• Robert Simcoe

    It all started when the "Make Austin Weird" movement started, and Austin became a sanctuary city. It won't change until we get rid of the local government, and GET RID OF THE ILLEGAL ALIENS. All of the cities resources are going to ILLEGAL ALIENS. And the CITIZENS OF THIS CITY ARE BEING FORGOTTEN. I had to retire early due to a heart attack (and no insurance). I'm on SS and disability, and I had to leave Austin because I couldn't afford the housing or get real medical help. But I see illegal aliens get medical, housing, food stamps, A NEW CAR, and worst of all, SYMPATHY! I see my taxes that I paid go to people from another country. One other thing, illegal aliens aren't invading our country because the are hungry. I have never seen so many FAT ILLEGAl ALIEN WOMEN WITH FAT ILLEGAl ALIEN BABIES IN MY ENTIRE LIFE.

  • Fiona Corliss

    Pushing your homeless away. People who don't deserve to be neglected by their state. Those are vets. Just build some housing Texas… Obviously giving the rich tax breaks isn't making then do the right thing. This country isn't doing the right thing. It's shameful.

  • Blake Chico

    Vote every single one of these Regressives out before they take our society any further backwards. The city is trashed, our ecosystem severally damaged, crime is off the charts, DT at night and in parts of DT during the day belongs to gangs, druge dealers and super aggressive homeless people. This City Council has lost complete control and needs to be recalled immediately.

  • A I

    Austin is jealous of Seattle, SanFrancico, and LA…. good job democrat voters!!! I went downtown last night and offered 23 homeless to help me pick up trash for 12$ hour (paying $6 upfront every 30 minutes). Not a single person wanted to work.

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