Canoe Camping 3 Days Exploring the Backcountry, Canoe, Fish, Camp – Episode 1
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Canoe Camping 3 Days Exploring the Backcountry, Canoe, Fish, Camp – Episode 1

[Music] duh striving to our first leg here the canoe in the water okay so here’s where we left with the canoe carts and we did the three kilometer with the canoe in the cart left the cart here is where we are right now we want to go down check out this campsite maybe this campsite [Applause] right good to go we’re leaving the little dock here [Music] [Music] campsite here we’re looking at fit decent for us to stay or not okay we can put our food away from the Bears their side over here which is a little bit more sheltered from the wind land on the other side it’s looking not too too bad yeah that’s nice only that I believe I see wife asking what sayst Alesia nice fire pit we can fish on that leak not as much waves and on the other leak why say boa ever seen we’re just gonna bring everything here nobody steals our stuff and yeah it’s perfect here I can fish in the lake over there even have a little bit of starter wood my sight but fish Hey look at these toilets there’s like nothing to hide or anything well it’s not too bad nice view I like the paint job alright we’re gonna go grab the can you and grab got my tent in here so I’ll grab the tent set it up and we’ll cook some supper hopefully the wind dies down a little bit and I can go fishing after that lumen we saw earlier on the lake was super cool it was super close and I wasn’t zoomed that much but he was like on his hind legs and he was all kind of angry that we were kind of going where he was but uh we left him quite a bit of room actually and then he kind of went off to the side and we kind of went our own way super cool yeah I hope we see some more wildlife today or tomorrow we’re staying tomorrow all day and then leaving the day after so three days and two nights tonight then tomorrow night clothes courts some wood for us from another campsite perfect [Applause] [Applause] brought my good old super big sleeping bag for this trip we even have a super nice chopping block get a fire going blow some water for its supper [Applause] nothing like good birch bark light supper will be Pat’s I backpackers fans three backpackers Papa pantry brought this cool little cup from light my fire never used it before but fits in here and it extends it’s kind of cool temperature we got we got twelve twelve point five pretty chilly for August and [Music] this Co this gets Fusco no way we si fascism Inuit away okay so the water boiled for 13 minutes so I can throw that in here what are you eating some my cousin eat I think you good like you having a nice campsite firepits really nice – it’s super like schork I think it’s not super high so you don’t have to make a huge fire to get to the grill made a park bench couple looms right close to our site super cool halle-loo look in the water for fish must have such good I say ever passing in front of our campsite blue spot and center the screen is where our tent is so I’m gonna try my luck at some fishing not easy to grab them from the canoe nice little guy this guy’s a little bit too small so now release them there he goes alright got a third a small pike get in the boat Leeson small again guys I got another fish this one’s a nice walleye don’t want to lose this one look at this guy try to land him here nice to have to be really big here two beekeepers what man look at this fish look at the colors on this guy beauty beauty fish I’m gonna measure him but I think he’s uh he’s a bit too small yeah it’s nice walleye too small go for release well buddy there he goes that’s cool let’s try to catch a bigger one got a super nice Pike on line another nice fish to release that’s the fourth Pike that I catch still too small waiting for that just getting off the leg caught four small Pike and one small wall I might try again but let’s go see what my shots happy caught another small Pike them back Bieber’s not happy with my presence it’s got a another nice walleye a little bit too small still come back it’s pretty dark out but it might be the good time to catch him Jiffy Pop in the wilderness caught those two walleye maybe five or six smaller pike all too small to be keepers so late night snack all the Jiffy Pop for tonight it’s already ten o’clock and on my little thermometer I got nine degrees Celsius it’s really really getting cool as Grail works good perfect got our bear bag up all our foods in there so going back to the site it’s about ten and thirty right now so I’m going to bed we’re down eight point five Celsius are you happy to have the warm sleeping bags put a fire out before we go to bed my gloves drying just getting all the stuff ready back up and then hope starting to rain a little bit all right folks good night see you in the morning Oh morning slept super good last night nice and quiet the wind died down I’m gonna grab my night bear back and get a fire going and boil some water for the oatmeal Seba see right while wait for the water to boil I’ll show you guys on the mat what we did yesterday and what we’re planning to do today so we grab the canoe car it’s here at the staging area we did three kilometers on the Jackson Lake Trail here to mile 12 and then we left the cart there and then we launched the can you going all the way down here past the first campsite that’s down here went all the way down here past a first campsite and then we’re we’re saying actually is right here this campsite it’s called a Jackson Lake south and then tonight what we want to do is we want to go or today we want to go all the way down to this smaller lake down here called my cuffin lake and we’ll take a look at the campsite that’s here but we don’t know yet if we’ll stay there tonight or if we’ll go down there and then come back and stay at the same place where we are right now okay so zoomed in a little bit here’s Jackson Lakes South campground lugar campsite this is where I fished yesterday and canard over here but like I said we want to go down all the way down here pass these three swamps and then Matt Guf and Lake look at this view this morning.the this side of the lake is crystal clear just leaving our site got all our stuff now we’re headed that way visa result in French so the Fisher oh there goes 40


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