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Car Camping Tips and Tricks

(gun shots echoing) (cargo rattles on car roof) – So we’ve now completely
re-upgraded the tarp. It’s an all new system. All new guy-lines, tent poles. Because during a recent car camping expedition in the snow, the system was destroyed. It collapsed under the snow. So this tarp was put
together in Australia. Here’s the brand name, this is the company who make them. Very good quality, CrocSkins. 1300 550 788. So that tarp, it’s about
600 grams per square meter, so it’s very heavy fabric. And here’s all the new guy lines. With the Line-Lok cleat. Very easy to tighten the guy lines with these Line-Lok cleats. Step around to the front over here. Show you what we’ve been
catching this weekend. We have five buckets filled with yabbies. Here’s one here just trying
to climb out of the bucket or coming up for a bit of air. There he is, just hold
him up so you can see. Quite a large one. See if I can find the biggest one, here’s one of the bigger ones here. Very big claws. I’ve got to keep the bigger ones separated from the small ones, because they are cannibals. They will start to kill each other. Particularly the larger yabbies will just tear apart all the small ones. Here’s the bucket with the small ones Just a little one. Let’s come around the front here. As you can see, more and more guy-lines, more and more poles. Now the underside of our tarp is, I really like this, and it’s white. So the whole underside of the tarp being such a bright color is during the night when I’ve got my light shining upwards it all reflects down and it creates this really
even lighting system. It’s almost like camping
under fluorescent lights. Just here, we have a large Cherax yabby, fully cooked with lemon. Just wanted to say thank
you to my friend Mick in Sydney, from Southern Cross Survival, another YouTube channel. So he has a lot of videos about bushcraft, and we learnt this tip from him, that’s using lemon as flavor
when eating your yabbies. So I’ll just show you
the size of this yabby, I’ll show you how to
correctly measure them. So hopefully the camera’s picking it up. There’s his eye, just there, and the back of his shell. So the back of his carapace. So the correct way to measure them is from the eyeball to where
the carapace meets the tail. So just hold up the Swiss
army pocketknife ruler, take a measurement. Camera might not be picking it up but 52 millimeters in length. So if he was a Euastacus crayfish he’d definitely be undersized, but yabbies don’t have any minimum size, so it’s perfectly legal
to catch and eat that. Just wanted to show you
our sharpening system. There’s our Mora knife. So we’re using a pretty
basic sharpening stone, this is just a sharpening
stone I picked up in the Philippines, and I’ve broken off a small piece of it to make it much lighter. So another thing you can
learn on Mick’s channel, Southern Cross Survival, is sharpening. I’m a big fan of his sharpening videos. Just step back this way,
and you can see the, what she looks like from behind. Here’s my DIY tripod. So sometimes when I’m in the bush I put these together. The little Gorilla tripod. Just take you around so you
can see how this is done. So one piece of rope holds
the whole tripod together. You can make that any size. If you wanted you could make a tripod that’s 10 foot long, 10 foot high. Just here, got a DIY
mosquito coil holder. So it’s just a stick with
a burning mosquito coil on the end of the stick, and the reason I’m doing this is I want the mosquito coil to be up high, ’cause during the night
you get some mosquitoes just hanging around
just underneath the tarp ’cause it’s so bright under here. So just select a stick that’s long enough with a little V on top, stick
your mosquito coil there. I’ve sharpened the bottom of the stick, so if you want you can always just poke it into the ground, and have them around your campsite. Alternatively you just
light a small campfire if you don’t have mosquito coils because the smoke from the campfire will scare away mosquitoes. So here’s our bed. Little bit dark in there, unfortunately. But just wanted to show
you all our woolen blankets from the thrift store, so we’re even using woolen
blankets as pillows. Very comfortable way to sleep, actually, once you get used to the
sleeping under woolen blankets. It is a little bit itchy at first, but once you get over that, it’s quite a breathable fabric. Very good for camping trips. I better show you what’s developed here. You may have noticed we do have this big white pole on top. This big white tube. Just take it off. Inside the white tube I
have all these yoga mats. Sections of yoga mat, because we keep all our tent poles, these steel tent poles inside the white tube. So there’s the white tube from behind. And because the tent poles
are not the same length as the tube they kind of move around a bit but with all the yoga mats inside there there’s no chance of
the poles being damaged as we go over very rough bumps. Because we are in the bush, driving around on dirt roads. So you just have to be careful the way you pack your
equipment inside the car ’cause it does get a bit shaky. Just go back under into the
cooking area once again. Just wanted to show you another trick we’ve come up with. On our MSR stove the stove top is not
really suited to small pots so it’s very difficult to
get the pot to sit there it kind of falls down because that stove top is
designed for much larger pots. So I’ve got this piece of
like chicken wire type mesh. I just keep that in the car so that I can have any size pot on there. So that’s a tiny little 250ml cup. Otherwise it would be impossible to have that sitting in the middle. But with the mesh there, it
just sits neatly in the middle. Last thing I wanted to show you before we wrap this up, just a simple knot I use to
tie all these guy-lines down. So we’re just gonna take
the tripod over this way. Just around the front of the car, just wanted to show you how we tie on the guy-line onto this bracken tree. So I’ve just taken the rope
off for the demonstration. I look for the spot where
all the branches are meeting, this part of the tree trunk will act as a rope stopper. To start off, just over the branch once, and then this time, firstly I twist it over so you’re now getting this sort of twisting effect happening. And there’s no particular
order to how I do this. But by twisting the rope
over itself like that it holds itself tight. So it’s not really a knot, it’s just a way of just wrapping on onto the bracken tree. And you can just finish it off. So that, very strong. The breaking strengths
of these bracken trees is quite high. There’s still quite a
bit of slack in the rope but because I have the Line-Lok cleat all I do now is just pull that down,
and it’s nice and tight. Let’s point the camera
down at the bracken tree. There’s the knot on the
bracken tree branch. I’ll just pull that. It really is quite strong. Very strong breaking
strength, the bracken tree branch. (peaceful acoustic guitar)


  • OKBushcraft

    Nice set up.

    Have you tried using a prussic knot on your guy lines? I use it almost exclusively on my lines for my tarps and tents, that and a bowline.

  • Rich Schwartz

    Sorry to hear you had to replace your tarp but the new one looks super and with the white bottom side makes a excellent light helper at night. It looks so much better than the old one maybe it makes you wish the old one would of broke God bless and stay safe.

  • FullCircleOutdoors414

    Nice car camping set up! Very cozy! I like the tube storage idea on the top of the truck as well, great idea! Thanks for sharing!
    Jenn 🙂

  • Bobby Harper

    Great idea putting the hardware cloth (wire mesh) over the burner. I'll be adding this to my esbit stove kit today to keep my cups from falling over. When I saw you tying that knot around the limb I thought of Ray Mears giving a demonstration of how his crew quickly sets up hammocks and tarps. The very first knot they tie around the tree is a Siberian Hitch. I've been using this knot my whole life to tie fishlines to tree limbs. With all those guylines you have this knot would save lots of time tying and untying.

  • NorwegianWoods

    Great stuff! Where in Australia is this? I see you mention Victoria. I spent some time there a few years ago. Mostly in Melbourne. I also did the Great Ocean Road a couple of times. Lovely memories. Thanks for the video 🙂
    – Martin

  • Emmanuel Wolf Machler

    Great tips! I loved seeing your car camping set up the tarp looks good. I especially like the bracken fern tip. Awesome! Thanks for sharing! Cheers atb!

  • soulful66

    Do you happen to know the measurements of the new tarp? How do like it? Is it holding up as expected? I found a 300gsm tarp with the white underside, but not in the 600gsm weight. Thanks for the great videos!!

  • Ctrl-Alt-Awesome

    Hi, I love all of your videos, is there any possibility of a longer indepth tour of your camp and all the gear you use please

  • Wendy S. King

    If you think I need to be attacked without warning right at the beginning of your video by the very loud sound of gun shots and a black moccasin striking my face, then I am here to tell you, I will not watch your channel and you are an a**. Where in the world is your head?! And why in the world would I listen to an idiot like you? Thank you.

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