Hello all friends, welcome to my channel. Today we are going crab fishing again! If you follow my vlogs you already know that we did some planning and preparing. Like getting a new rod to fish for crabs. I also heard a lot of people going this time because some groups left since Friday night. We are now just heading out on this Saturday. All friends, hope you enjoy this vlog OK. A pomegranate tree in front of my brother’s house. It’s big. He often cut it down so there’s less fruit this year. His variety is redder than mine. See? Mine are as big but not as red like this. There are many types of pomegranate. We are now stuck in traffic. We don’t know what’s up ahead. Each car is moving slowly and there’s no oncoming cars. Some lost patience and turned back around. Oh it’s moving again. I don’t want to jinx it by praising. I was just praising it moments ago, now stuck again. My brother is able to stand outside. Sending Naly off to ride in a different car. Stuck in traffic too long and she’s bored. She go sit with Adrian and now has company. What’s up with you huh? Sister sat with you earlier and you got fussy. Now she left. After being stuck in traffic for an hour the car is slowly crawling. It’s because of this spot here they are having road construction. it’s a 2 way with one lane road each. So it’s difficult to pass. Oh they are making a round-about. It’s bumpy here, not yet even out. Opsie! That other side is closed too. Let’s see if this side is as stuck as us. Yeah, it’s less than the people going this direction. We now just arrived. It’s 3:00PM. We were stuck in traffic for an hour. Now setting up the canopy. I see that there’s a lot of people. There’s more and more people every time we come here. I haven’t counted yet to see how many Khmer families are here. Just our group we have 3 cars. Then there’s my brother friends that came last night no sure how many cars. You all have seen and know them from my previous vlogs so they are no strangers here. I’m hungry stuck in traffic too long. Here’s the canopy that we exchanged for. We are not going to exchange it anymore. First we got the red color then exchange for a grey color but that canopy has slanted legs so it’s not as big as we thought. Therefore we returned it for a refund and order this one instead. Cost an additional $20 USD. Can’t not have that there because it’s hot. Even though it’s cold and windy but the sun ray is really hot. Having the canopy we can shelter from all that. Moving the car closer together. Too close can’t open the liftgate. It’s OK, you can. It opens up. Mommy, they are holding each other’s hand. Look at these two seagulls. One of them hurt it’s leg One leg handicap. Naly be nice. Don’t chase them. Right now adding the fishing line all over again because the one before was too short. It cannot be thrown too far. They are pouring mighty drinks to warm them up. Do you all believe this? Earlier I walked by the fishing pole and my husband said do not walk over the pole because the fish will not bite. Is that true? Then you pull it? Yeah. This is the hook to catch shore crabs. To make salty crab. They are playing cards over there. This row all Khmers. Got any? Oh he got one! A small one too! Let’s see. This is his first catch. This one has a big claw. That one is not the right size, toss it back. I want to show you the cars lining up. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd is mine, my brother and sister. The 4th and 5th car are my brother’s friend. After that are all Khmer. Khmer from Stockton that came too. My brother knows them but I don’t. This area is not quiet at all. Every time we come there’s fellow Khmer here. Got any? Empty again. Can you get it out? Got it? He’s digging for mussel. He seems to got all the land shellfish except the one in the water. Nice and big. There’s 2-3 more. Oh there’s a shore crab here. That’s small? It’s soft shell. We got a mussel. This is how it looks like. This one nice and heavy. This is Jason’s first catch. Let’s see if there’s 1 or 2. It’s almost 7PM in the evening now. We already ate once. There’s banh hoi and there’s pork belly. However, look at this. Because of him I don’t get to vlog much now. Mr. is so very busy. This time he does not stay still he wants to walk and not be hold. Have to put him in the car to stay still. Look at him. Now wait until later this evening, then cook some crabs to eat. Because my sister has a small car they cannot sleep in the car now the brothers are setting up the sleeping tent. Add the air mattress inside and they can all sleep. It’s now 9PM at night and it’s dark outside but last night there was a full moon so there’s some brightness left to help provide light. I can see here clearly but you looking through the lens is probably pitch black. The kids just went to bed so I can now come out to vlog. But it’s dark, can’t really see much. Now we are starting to cook the crabs to eat. Oh, Crab fight back. They are big. Big ones, take to make crab boil. Husband’s catch? Yeah. Let me see, can’t see clearly. Didn’t get it on camera to show our friends yet. The husband’s catch. Ops, they are gonna die. Not able to take them home. Good morning all friends, It’s 9AM in the morning and it’s very foggy you can’t even see the other side. We woke up late than usual because we know we don’t have to dig for the horseclams/geoduck. The tide is not low enough. There was no need to rush to get up. Now boiling some water to make some coffee with some cookie and some cup’o noodles. Breakfast then we will prepare to cook for lunch. Last night after eating crab I went to bed and it was cold plus Eli was being fussy too. I didn’t get to vlog much to share. The tide level is high again. I’m ready to eat my noodle. You are ready but I’m still fixing. Not yet, it’s hot. – Is it coffee?
– Yeah. You buy that from the store with me. You buy that. What are you doing? Coffee and cookie. What does it taste like? What does it taste like? It’s good. OK, and is it spicy? Yeah. The tide is high to the max now. We now have rice porridge for lunch and pan fry pork. That’s left over rice from turn it to porridge to stretch it out. No waste. The meat was sliced and marinate from home and then just fry it here. The oil place in an empty water bottle for convenience. We saw a sea lion earlier. Oh they ate it? There was a sea lion in the water we rush to reel the line back in because earlier it ate all the bait. They ate the bait and tore up the one fish trap already. It broke off again? Oh it’s OK. I don’t see it come up again. They come out more during the daytime than night time. The marinate pork was meant to be eaten with rice and watermelon. Since we only have a little bit rice left we turned it into porridge instead. They don’t allow open fire here we can only use a gas stove otherwise we would of grill it. These 4 crabs are the husband’s catch. That brand new fishing pole got these 4 crabs. They are swimming back and forth waiting for us to throw the line again. They are smart. They are frighten with your shout. It’s not foggy now, we can see it. The fog comes and go. That side still foggy. Earlier we can’t see over there. That side still foggy. This causes big waves. Oh, the waves makes the chicken bait comes up now they are fighting for it. Tearing it up. It’s 12 noon on the dot. We all finished our lunch. The crab does not bite at this time and like you just saw, there’s a lot of sea lion. They bite the net, the bait and the line we don’t want to lose our stuff. We are now packing our stuff back in the car as well as gathering trash and cleaning up our area. Getting ready to head back. Not sure if we are stopping along the way or at some other place or not. Let’s wait and see OK? Come 3 cars, go back 3 cars. As for my brother’s friend cars they spent the night but pack up and left this morning they’ve been here 2 nights already. We only spent 1 night. Our trash for the time here from 3 families. Hi Julianna. Today is Julianna’s birthday. She’s turns 3 years old. Didn’t get to blow the cake since we can’t bring it here. We did brought a watermelon for her to blow but because we ate porridge and not rice we are taking the watermelon back home. Wait to blow at home. Before heading back we brought the trash to the trash can. Next to the restroom. We clean after ourselves when we come next time there’s no issues. If we trash all over the place next time they won’t allow us to be here they might close it off. He took a different route home and pass by this beach. It’s so pretty. I don’t get to see what this beach is called. The views look similar to Santa Cruz. The beach is wide open. We can catch sand crabs here because there’s waves. Fish as well but can’t catch crabs. Not sure if camping is allowed here. It’s nice and clear. This is the Pacific Ocean. The shoreline is long all the way to Los Angeles, Long Beach and into San Diego and Mexico. We are not going down just stop by to scope out for next time. That’s the stairs to go down. We are going to continue on now. We are now back home. I am going to cook the 4 crabs that the husband caught. 3 males and 1 female. I am going to boil it and then shake it up with garlic butter. Like what I did in my shrimp boil vlog. This time I am going to make it with crabs. I am cooking it without adding water. They will release it’s natural juice during cooking. I don’t have beer so I didn’t put it. I will mix the crab meat with the sauce. Tell Mommy, what happened to the small crab? The crab, Oun Naly throw it in the dirt so they go back to their family in the ocean. Why didn’t you bring it home? Because they are too small. They don’t have any friends. They don’t have a big crab Aunty B don’t have crabs. Look, it’s cooking. My crabs are now done cooking. I will make the sauce for it soon. I am going to pull the shell apart and cut it into small pieces to make it easier to eat. Yummy, yummy, yummy! No need to mix in the shell can just scoop the sauce on top and eat it with rice. The crabs are now prepared and cut into small pieces. Set the shells aside for those who likes to eat the crab butter you can add the sauce on it and eat with rice. Now I am going to make the sauce. I am not going to show you in details because prior to this vlog, I’ve share the step by step recipe which includes the ingredients and measurements. You can go into my channel and check it out. That recipe used shrimp but you can use any types of seafood you want all to your liking. My crab boil is now all done. Today I do not have corn and potatoes and the sausages was left over from last time when I made it with shrimp I just use it up. This is just another way to enjoy crabs or shrimps Normally I would steam it and eat with fish sauce paired with cucumbers and herbs but today I want to try eating it this way. OK, it’s done. Time to enjoy it. Who else likes to eat the eggs and butter in the shell? Then add a little bit of the sauce and eat it. OK, not to make this vlog any longer I would like to end it here. See you in the next episode. Thank you very much for watching. Bye-bye.

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