Car Camping, Crossing River Fords
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Car Camping, Crossing River Fords

(gun shots echoing) (roof rack rattling) (water splashing) – When I’m driving on a road like this, I always have my headlights on just in case another vehicle
comes from the other direction, because out here anyone
who’s driving around is not gonna really expect
to see another vehicle coming at any given moment. With headlights on, they’re
more likely to see us from a greater distance. The river. – [Christina] The river. Oh my God. – Got to hold the camera steady, remember? – [Christina] I’m steady Sweety,
but it’s so bumpy. – Hold it back further yeah. River, river, river, river. – [Christina] Wait, wait, wait. River. – [Man] Uh-oh. – Make sure you can see the road – [Christina] Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God. Oh my God! – [Grayson] Good afternoon, campers. So we’re not staying here the night, but another option if
you just stop for a rest or stop to have your lunch is we’re just cooking all
our food on the tailgate. So, Christina is about to
cook two minute noodles. Just getting the chocolate out. Chocolate. And just here, boiling rice. We’ll have a couple of eggs later on. Step back this way. So we’ve just come out of a
two day hike back to our car. There’s the backpack. On the back of the backpack
I have this piece of tarp with two freshwater crayfish traps tied around the tarp, inside the tarp, and that’s what a crayfish trap looks like when it’s not wrapped. Let’s come back this way. Another river crossing
here, so it’s a ford. So you can drive through
there and up onto the road. Quick look at the river. And the car, without the tarp system. That water is boiling quite violently. Turn the temperature down a bit. Just a couple more food ideas. I’ll show you what we’re
keeping inside the Esky. There’s the rest of our eggs. And usually when we’re
out here in the bush we bring yogurt. There’s some Greek yogurt, and some flavored lemon
cream yogurt for Christina. Bit of cheese, and some oranges and theres, the margarine. I don’t usually eat margarine
when I’m in the city, but when we’re out here
in the bush, why not? Nuttelex. Stick everything back. – [Christina] Where’s your tea Sweety ? – Quick look inside the rear canopy. So when you are driving
over very rough roads, one trick is just make
sure that all your gear is packed in nice and neatly. So there’s a perfect spot right there in the middle for the Esky. So you don’t wanna allow the
equipment to move around, but if it’s nice and tightly packed, that’s one way of stopping
it from moving around as you are going over those
big bumps on the dirt roads. And another tip, for four wheel driving, there’s lot of different four
wheel drive recovery tools and systems for getting
yourself out when you’re stuck, but worst case scenario, if we were completely stuck
here, there’s the mountain bike. So I’ve got the mountain bike
in a few different pieces. So if we do break down
and the car won’t move, we could hike out of here, and
I could use the mountain bike to transport our gear as you may have seen in some of our other videos. (exhales) So this is what’s
happening at Bush Channel. If you are out there
camping or having a picnic, we’d like to wish you a nice afternoon. Happy camping! – [Christina] Hey this is your tea, happy camping. – Your tea is here, it’s finished. (techno music) – [Christina] Oh gosh, here we go again! Very rough oh.


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