Car Camping, Making Cheese Bush Style
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Car Camping, Making Cheese Bush Style

(gun shots echoing) – Good afternoon campers. We’re back out in the Australian bush. Today, we wanted to share
a special recipe with you on how you can make cheese while you’re camped in the wilderness. All you need is two simple ingredients just milk and vinegar. In the meantime, let’s swing around and have a look at the camp site. Today we are using also the Esky as a guy-line, so this is something you
wouldn’t do in summer. If it was summertime, you would want the Esky underneath the car in the shade. Over here. Christina has just finished
making some dough for her raisin bread that
she is gonna be making. – [Christina] Bread, bread, bread, bread. – [Grayson] Raisin bread. In the campfire we have already some wholewheat bread
baking in the camp oven. Let’s just move that in a
little bit closer for you. Just to keep the heat going. Over here is the special
treat we have this afternoon. Ricotta cheese in the process. Right now we have half a liter of milk simmering or almost simmering. So I believe that’s 16
fluid ounces of milk and we have one tablespoon of vinegar. Over here this is our
cheese straining system. Our version of cheesecloth. Just an old cotton T-shirt that we’ve cut out and
put out on top of the Snow Peak titanium pot. And this Ricotta cheese recipe
comes thanks to my friend Gavin Webber, professional cheese making YouTuber. Check out his channel
link in the description. In the meantime, let’s have a look at the car from this angle. Couple of guy-lines also tied
on to the bullbar there. That’s just to help hold the tarp system back and stop it from moving too far backwards. One new idea we came up with recently for this car camping system is we now have a woolen blanket
fully covering the back. So the back rear window is now permanently locked closed. There’s our bed inside. And the woolen blanket,
helps to block out the wind blocks out the mosquitoes, blocks out the sunlight and it’s really hot in there now. The woolen blanket has
really increased the temperature rating on the sleep system. Let’s just step over to the Ricotta cheese and see how she’s going. Just have to keep a close eye on this milk. We don’t want it to burn. Probably just turn the heat
up a little bit on the butane burner. I’ll switch the camera off now. We’ll come back in a few minutes once the milk has simmered. Back again campers. The milk is just about to boil. We don’t want it to boil quite. Once it reaches about 90 degrees just slowly add the tablespoon of vinegar, gently mix it in. Now I want to now simmer the mixture for a further two minutes and I forgot to mention,
we are also gonnna add quarter of a teaspoon of salt. The salt is straight out of one of
my little Nalgene containers. Everything right there is
ultra-light cooking equipment. And we are already curdling campers, we are already curdling. Hopefully the camera is picking that up. It’s already starting to
turn into cheese as we speak. Two minutes on the simmer. Just pop back over here and
see what Christina is doing. What are you doing sweetie? – Making our bread. Making bread. – Putting some seeds on
top of your raisin toast. It’s no longer raisin toast. It’s now raisin toast with a bit of whole grain on it. White flour, cinnamon,
and a bit of brown sugar. That’s what she has in the mix. This is where I was
chopping the wood yesterday. Also got my little wood drying set up here. Just a milk crate with all the logs split raised up off the ground because it was raining here last night. The weather is pretty
full on this weekend. That’s why we are not backpacking. We decided to camp in the car where it’s a bit cozier. (stoking coals) That milk has now been
simmering for over two minutes. So it’s time to turn the heat off. We now want to let that
sit for a further 10 minutes. And as you can see we’ve got
a lot of curdles campers. In about 10 minutes, once
we’ve cooled down the mixture, we will be straining it
through this cotton sheet. Just a piece of cotton
sheet over another one of my titanium mugs with a rubber band holding it on the top. Putting your raisin toast
in the fire sweetie. (fire crackles) (opens oven) (closes oven) Meantime, the cheese is now
ready for straining campers. Nice and thick with all
those curdles resting on top. So the final step here is just to strain the mixture. Through your tea towel or in this case I’m using an old cotton shirt. Just a piece that I cut off. I’ll just tip some of that
liquid out on to the ground instead of blocking up my strainer. We can just let that sit there for about 30 minutes until
it’s fully strained out and then we should be left with
pure Ricotta cheese on top. Just splitting some more logs here campers with the old machete. Something you sometimes
find when you’re in the Australian bush, these little grubs inside the wood. Perfectly edible I think in my opinion. In fact it resembles a witchetty grub I’m going to eat him
right now on camera raw. – [Christina] Oh. – People often describe the
taste of witchetty grubs to be quite like nuts. Not bad at all. Not bad. There’s the camp oven cooking away. Sometimes I’ll just put my
hand on top just to test the temperature. If I can hold my hand there comfortably that means it’s not too hot. Only for a few seconds though, at the moment. It’s probably getting a bit too cool. Just take a bit of coals from here. Always just pop a
bit of air on the fire just to heat it up. (fans over fire) Let’s see how that cheese
is going over here. Ricotta cheese. What we have right now
is a big lump of Ricotta on top there. Just keeping the lid on there just so the ash doesn’t get in
there from the fire. (cuts bread) (spreads cheese) A bit of Ricotta cheese on the damper. (eating damper) Another popular recipe for damper is just a bit of honey on top. Up here sweetie. Mmmm. – [Christina] Yummy? Delicious Oh the bread. Cheese. (hip hop music)


  • Kevin D

    Could I ask what you do for a living? Like how are you able to go camping so much and still afford to live normally?

  • Logan Priegel

    what a camp site..thats killer..bread and cheese couldnt get better.was that desert.i know you guys have a great ready for the raisin bread and honey

  • Rich Schwartz

    Wow I never knew that it was that easy to make cheese. How was it compared to what you would buy in the store? With eating as well as you guys do how do you manage to stay in shape? God bless and stay safe.

  • Deranged Survival - Eric Bourgault

    Whattttt cheese making in the bush. That's a first. Awesome video my friend. I'm going to give Cuckoo Bird the recipe. I like the car camping setup.

  • Bird Spy Australia

    I was out last weekend filming and it was the first time that I've slept in the back of my wagon. There was just enough room and it was nice, I got a great sleep. I think I will do it more often so I can wake up to film the birds as they start the day.

  • NewHampshire Jack

    This video will be one of my all-time favourite YouTubes. Before leaving behind my beloved farm in the North East US and moving to the Republic of the Philippine Islands six years ago, I kept a Jersey cow. For many years we made a number of different kinds of cheeses including English style farmhouse cheddar, ricotta, mozzarella and even a cow's milk version of feta stored in brine. I thought I had the pioneer lifestyle down to a science eating homegrown beef, vegetables and the best (in my humble and slightly biased opinion) cheese in the world. Making fresh cheese outin the boonies, this certainly takes it to a new level. Thumbs up guys.

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