Cartoni Animati per Bambini – La Dottoressa Mac Wheelie e il picnic
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Cartoni Animati per Bambini – La Dottoressa Mac Wheelie e il picnic

Doctor Mac Wheelie and the yellow car Look, it’s a little yellow car driving on the road. And here are two his friends, 2 little trucks. – Hello, little car! – Said the blue truck. Come with us for a picnic! Little yellow car was very happy! And friends went together. And here is the right turn. Cars drive over the earth road now. There are the puddles and holes be careful, cars! Oh! it looks like little yellow car can’t go on a road like this. – Don’t worry! Doctor McWheelie will help you. She always knows what to do! And here is the garage. Doctor McWheelie is already waiting. Little car. hold on tight, Doctor McWheelie raises the platform up to examine you! Look! Ground clearance is too low! And you need to change the wheels too. One. Two Now let’s increase the ground clearance. Front and rear. Great. And put bigger wheels… with deep tire treads. Little car, here’s a gift from Doctor McWheelie a roof rack! And a winch so you could fasten the cable to it. And at rear a tow bar. You are a real hiking car now! You can go on a picnic! Have a good trip, little car! Send me a photo! Now little yellow car can pass on any road. And here is the turn. Little car found his friends Little car found his friends and all day long they played and talked and in the evening they watched the sun going to sleep… Do you want to see how the doctor McWheelie helped other cars? Choose a new story! with doctor Mac Wheelie


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