Can’t believe how majestic are the glaciers! | Day 1 of TMB from Chamonix-Mont-Blanc to Houches
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Can’t believe how majestic are the glaciers! | Day 1 of TMB from Chamonix-Mont-Blanc to Houches

Finally we made it! We are here at Chamonix-Mont-Blanc. After a long 2 day trip finally we are here. Now we are going to search for a tourist office
and for the weather forecast because it’s very important here. And we’ll show you around the town as well
but for now it’s so impressive. We are so excited! The mountain office was closed already it’s
18pm. Now we are going to check out the camping. There are 2 or 3 campsites here. If the price would be good we rest there and
if not we are going to wild camp as always. And tomorrow maybe we’ll be back here in the
mountain office for the weather forecast. But we’ll see. The weather is great, 25 degrees, very hot. We were afraid that here it will be freezing
because we are from Pyrenees and there it’s quite cold till now, it’s the middle of June
but it’s still very cold. But here it’s nice for now at least. Very strange colour of the river, beige like,
but we think maybe it’s a very quick stream that’s why. What do you think about the village Chamonix? Small, cosy village, very cute. But the scenery is amazing, it’s the best,
it’s mind blowing. Now we are heading to the second camping because
the first one dissapeared or it wasn’t there. So we’ll see if the other one is open and
it exists. Forest path to the camping, looks great. Let’s see what are the prices. Good afternoon! Today is the first day of Mont-Blanc hike. Yesterday we left you at the campsite that
was quite expensive to stay in. So we decided to go and search for the place
in the forest. ANd we found one luckily. Because there is quite a slope, it’s very
hilly and a very bad downhill. But we managed to do it. Now it’s quite late, 12 am already. Because we had to film what we take with us
in the backpacks. And an introduction video for our Mont Blanc
hike. So we woke up quite early. But started the hike quite late today. That’s not good. But we did a job for today, we are very happy
about it. By the way make sure to check it out. What’s in our backpack for Mont Blanc hike. The weather is changeable-not hot, not cold. Partly sunny, partly cloudy. And we are not really sure how it’s going
to develop more sunnier or rainy. It was like a few drops of rain coming down
but we’ll see. Today we don’t have big plans, maybe we’ll
do 15 kms from the town Chamonix to the village Houches the closest one. And then we go further along it. We think because we are quite late we won’t
go uphill to join the official Mont Blanc trail, TMB trail. Instead we’ll go lower along the hill and
join the trail later today. We’ll hike 7 kms and then we’ll join it. Let’s start the day! This is our battery set up. The day is kind of gloomy but we hope that
we’ll get some sunlight to charge the power bank. We’ll be testing it for the first time in
the wildernees. It should be nice. Looks great, brand new backpack. We are just so amazed by these abrupt cliffs,
just look how spiky they are, how abrupt they are. It is crazy. For now we are more amazed by these rocks
than by Mont Blanc itself. We don’t know why. Just haven’t seen that before. Fantastic glacier, it’s the first glacier
in our lives. So fascinated. People say before it used to be bigger but
now it gets smaller because of the climate change. Such a nice path along the river. It will always be so special and peaceful
to walk this kind of trails. It seems like in this place there is so much
construction going on. Everywhere on every corner you have some construction
going on. Maybe they are renovating a lot of stuff. Now we are crossing this village Chamonix
once again. And we are wandering whether the locals are
still seeing this beauty that is all around them, this summit of Mont Blanc, all these
beautiful cliffs. And we bet they’re not – the ones who are
working here and living here all their life. They’re probably just like all the other people
like we do for example. Our first impression of visiting Pyrenees
was so bright and so powerful. But then after we’ve been living there for
2 years we got used to it. Nothing special. And when we are visiting new places it’s always
so fascinating and so exciting. So we think that’s the importance of visiting
the new places and getting out and exploring more. That’s very important for everyone. So many water sources here, that’s a great
sign. Very cold. Very tasty water, better than from the bottle. There is quite a big adventure park here right
in the middle of the forest. Looks so nice. We have to try the one out, haven’t tried
this activity yet. It’s really cool. Mont Blanc today is in the clouds unfortunately. We can’t see anything. We hope we’ll get some clear days when we
can enjoy all the panoramic views of the summit. For now this trail has been greatly marked. Just following the signs, very easy. Not a long time ago we started to do pull
up practice. And we found it’s very good for shoulders
and back. All the back and even abs are working. After 2 months of practicing it, we found
it very important to do for everybody because it develops so many muscles in the upper body. If I don’t have so much power when we hike
I normally do 3 or 5 repetitions no more at one time. And if I have time and powers I normally do
10 repetitions at once. But I started with just 2 or 3. And then I was able to do more. So as you can see even myself got interested
in this type of training. Because I feel like I am lacking powers in
my upper body and I was always interested in developing this part of the body. But I was hating the gym whatsoever and lifting
weights it’s not for me. But this one I feel it’s perfect for me. I can do it anywhere. And overall we feel like if you want just
the toned body and the toned muscles and not the big muscles you can get away with just
several exercises like pull up and push ups. And you’ll be fine to go. You’ll be healthy and feeling great. And we feel like the muscles don’t ache that
much after doing several pull ups rather than doing a one hour session in the gym. When you go home with the sore muscles and
it never happens with this type of training. The only disadvantage of this type of training
is that it’s difficult to find the bar everywhere. So we’ve been experimenting with the tree
branches and stuff like that to be able to continue the training even when we are hiking
and travelling. Especially for the hiker it’s very important
because you don’t use the upper body that much, legs don’t need any training but the
upper body yes. And it stretches so well all the back with
the body weight after carrying the backpack for a long time. Can’t do the proper pull up but at least imitation. We can see a lot of leaves of wild strawberries. But it’s not the season yet unfortunately. Young fir branches, they are so soft. It’s hard to believe that they will become
needles, like spiky. This path that we are following now is a bit
dangerous because it is shared with the mountain bikes and you can’t hear much because of the
river. So it’s better to follow the right side. We are getting to the end of this forest path. It was great, mostly flat, apt for all levels
we think. And we do not regret of taking it and we think
it wasn’t less beautiful than the official one. Also we saw on the map of the official Tour
de Mont Blanc, it actually starts in the village that we are heading to right now in the village
Houches. So probably we’ll start the official trail
only tomorrow not today. Because it goes straight uphill from the ski
resort. We are taking it easy today, not doing many
kms. Because the body needs to adjust to the backpacks,
to the weight we are carrying. Exactly, and we feel like we need several
days, one or two at least to get used to it because it’s our first hike in the season. And it’s straight up in the mountains, on
a very hard trails probably. So we really need to take it easy and do less
kms than normal. But anyway we don’t like to do a lot of kms
as you already know if you know us. So we like to do around 15 especially in the
mountains. It’s great for us and for filming. So we’ll stick with this plan. Seeing this local railway we see that it’s
similar or it has the same system as the yellow train in Pyrenees. It has the 3rd raid powered by electricity. Maybe it’s similar, and it is powered by water
as well. By the way you can check out our Yellow Train
Journey in Pyrenees, this is very beautiful as well. We’ll leave the link here if you want to watch
it. Here is the official departure gate. Looks quite funny like the start of the race. We found the campsite here in Houches, but
it’s not there. And we see the construction going on. And we don’t know if it’s going to be the
factory or commercial center, that’s dissapointment. We see it’s not the camping renovation, it’s
gonna be a new big building. Maybe shopping center, that’s so bad. We are in search for the stealth camping spot
for the day. Hope it to be more in the trees, but don’t
know. These are the ski trails which are not in
use right now but there is some path with not many traces of the foot but if we don’t
find anything we’ll rest here. Going to try taking the shower right now with
this system. We’ll tell you if it’s good because it’s quite
hot right now. The water is cold, no? Yes. A bit cold, because it’s right from the source. But we’ll still try because we are a bit sweaty. Feels so nice after the shower, it’s a bit
refreshing but good. The flow is not big but it’s so much better
than the baby wipes that are sticky and leave the unpleasant finish. And we only used half of a litre for two people,
can you imagine it? How economic is that! it can’t get better. So it’s a good option. We love this thing already. The only thing are the ant bites they’re quite
achy. There is some kind of poison or something. But hope it will go away. Some clouds are coming down the summit. Hope that it’s not gonna rain. Still didn’t get the weather patterns here
but we’ll get it with time. Going to set up the tent, it’s still 19pm,
quite early. We realize that but we can’t cook really without
our department for cooking. So that it’s not gonna be windy, we are not
gonna be using too much gas. We gonna do that anyway. It’s allowed to pitch up a tent like back
in Pyrenees from 19pm till 7am or 8am. So we’ll go with that rule here. Hope that it works. Hope that nobody will come here. It’s not the car road but there is some kind
of footpath. Rice and buckwheat mix. It’s almost ready, now we are going to add
the tomatoes, dehydrated tomatoes for the first time and try it out. We guess they should get wet a little bit,
to taste more fresh, don’t really know the technique. But we’ll find it out. They seem quite dry still, not good. Maybe we should have added them before like
when there was more water. But we are going to try them anyway. Trying the tomatoes for the first time. How’s the taste? Tastes good. Tastes like a tomato? Yes. And the skin is it eatable? The skin is soft. Not bad. Unusual taste but good. Next time around we’ll add more water and
we’ll see if it will become bigger and more wet. Thank you very much for watching! If you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs
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and maps. Hope you’re having a great day and we’ll see
you very soon on the next video! Bye!


  • Jorge Leonardo Obeso

    As usual, beautiful views and amazing nature shots! I am so HAPPY to see that now you have over 500 subscribers; congratulations on this first landmark!, I am sure that many more are yet to join you ; many thanks once more for taking us along with you on those beautiful trails. Your couscous looked very appetizing, but next time presoak the dry ingredients (dry tomato, mushrooms & spices) so they will have time to tenderize & make a nice broth for you to cook … you probably have figured that out by now… KUDOS to both of you !, … Buen Camino and many blessings to both!

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