Canoeing and Picnic in Le Marais Poitevin

Hello all, hope you are doing well This time I made a video about canoeing in Le Marais Poitevin. This swamp is one of the largest swamp in Europe. Located in three departments in France, Vendée, Deux-Sevrès, and Charente Maritime. And this time I visited one in Vendée I’ve been using the service of Embacadère de la Venice Verte Even the name is using “Venice” like the city in Italy There is no Gondola Singer here But you can still have a guide for paddling your canoe while explaining about the area So let’s have a look. How is the view of this swamp? They put a sign in every turn of this swamp, so you no need to be worried to get lost inside In the middle of the way, you can park your canoe and open up picnic right in natural place It’s so beautiful yet it’s so calm here So that’s my journey in Le Marais Poitevin. Thank You for watching it.

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