidnapped,
or she just forgot where she left them, and I had to find them. This was harder than I thought it would be. This “shoot once then reload” shotgun
certainly wasn’t helping. I leveled up, picked up the rockets, found
a weapon stash that was actually a trap but worked out rather well because it got me a
rocket launcher. I immediately lost that rocket launcher, Tina
put two stuffed rabbits on the rockets because of course she did, I blew up a train, and
tracked down the fortified train car where the Vault Key was supposed to be. It wasn’t there, Wilhelm was though. I expected this to be a nightmare to deal
with, but it wasn’t, actually. My first attempt at killing him ended when
I got launched off a cliff. I’d just gotten an explosive pistol that
made quick work of his loaders and when I lobbed every weapon at my disposal at him,
his health drained until he died, I got a weird looking shield for Sanctuary, installed
it, and it was all a ruse. The shield was a lie, it opened up Sanctuary
for attack. As the city was being bombarded by explosives,
I played the slots, talked to Crazy Earl, sold a few things, and helped Lillith teleport
Sanctuary to safety. To get back to Sanctuary, I had to pass through
the frozen foods section of Pandora. As the creator and founder of the sometimes
Official Ratatouille Fan Club Discord Server, it ate away at my soul a bit to have to kill
these rats. I decided to punish myself by fueling my ever-growing
gambling addiction. I spent $10,000 virtual dollars on a gambling
machine on the back of a corpse. The only gun that mattered was the last one,
and it was generic white rarity trash. Sanctuary was so close but still so far away
when I arrived in Highlands Outwash. The Outwash contains what may be the most
annoying enemies in Borderlands: Stalkers. Anything that turns invisible is just a complete
pain in the ass to fight, especially when there are a bunch of them and they scurry
all over the place. Once I’d gotten to the Hyperion Excavation
site, my objective was to cross the waterway. OoOoOhhh so challenging. Oddly enough even though the loaders were
1-2 levels higher than me, I got through here quicker and with fewer bruises on my hand
than I would have thought. It got worse fast. The Constructor wasn’t the problem, the
problem was the Gluttonous Thresher. Remember what I just said about Stalkers being
annoying? That was a lie, Threshers are the most annoying. I almost got it down in my first attempt,
that’s how these things always work. Got pretty close the 2nd time too. The 3rd time was more or less me getting slaughtered. I assumed that my sucking was due to the gun,
so I backtracked to the Tundra Express to get my hands on a new gun, and mopped the
floor with that slimy bitch. To get Sanctuary back on the fast-travel network,
I ventured to Overlook to deploy a beacon and had to fend of a small army of Hyperion
robots. Before I did that, I gambled at the Holy Spirits
bar and got absurdly lucky. I managed to get a corrosive pistol, and a
decent one at that, just before the robot onslaught began. This was where I noticed that the Metal Storm
skill was definitely worth taking. It boosts your fire rate by 12% and your recoil
reduction by 15% every time you get a kill. With a few points in it, slow firing weapons
suddenly become somewhat useable. It’s exceptionally useful when you get a
weapon with a large magazine. Before long, I’d defeated the robots, returned
to Sanctuary, spent several minutes as a sheriff’s deputy, and met up with Roland and co to figure
out a plan. Angel chimed in and explained that we’d
need to pass 3 impossible hurdles to get to Jack. The first of which relies on getting Bloodwing
from the Wildlife Preservation Reserve. The quest recommends being at level 19 to
start it, I’m at 16, which means a few side-quests are in order. And wouldn’t you know it, I’m back to
taking on Buzzards with a pistol again. Lovely. I tried to track down some guy named Carson
for Mordecai, he was gone, so I worked with Ellie to start a Clan War between families
that loathe each other. Carson was being held at my favorite place
in the world: the Friendship Gulag. The loaders were at my level and the SMG I’d
gotten worked well enough, so it didn’t take that long to destroy all the loaders,
pick up a Slag Sniper Rifle, find Carson’s body, and return to Ellie’s place in The
Dust to search for a weapon’s stash in the far beyond. I found it, and a rocket launcher, and was
tasked with surviving the Truxican standoff. Yeah I just killed them both. I still hadn’t leveled up to the point where
I was satisfied. The path to my objective was littered with
Threshers. Bad things happened because Threshers are
the scum of the Earth. It really didn’t help at all that the threshers
were several levels above me and had the whole “suck-hole attack” thing going on. After I’d gotten through them all, I realized
that I wasn’t going the way I needed to, so all that suffering was a complete waste
of time. So I went to pick up a few echo recordings
for Tannis. The box near the first echo-log had what is
quite possibly the best weapon I’ve gotten in this entire run so far. And OF COURSE I got to kill one thing with
it and a new gun drops. Let me tell you now, this was when things
started to piss me off. It shouldn’t have because this was exactly
what I expected to have happen, but it still bothered me. The last echo was guarded by high level Loaders. The big nasty Level 19 badass loaders were
the complete bane of my existence, just a complete nightmare to kill. I turned in the quests, bought a few upgrades
from Crazy Earl, and entered the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve. After talking to Mordecai I had my mission,
rescue Bloodwing. I usually find this section where you have
to hurt but not kill a few Loaders to be cumbersome and unpleasant, it wasn’t this time though. Really the Hyperion shipping docks leading
up to the wildlife area was far easier than it was in previous playthroughs. Most of the Stalkers and Skags died quickly
enough, but Pimon and Tumbaa were horrendously tough. 3 levels higher than me and being minibosses
is not a combination you want to face frequently. Pimon was such a son of a bitch that I resorted
to luring him inside a building he was essentially trapped so that I could spam him with life-stealing
grenades that I bought from a vending machine. With him dead, I could almost head inside
the building to look for the holding cells. I say almost because a Super Badass Loader
was blocking the entrance which also can’t be opened unless it dies so it’s not like
you can just run by it. My four child-spawning grenades did most of
the work, I proceeded inside, didn’t find the stupid bird, a bunch of badass skags woke
up from their power naps and thought I was one of their toys, then I died and went all
the way back to those vending machines I mentioned. For once, something worked out in my favor,
because I got a shotgun that just mopped the floor with everything in my way, especially
Stalkers. I lost it maybe 2 minutes later, me isn’t
allowed nice things, found the slag samples for Tannis, and with an unimpressive pistol
I began the battle with Bloodwing. The Bloodwing fight was not at all what I
was expecting. I was expecting to die multiple times and
take forever to kill him. It… wasn’t, though. My grenades were still great and the turret
sometimes kept him off me when he attacked. The worst part was his corrosive phase because
of how angsty he was and because I’d gotten a corrosive sniper off skags I’d killed. Mordecai hit him with the tranquilizer dart,
Jack sent his head into orbit, Mordecai revealed that he stopped taking his medication when
he went ballistic over his dead friend. It’s been like 40 seconds, get over it already. Back at Sanctuary, I upgraded Claptrap, and
went to Thousand Cuts by way of the Highlands to find the Slab King. I fought my way through Bandits, Psychos,
Marauders, Buzzards and more, shot Face McShooty in the face, and had to prove myself to the
Slab King. It went about as you’d expect until the
Slab King sent out a Goliath that was about 15 experience points away from evolving, and
evolve it did. My little bundle of steroids and unrelenting
rage began his life as a Goliath,, but with love and a weird noodle brain thing, he matured
into a healthy GOD-liath. Unfortunately I had to put the old boy down,
but it was worth it because I got a pretty purple pistol that I had for about 6 seconds. The Slab King was both impressed and Brick. Jack bombarded the area with mortars and loaders
to try and stop us from getting out alive. But Brick, much like everyone in the Mitten
Squad Discord Server, by the way, isn’t allowed to die. The power of friendship prevailed over sustained
mortar fire, and with the original four Vault Hunters reunited, we put our heads together
to figure out how to get into Angel’s Bunker. I was gonna near to kill a body double to
cosplay as Handsome Jack despite me being neither Handsome nor Jack. But first, more side quests. Defend the Tower. That sound easier than it actually was. After placing the beacons you’re lambasted
by more Hyperion Loaders than you can possibly imagine. I spent damn near 10 minutes in this one area
fending off the Loaders until I eventually failed. I wanted to level up before I hit up Opportunity,
so I did it again. This time they got significantly farther than
they did the first time, but I succeeded in defending the supply drop partially because
I got lucky that something dropped a rocket launcher. The special box was saved, I grabbed a few
snacks from the gas station and hit the road. In Opportunity I began a side quest that involved
dismantling oppression board by board and sawing the foundation of big business in half. The Overseer Constructor was not the dominant
force on the battlefield I hoped it would be, it didn’t really fight at all. All it did was use a laser pointer to demolish
statues while I defended it. Believe it or not a bolt-action sniper isn’t
the best thing to use against dozens of loaders. The Constructor was destroyed, I failed, and
began the search for Jack’s body-double. This took far longer than it should have. I think the reason it took as long as it did
was because Jack’s body double glitched out and disappeared, which according to the
internet can happen sometimes. There was this one area where Loaders just
kept spawning and spawning and spawning, which could’ve been a lot worse than it was if
I didn’t have a corrosive submachine gun. I ended up having to leave Opportunity then
return to get the not Jack to spawn so that I could kill him and travel to a couple different
Hyperion Info Kiosks to get samples of Jack’s voice to grant me access a secret room where
I could upload the sample’s to Angel and get a voice changing microphone. With another one of many steps completed,
the time had come to kick the hornets nest by convincing Claptrap to join our cause. I took on a fair share of human-ish enemies
on my way to No Bandit’s Land where Hyperion sent a significant amount of Loaders to stop
me. It quickly dawned on me that I’d have a
hell of a time getting through them, as the mission suggested being at level 24 and there
were a few level 25 loaders on the field as well. Not good. After I died I killed a thing carrying a slot
machine which allowed me to spend some dollars fueling my still growing gambling addiction. I then returned to Sanctuary to do a few side
quests to hopefully level myself up. The first was as simple as simple can be,
just collected echo-logs around Sanctuary. The next took me back to Opportunity to kill
a foreman for Moxxi. The Loaders and such were at my level and
again I got a solid corrosive sniper that lasted less than a minute. I also discovered that the corpse formerly
known as Bloodwing is on display in Opportunity. I never knew that happened. Forman Jasper is not what you would consider
to be easy to kill. As is tradition I nearly killed him the 1st
time, but the 2nd time I took advantage of his hobbled attempts to retreat by pumping
him full of lead, unlocking a shed, getting annihilated by a Constructor, twice, then
finally deciding it was a waste of time fighting it, so I blew up a retaining wall, and returned
to the Wildlife Exploitation Preserve to free some animals. Nothing all that interesting happened here. I was 2-3 levels above everything I was facing,
none of the Stalkers or Loaders posed any sort of a threat. While I was there I also collected a few slag
experiment notes for who I could only assume was Tannis. I kept all the animals alive, killed the Son
of Mothrakk, turned in all the quests, was about half way to level 24, and went to Thousand
Cuts to brute force my way into the Bunker. Everything was 1-2 levels ahead of me and
my non-critical shots barely tickled the Loaders. If it weren’t for my grenades and the turret,
this would’ve been a lot harder than it was. I did manage to get an explosive combat rifle
just before I encountered the Constructor. After pushing up the bridge and clearing out
more robotics because I’m getting tired of saying Loader and Robot, I met the monster:
the level 25 Badass Constructor. Oooh boy, what an experience this was. It was very clear that I had absolutely no
chance to taking it out at close range. Just impossible. So I sat back about as far as I could and
unloaded into it for a couple minutes. Then I fucked up. Instead of throwing my turret off to the side,
I threw it in front of me which made the shots that the Constructor miss hit me and, of course,
kill me. That was extremely disheartening. It did so much damage to my soul that I left
to do another side mission. That was the plan, anyway. I managed to get a Hyperion pistol, one of
the weapons that gets more accurate the more you fire. Normally I despise these and anyone who likes
them, but in this instance where prolonged fire from a distance is all but a necessity,
it was just what I needed. I actually sat a good bit closer this time
while still having cover to hide behind. The gun did less damage but critical shots
were a breeze to land. Before I knew it the Badass Constructor was
defeated, I leveled up, and God rewarded me for all the pain I’ve gone through so far. Before I got to the Bunker, I opened a chest
that contained a rocket launcher that did 1900 damage per shot, but each shot fired
3 rockets. I cleared out the automated turrets, Jack
revealed that the Bunker was a thing not a place, and the fight began. This rocket launcher was seriously the best
thing that could’ve happened to me. There was an ammo vending machine that was
both nearby and behind cover so ammo wasn’t an issue and the rocket did a ridiculous amount
of damage to the Bunker. I died once because I wasn’t paying attention
to where the mortars landed, and that was my only real concern. You get ammo back when you die, but not rockets. I was worried that I’d blow through all
my money on rocket ammo then die and basically have no means of attacking the Bunker which
would force me to backtrack to look for money and as that happened I’d kill an enemy that
would drop something that wasn’t a rocket launcher, making the fight much harder. But that didn’t happen. I defeated the Bunker it vomited a rainbow
right before my eyes, and I just sorta picked a gun out from everything it dropped. With the all the security bypassed, I took
the elevator down to the Control Core, Angel revealed that she’d both alive and a Siren,
and Jack made one last ditch effort to save her. After a while, Roland showed up to help get
the Eridium injectors shut down. It was your standard “wait for the NPC to
do something three times while fending off wave after wave of enemies’ fare. Once they were defeated and the injectors
destroyed, Angel died, we got our hands on the Vault Key, Jack showed up to save the
day by killing Roland, kidnapping Lillith, and having her send me to worst place imaginable:
Marcus’s basement. Brick was off on the balcony bring Brick,
so it was up to Mordecai to be a one man band and carry me to victory. I informed the relevant residents of Sanctuary
that Roland is probably starting to rot by now, I got my choice of his most prized possessions,
and I entered Eridium Blight to find a way to stop Jack. The first thing I did was head up to a cliffside
and kill myself because Jack paid me to. I then went to check on his grandmother because
that’s what Vault Hunters do. With the flowers gathered and bandits cleared
out, it turned out that I was actually doing Jack a favor again. He’s as Handsome as he is clever. On the way to Arid Nexus, I stopped and did
a quest for Mal, a Loader who wants to be a human. He needed a shirt, pants, and a hat, all the
three qualities aliens would look for when trying to find humans. The clothes were gathered, I turned in the
quest, was about to enter the Arid Nexus when the path was blocked. Brick chimed in with his plan as I was playing
Scrabble with King Mong. Brick’s idea was to steal Buzzards or something,
I don’t really remember. Really all that needs to be said about the
Sawtooth Cauldron is that on a scale from unending shit to pure joy, it was not fun. Primarily for reasons that have bit me in
the ass so many times already: bad weapons and high leveled enemies. The Four Ambush Commanders I had to kill were
undeniably the most frustrating part of this quarter of the game. A sniper rifle is really not what you want
when dealing with them. I came so very close to cheating when I had
an explosive combat rifle for all of 8 frames. It would’ve been far and away a better weapon,
but I ain’t a bitch. I eventually defeated them, entered Cramfist’s
Foundry, and things got worse. Remember that Far Cry 3 video where I punched
my PS4 controller? Yeah I did that again but it was significantly
worse. The submachine gun I had was one of those
“fire to get more accurate” weapons but the magazine was so small that by the time
I could actually hit what I was aiming at, half of it was gone. Then I ran out of ammo and for whatever reason
no container I opened had any SMG ammo. This section here is why this video isn’t
coming out until a few days before Borderlands 3 releases. This portion of the game was recorded on August
30th. I got so pissed off that I stopped playing
for a few days. The few days in a straight jacket did me good,
as the power of positivity granted me a pistol from an ammo box which let me fight my way
through all the bandits standing in my way, open the buzzard hanger, destroy the Doombringer,
spend far longer than I should have trying to destroy a Badass Buzzard, kill Mortar with
a corrosive pestle, ascend the Inferno Tower, and melt the 5 Buzzards and myself. I then marked 4 crates for pickup, leapt from
the Inferno Tower, the bridge was gracefully lowered with explosives, and I arrived at
the Arid Nexus Boneyard. I’ve long since lost track of how many times
I’ve been under-leveled, but this is another one of those times. I had to overload 3 pumping stations and even
with a rocket launcher I knew this was going to be a struggle to get through. I returned to Eridium Blight to level up and
hopefully get a weapon that would be more effective against Loaders. The first quest was relatively straight forward,
collect 5 checks for Marcus. The timer increases every time you pick up
a check so unless you’re a certified dolt you won’t run into any problems. The next few put me back under Mal’s employee. He needed five limbs to feel like a real boy,
al of which are scattered across various bandit encampments. Despite having all the regular features of
a real person, Mal didn’t feel like a person yet. He wanted emotions, he wanted to feel fear. And nothing says fear like being lit on fire
while being melted by corrosive acid. I still wasn’t where I wanted to be, so
I talked to Marcus about a job. He sent me to the giant hole in the planet
where Sanctuary used to be to find a safe. Fighting human enemies is almost always preferable
to fighting robots. His safe is somewhere in the Caustic Caverns,
which is convenient as there’s another quest down there that I can complete while I’m
searching for the safe. The Volatile Crystalisks are quite the pain
in the ass to fight. They’re not difficult, they just do a lot
of damage and take an absurd amount of damage. Especially big Blue. This would’ve been difficult had I not used
the tactic of the frightened weasel by hiding in a cave where it couldn’t reach me. It took almost 250 critical shots to kill,
but it succumbed to the sentient cancer that is Mitten Squad, I found Marcus’s safe,
and began searching for evidence of an expedition to the Caustic Cavern while killing an assortment
of creatures that call that hell-hole home. I made it out of there with most of my skin
still intact, turned in an assortment of missions, and returned to the Boneyard with one of the
best weapons I’ve used so far. Skags can go down in a single shot, even at-level
SGT Loaders can be killed in less than 3 seconds thanks to the skill that increases fire rate
after getting a kill. The third pumping station was overloaded,
I played in the dried slime of the Eridium pipe, jumped into the goo because for some
reason I thought that was where I was supposed to go, and entered the Arid Nexus Badlands. This was once Fyrestone and the surrounding
areas. After Jack saved Pandora he turned it into
a museum of sorts. I lost my shotgun not long after I entered
the Badlands. The pistol I got was such a step down but
the shotgun at least did its part in getting me here. I began searching for echo logs to learn about
Jack, then Saturn fell from space to stop me in my tracks. Just like with the Badass Constructor, my
only viable option was to sit as far back as I could and keep firing while dodging its
attacks. I didn’t time it, but I feel comfortable
saying that it took a lot longer than the Constructor did. Before I went up to the highway to continue
the main quest, I did some sight-seeing, killed the reincarnated machine version of Bonehead,
opened so many containers in TK Baha’s basement to find evidence of insurance fraud, found
his blue prints, and wiped out so many Skag bloodlines in search of weapon parts. I don’t know if I suck or if the game glitched
or what, but I couldn’t find two of them no matter how hard I looked. Frustrated yet again, I put that mission on
hold to go kill a DJ spreading anti-Vault Hunter propaganda. Once he was as dead as my dog, I continued
picking up echo logs to get to know Jack. RPG Loaders are one of my least favorite kind
of Loaders in this game, they’re just so powerful and can down you in seconds. With the last echo-recorder found, I turned
in the missions I’d completed, took an elevator ride, and ran along the highway until I came
across a pair of RPG Loaders and a Badass Constructor. In typical Mitten Squad fashion, I wasted
my opportunity to quickly kill it with a high-powered weapon by dying and finding a new, far worse,
gun. I’d also somehow missed the save-point at
the top of the highway. I tried ignoring the Constructor but the enemies
inside the building were not interested in being nice to me. I went back to the ol’ “run up the clock”
technique of sitting behind cover and popping out to unload a magazine or two, then retreating
to reload and let my shield recharge a bit. It’s always time consuming, but it’s scientifically
proven to work. Once the Constructor died, the third world
war took place inside the building. I died twice, and it wasn’t until I made
my way up there the third time that I discovered the closer save-point. You might think I’d be relieved about not
having to run so far when I die, but that’s sure as shit not what I was feeling. I then accessed the terminal to find the Warrior’s
location, snagged myself a nice little corrosive pistol that was pretty disappointingly weak
against the two Constructors sent my way. Before I left the Boneyard, I exploded some
Skags until I got those gun parts I was after earlier, equipped a solid weapon, and returned
to Sanctuary to make the final preparations to take on Handsome Jack. I talked to the various named citizens around
Sanctuary to get some gear before heading out. They’re optional to talk to, so I specifically
didn’t talk to anyone who would give me a gun. Being a quest weapon it would’ve been blue-rarity
or higher, but I wanted this rifle to last as long as possible. With the goodbyes said, I left Sanctuary with
Claptrap for the last time, traveled to Eridium Blight, and waited for Claptrap to unlock
the door to Hero’s Pass. My rifle was brutally dominant against the
Loaders the sorta sentient wall deployed while Claptrap tried to seduce it. I’d say around half the robots were dismantled
by the time I had to use something else. The upside was that I was 2-3 leaves higher
than what I was battling, so even with mediocre firearms they never really had a chance. The door opened, Claptrap was defeated by
the stairs, and I entered Hero’s Pass. The foes inside were much closer to my level
and there were a fuck ton of them, which, I mean, it’s the last obstacle between me
and Handsome Jack, it makes sense that it’d be littered with almost corpses. It wasn’t long before Brick and Mordecai
showed up to lend a hand which took some of the pressure of me. If you’re ever suffering from performance
anxiety, just get a big, muscular, monster of a man who help you out. After passing a Hyperion barrier, Brick leapt
to the Hyperion Barge to help Mordecai, both of them melted into the lava, never to be
seen again. The next section gave me some trouble because
believe it or not slag weapons by themselves are not that effective against Loaders. Normally you’d Slag them then switch to
something else. Luckily I did get that something else i the
form of a corrosive SMG, but it was still rough. I found a spot where I could attack the Constructor
without it attacking me, abused the hell out of it, took out the Super Badass Loader from
a distance as well because I had no other options, and after running out of ammo a few
times because SMGs are the only guns in Borderlands 2 for some reason, I defeated the last Loader
in Hero’s pass, and entered the Vault of the Warrior. I stocked up on ammo, and almost confronted
Jack. My current weapon is a shotgun, I might be
a masochist, but I’m not going up against Jack with a generic white shotgun. I killed a few Volcanic Rakk until I got a
sniper rifle, finally confronted Jack, and let the fight begin. He spawns quite a few holo-Jacks just like
the Doppleganger action skill the body-double has in the Pre Sequel. Thankfully, the sniper I’d gotten fired
in bursts when aiming down sights and was pretty accurate even when firing from the
hip. I hit Jack with a killing blow, all sorts
of weapons and goodies erupted from his abdomen, and he woke up the Warrior. I didn’t have long to pick one of the weapons
he’d dropped since the Warrior got the work quickly, so I grabbed the pretty purple gun
and started firing away. All things considered, it did far more damage
than I thought. The Warrior’s attacks can usually be dodged
pretty easily, sometimes they can’t, and sometime you die without there being any Rakk
to quickly kill to revive you. I’m not particularly proud of what I did
next, but I did it because it was a viable option and after the 17 hours of torment,
I was ready for this to be over. I discovered that you can attack the Warrior
from behind the Hyperion energy barrier that’s supposed to prevent you from attacking it
this way. You’re supposed to drop down into the little
arena to take it on. I didn’t do that. I hopped up on a rock on the left side and
did the battle from there. Because you’re not really meant take on
the final boss this way, most of his attacks can’t reach you. The rising lava doesn’t matter, his fire/flame
breath can’t reach you, any stomping attack is irrelevant. There are only a few ways you can but hurt. The Rakk will sometimes fly towards you just
to piss you off, the Warrior can throw boulders at you, and of course you run the risk off
falling off the rock. The other problem isn’t really a problem,
just an annoyance: The Warrior, being the final boss, has more health than just about
anything else in the game, except for Raid Bosses or something. Because of this, it requires hundreds of pistol
shots to drain his health, partially due to the fact that the vast majority of the time
you can’t land any critical shots. Really the only time you can is when he’s
on the left. It took almost 10 minutes if near constant
fire, but I killed the ancient weapon of mass destruction that had laid dormant in the Vault
of the Warrior for millennia, I used Jack’s own Moonshot to annihilate the Warrior once
and for all, I examined all the loot it dropped and was so disappointed to find no Legendary
weapons. I restored to using a purple combat rifle
to finally end the threat of Handsome Jack for good, and I beat Borderlands 2 by using
every weapon and piece of gear I found. And that’s gonna do it


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