Canada’s Best Overlanding! • TOP OF THE WORLD HIGHWAY
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Canada’s Best Overlanding! • TOP OF THE WORLD HIGHWAY

Well good morning guys, from Chicken,
Alaska! Our journey to the Arctic Ocean continues. We had a very peaceful night
at Chicken Gold Camp! It’s 20 bucks a night you know…For a level place to park and
to top off the tanks, well worth it in our book since we’ve been on the road a
couple days already! This is also a really cool place…. I don’t know if is
like 2013 or 2014 but I actually found gold here when rolling out with them! So if
you want to find gold, you got to come to a place like Chicken Gold Camp Wait for it, wait for it!…. Now…. We are on
dirt roads again guys! Some of our favorite things! Well guys that’s the last drone footage
you’re gonna see from us until we get back into the United States! We are going
to be very respectful of Canada’s new drone laws… Even though I’m a commercial
licensed pilot in the United States… I submitted the form, apparently it didn’t
get there in time for this trip but… This is very much uncharted waters with these
new laws… And I’m not sure if there’s gonna be reciprocity between the two
countries. For example like what if you’re a fixed-wing pilot? Like an actual
you know, airplane pilot… Not a drone pilot. Is your pilot’s license good if
you flying into Canada? I do believe it is! So…. We’re just learning but ahh… For right now
we are going to respect the rules because we are just about to cross into
the Yukon!…. Check out this nice new road surface guys! When we drove this stretch
last time about six years ago, it was not like this! It was deep into the
construction phase! But yeah! This is great! Oh wow! That right
there… Levelling up! Mad props… If you are doing something like that on a bicycle….
You’re a bad ass!….They can see the buildings for the border and we are at
38-59 if you’re wondering what the elevation is at the top of the world!..Haha..
Okay here it is! “The International Border US and Canada” And goodbye to the camera! Welcome to the Yukon guys! That’s an
understatement! Larger than life!…. We’re about to take you
on one of the most beautiful drives in North America! Not trying to be cliche or
anything but this is totally top 10 material! And it’s called Top of The
World Highway. You obviously have heard us mention it
already. But you literally are driving on top of the mountains and in many spots a
360 degree view exists! This is literally big country up here! We’re in the middle
of nowhere! You see game trails for all the caribou
that migrate through the area… This is truly the best of the North Country! When we’re traveling I’m very in tune to
the vehicle! Whether it’s sounds and/or smells. But we’ve been getting this smell
in the truck and it’s just been so intermittent! And my nose says it smells
like brakes! And I was like you know Beck’s driving you know…. We have the exhaust brake.We haven’t
even touched the brakes! Sticking between that and the manual
transmission…. So I just finally put it together as we were heading down the hill
following this dude… But it’s everybody’s else’s breaks that were smelling not
ours!…Because literally pulled over you know…. Checked the truck out you know… Just
because we’re in the middle of nowhere! And you want to be on top of things! Then I
smelt it again but I didn’t put it together that somebody drove by but…
That’s it! We’re smelling everybody else’s hot
brakes!….We’re coming down off of the top of the world highway and we’re going to
come upon my favorite part of this journey! You not only do you get to over
land up here but you also get to over water!
And there is the mighty Yukon River! Okay! Descending towards Dawson City and
the George Black Ferry. There’s a lot of things that we love about Canada…. But the
fact that the George Black Ferry is free… Is totally right at the top! Because I
would pay just for the experience! It is that unique!…Well here’s an example of
the benefit of being less than 25 ft… We get to bypass this line and go to
the small vehicles under 25 ft line! Though we’ve been waiting for about a
half an hour and cars are starting to move…The ferry arrived! Everybody got off…
Now…. We wait to see if we make this one or have to do the next one!… Looks like
it’s the next one! Easy enough and free of charge!
Thank You Canada!… This are great neighbors!… I love Dawson City is such an
awesome place! Well at this time, we are not going to
show you much of Dawson City. Nothing against the place. It’s a really, really
cool town! It’s just that it’s time for us to wrap up this day and find a place
to camp!…. All right well I was successful and got some documents from the visitors
center here in Dawson for the Dempster and in Noorvic and in Tok. It’s always… Ahhh…
Ben and I are a little different. Like I like to stop in and do those things he doesnt! So…. I usually go by myself! But I just
like the opportunity to read. I feel like if I learn about the area, it means more
to me than if I just show up there and… Don’t even know what I’m looking at so….
That’s what I like to stop!… Usually the locals have some kind of good
information to! We’re done with Dawson. We fueled up!We
have empty in full tanks appropriately…. There it is guys! About 20 miles outside
of ahh.. Dawson City is the Dempster highway. We want to do this for a while!…. You know
what this also means honey? This is uncharted ground for us! This is
like a road that we have not driven yet! And the journey begins! I feel like the
journey finally is starting because… there’s just…We are like half way in terms of mileage but… This is gonna be a ridiculously long
journey!… One way up and one way back! We’ve already come a ridiculous distance!
We’ve already come as far as we have left to go in this road! So we’re only like
a fourth of the way through this trip… Oh yeah! The road is definitely wash
boarded! We’re gonna take the edge off the tires tomorrow!..To think we only have 700 more km to go!..I know..Times two..So in the North Country
up here, these little gravel pits are your hidden gems! And they’re here
because they use the gravel from these pits to construct the roads! And they are
amazing free places to park for the night!…You approve buddy? Hey Sitka! Do you approve
of this campsite? it’s a good one! What do you think guys?..That beeze feels good, It smells so good here!…. It does! But on
that note, let’s close out this video because of wind noise…. Make sure you hit
that SUBSCRIBE button because we’re heading up the Dempster into Tuktoyaktuk!…. See you tomorrow!


  • Living The RV Loca Life

    so looking forward to doing this hwy loving seeing the wife driving because my wife will be driving a lot too this time since we don't have the big rig. love the scenery. I love reading too find out what to see more lmao we don't need no sticking camp ground lol safe travels guys

  • Bryant Ford

    Spectacular drone video! My favorite was looking straight down onto the trees. 👍🏻
    Dawson City is a nice place. We panned gold somewhere around there.
    Do you float the gears or use the clutch? It's a good skill to have, in case you lose your clutch in the middle of nowhere. I've even started fully loaded 18 wheelers in gear & made it to the shop. Saved a huge tow bill.

  • David Peterson

    you really need to check out themotorhomeexperiment youtube channel. They went to Tuk with their class A towing their toad.

  • ka1133

    I'm looking forward to your trip to TUK … this will be my second trip along with YouTubers I follow. My first was with The Motorhome Experiment, Paul and Lorena as they drove their gas powered 34 foot Class A with a toad on back all the way to TUK. I enjoyed their journey and am looking forward to this second trip.

  • Tim Haley

    Very interesting how you guys transitioned from RVing into more hardcore Overlanding. I am an Architect that has been inspired by your Channel and we just ordered our new Teardrop Trailer! We also started a new You-Tube Channel titled "Solaris Architects" and was wondering if you can check it out and maybe mention us. Thanks for helping those of us just getting into RVing but may one day transition into Overlanding!

  • NSC Photography

    Can't believe haven't found you until seeing you on Blackbox. We are getting ready to do the same thing. Working up nerve to put ourselves on camera. We have an RV we boondock from with dogs….hope to run into you some day! Safe travels

  • Paula Haddox

    We found the road from Chicken to the blacktop to be one of the hairiest drives, what with narrow, gravel road, no side rails and 1000-foot drops.

  • travelingman21000

    Excellent video, having already been to where you are going (2018) your in for a great journey. You'll find places to camp all along the Demspter. Stop in at Alestine's Restaurant in Inuvik , they open late afternoon, good food there! I seen in your video that you sport a "Battle Born" battery logo, are you using those batteries if so how well are they working out for you in the cold weather, I'm considering of getting those.

  • Todd Ramsay

    You may not need a campground but they are just trying to promote it and cater to those who do need it. Don't get too critical. They are just trying to make money and inform the folks from the lower 48 that it is available.

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