• Mask (8/10) Movie CLIP – Rocky & Diana (1985) HD
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    Mask (8/10) Movie CLIP – Rocky & Diana (1985) HD

    Me and Ben are gonna ride motorcycles across Europe. Yeah? Wow. That’s so neat. My parents are so overprotective. My mom is very… modern. Yeah? Did she name you Rocky? Yeah. My real name is Roy. Roy? When I was a kid, I used to like to rock back and forth in the crib. So she started calling me Rocky. I like that. Hey, you two. There’s one apple left.You guys wanna share it? Yeah. Thanks. Thanks, Maria. Here. I’ll cut it in half. I wanna show you something. Rocky, what do you look like? Describe yourself to me. Well, it’s too bad you’ve never seen any pictures of the…

  • Dan Learns About Camping
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    Dan Learns About Camping

    Dan: So Jackson, you have been camping exactly once. Tell us what your experience was like. It was fun and I had a cookout. Dan: Do you know one of the most important things you need when you go camping? No. Dan: Bigfoot spray. Tell me a time when you were camping and you heard something at night. So one time I was camping – Dan: Ahh! I’m so scared. Tone it down a little bit, you’re making me spooked out. Don’t be scared. Dan: Serious, you don’t want to be hanging out in the camping world when Bigfoot comes around. That way you just take a little spray, you…

  • David Tennant as Walt in Camping – Episode 2.2
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    David Tennant as Walt in Camping – Episode 2.2

    – I got some wires I think I could attach to your chest. – Are you still here? – I’m plummeting. Now that I’ve taken care of my son, my body is shutting down. – Ma’am, you can’t just- – No, you don’t understand. Five years ago, I had my tenth procedure under anesthesia. Complete hysterectomy. – Hence her phantom periods. – Her what? – Different hospitals call it different things. Scoot over. Any kind of stress can lead to inflammation, which affects my tissue issues and also my general mood. – We can’t run any tests on you. You can’t run any tests on you. We’d have to do…

  • 自転車で焼き鳥デイキャンプ #5
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    自転車で焼き鳥デイキャンプ #5

    Go to the campsite from Arakawa Cycling Road. Shopping on the way I bought this today. arrived Today’s site I’m going to set up a tarp because the sun is hot. did it Today’s tarp. I picked up a tree branch. When I bought a non-alcoholic beer, I got ice and today’s beer is cold. Toast Making firewood I forgot to work gloves I brought charcoal today. A paper pack is used. Cook rice with Messtin. I brought the rice in a ziplock with water. So the water is well supplied. Today is curry. Put the canned food on top of the mess-tin, it will warm up. I wonder if…

  • Camping Sleeping Bags & Pads : Sleeping Pads in Camping
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    Camping Sleeping Bags & Pads : Sleeping Pads in Camping

    I’m going to talk about sleeping pads and a lot of people don’t think they’re that important but they kind of are. If you’re out there getting some sleep at night, you can really mess your time on your vacation backpacking if you can’t get enough sleep because you’re not comfortable. Some people can go with a closed cell foam pad. The advantage of this is it’s light but the down side, it’s not quite as cushy. Depends on if you’re a real heavy sleeper and it’s easy for you to get to sleep this is definitely a nice way to go. Another down side, it’s not very compact, so…

  • Wild camp & Landscape Photography, Glyder Fach Snowdonia
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    Wild camp & Landscape Photography, Glyder Fach Snowdonia

    slide that down Oh looking good Oh oh wow this is an unbelievable effort I’m exhausted I’m not feeling this at all really really nice morning no air! absolutely still at anything that’s crazy crazy I’m just gonna wander over towards the sunrise direction try not to fall over these rocks it is better pink in the sky from the vapor trails really a lot of low-level cloud so Oh of the rock so they’ve had a place somewhere see I set the tripod up in get quick snap that’s probably gonna be straight back to bed I’m absolutely ZAPPED you’re gonna be in a vlog this is amazing WHAT…

  • Four Wheel Campers 2019
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    Four Wheel Campers 2019

    In a warehouse tucked in Woodland. 95 employees, in more than a dozen positions, build and assemble pop-up campers. It’s so hard to find people around Woodland in general. Kelly Long of Four Wheel Pop-Up Campers is always looking to hire qualified candidates. There are a lot of times people will come in because they see our signs out front that says ‘Now Hiring’. They are still in their pajamas. We usually interview on the spot, so they’re not ready for it. So, with Four Wheel Pop-Up Campers in need of recruitment assistance, they were referred to the Employment Development Department for specialized services. They received help from the EDD’s…

  • Colorado adventures… camping through the eyes of a filmmaker in Guanella Pass.
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    Colorado adventures… camping through the eyes of a filmmaker in Guanella Pass.

    Excuse me ladies! Are you all saving this spot? No No? OK! So, we are getting ready to go Fa’Eazy is in the truck we’re about to bounce we’re gonna go… Where are we going camping Fa’Eazy? “I don’t even know yet!” Hey we don’t know, we’re just gonna go camping! We got the whip full of stuff and we’re about to get out of here Oh! and one more thing We’re going up camping to film some content for KORE there’s some camping gear company and we’re gonna go up there and test the gear and we’re gonna do a little bit of drone footage and just have a…