Champion {HD} – Sunny Deol – Manisha Koirala – Superhit Hindi Movie – (With Eng Subtitles)
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Champion {HD} – Sunny Deol – Manisha Koirala – Superhit Hindi Movie – (With Eng Subtitles)

Long live the Nawab. All of you please
have a seat. ‘Yes, what is it?
Is the aircraft ready?’ Okay I will tell him. ‘No, I don’t want to go.
– What are you doing?’ I don’t want to wear this.
– What are you doing? Wait, wait, one minute. You take care of the
rest of the things. Whatever you decide
will be okay with me. – Okay, sir. ‘Sir, the aircraft is ready.
– Even we are ready.’ ‘Where is our son?
– I said, I don’t want to go.’ ‘Where has he thrown the things.
– Wait, where are you going?’ ‘They want to take me to
Delhi…’ …let me see how they take
me with them. The solution to
all my problems… ‘…my sister, where are you? You remembered me and
here I am. ‘Sister, I don’t want to
go with my parents.’ He has to come with us. But tomorrow there’s
an India-Pakistan match. I don’t know
anything about that. He is coming with us, ok. Shall we? ‘Sister in law, what is this?’ Spectacles.
– You are right but… … you can see
everything through this. What do you mean? Mr. Pandey.
– Yes Madam. Aren’t you
wearing an underwear? Actually it was still wet. Run! – Now let’s see,
what your condition is. How long can you hide from me?
You will have to come before me. What’s going on? Sapna and Abbas want to see
the cricket match tomorrow. Then let them do that. Yes!
– Yes! Even I would have
done the same thing. It’s just a matter of two days. Sapna will look after him, isn’t it?
– Of course, I will. Don’t worry, mom.
– Abbas, no mischief, promise? Promise. Are you happy, sweetheart? Captain Singh, lets take off. Pilot, what is the problem? Engine failure.
– Engine failure, how is it possible?’ ‘Cool down, everything
will be alright.’ Do something. We are trying our best, sir. Captain Das,
try to make the plane steady. Calling control. Sir, plane is going down. O God! Please. ‘O Lord, please forgive
all my wrong doings.’ Yes, Mr. Singh. – Yes sir. Tell me something about
the report of the black box. Aircraft had definitely reached
an altitude of 15000 feet. And then it lost the balance. After that there was
no verbal communication.. ..between pilot and
the traffic control tower. Last word he said,
he lost control over the aircraft. There can be two
reasons for the crash. The first reason could
be operational negligence. There’s a possibility
of sabotage too. ‘lf it is sabotage, it definitely
is the work of intelligent people.’ ‘Sir, I can’t
understand one thing.’ lf the crash was a conspiracy
then those people will… …surely try to kill Abbas. Because he is the only heir to
Nawab’s property worth crores I don’t think,
there is any conspiracy as such. ‘lf it was like that, by this time,
something would have happened.’ Maybe those people are waiting
for the matter to settle down… … before they take the next step.
– How is Abbas? 90% normal. He thinks that his
parents died in an accident. That’s better. What measures have we taken
for the child’s security? We need an officer who
cannot be bribed easily. An officer who is very honest. He should be an astute man
with a firm mind. It is almost impossible to find
one in the department. ‘No sir, I know an officer
with all those qualities.’ Really? Who is he? The trains are
in their custody. And also 2115 Down. Hello! Jai Hind, sir. Get up. Did you get the medal?
– How could I get it? Even today my dream
was unfulfilled. I wonder how your clock can
estimate my dream’s correct time Couldn’t you have come
after five minutes? It was such a big function. So many dignitaries
were present there. Now they will have
to wait till tomorrow. God save him. You should
be ashamed of yourself. That won’t help. Tell him
to do something worthwhile. He has been waiting for the
government orders for five years. Look at all his friends.
Harminder has done his M.A. Now he is earning so much
in the betel leaf business. Kartar has started teaching in the
village after finishing his studies. And Jassi has become
a compounder too. ‘Aunty, tell me, do those three
have some purpose in life?’ You know very well why Harminder
came back from the town. Kartar and Jassi studied so
that they could get a huge dowry. I have finished my studies as
well as my police training. I did that I could
serve the nation. So that I could
serve the people. And could put an
end to crime and criminals. ‘Aunty, I am sure that
my dream will be fulfilled.’ The people will salute me. People will applaud
me wherever I go. First go and fetch some milk.
– Yes. Hey Rajveer. What is it?
– Take this. I had told you that I will
definitely go to Bombay “What a thing are you?” “What a thing are you?” “What a thing are you?” “What a thing are you?” “Your eyes are very appealing
like two pegs of liquor” “Your eyes are very appealing
like two pegs of liquor” “I am unable to
control myself” “What a thing are you?” “Your eyes are very appealing
like two pegs of liquor” “I am unable to
control myself” “What a thing are you?” “Go away, I have seen
many like you” “I will send you to jail.
I’ve seen many. What a thing are you?” “Your eyes are very appealing
like two pegs of liquor” “I am unable to
control myself” “What a thing are you?” “What a thing are you?” “What a thing are you?” “What a thing are you?” “What a thing are you?” “I am your lover but
you haven’t recognized me” “You are mad and
I have recognized you” “You call me mad or send
me to jail, I can tell…” “…one thing surely.
What a thing are you?” “Then you keep praising me
and lose your control.” “And dream about me.
What a thing are you?” “Your eyes are very appealing
like two pegs of liquor” “I am unable to
control myself” “What a thing are you?” “What a thing are you?” “What a thing are you?” “What a thing are you?” “What a thing are you?” Jai Hind, Sir. This is Rajveer reporting
from Patiala. Rajveer, dude from Patiala. ‘Strong man, How are you?
-Very fine and fit, Sir. ‘ Good. There is an important
assignment for you. – I know. To control the underworld and
to put an end to the mafia. ‘Sir, I have already
started all the plans.’ Every Police officer should
be as enthusiastic as you are. Look at this child’s photograph. I know sir. He must
have been kidnapped. I just need twelve hours to… … bring the criminals to task
and the child back to his parents. ‘Rajveer, you have to
listen to me first.’ We have many other officers
to tackle cases of kidnapping. You need not worry
about all that. This child’s name is Abbas. His parents were killed
in a tragic accident. You have been called
here for his security. You have to be with
this child all the time. You should keep an eye on
him and take care of him. You will have to identify with
the child for this purpose. I am sure that I am not wrong in
giving you this responsibility. I hope that you
don’t disappoint me. You have disappointed me. ‘I came here to become an officer,
you have made me a governess’ ‘What are you thinking? Go and
start your duty. – Yes, sir’ Jai Hind, Sir. Hi Jai! – Hi! Hi! – Hi! Hi! – Hi! Motu! Hey come on, come on,
hurry up, fast dude, come on. Bring a burger and
an Ice cream for me. ‘I want a glass of ‘Lassi’.’ Hey, get me one pizza. I don’t want anything. I am on diet, you know. ‘Pandya, I want all
the savories. ‘ Okay. The one,
who is going to scrub, is coming. What did you say? What did you say?
He got scared! ‘Abbas, Your manager seemed to
be a changed man today.’ He used to listen to
all our orders before. But today he was
Laughing at us. I think there is
something wrong. What do you mean by hanky-panky? ‘There is something
very wrong, my child. ‘ Pandey is very happy today. He is very happy since
the moment the DIG called him. He has been singing
songs since then. ‘What? – Yes, he told me that a
policeman from Patiala is coming.’ Who will put an end
to your fun filled life. That means he will
restrict everything. ‘What are you saying?
– This is the truth, child.’ A very strict policeman is
coming as your body guard. Bodyguard? O Lord! The body guards are
usually very strict. Even my mother has a body guard. He doesn’t even allow my
father to go near her. Correct. Shall I tell you something? Pandey is responsible
for everything. Ok. Pandey! Hey listen.
– Whose turn is it now? It’s my turn now.
– Oh no! Will sit behind, sit behind! Proceed.
– Attack! – No. Why are you shouting? It’s hurting a lot. Our batsman is himself running
towards the boundary line. No! Why is it paining you? I am suffering from piles. The players are running towards
the goal post of Pakistan. Attack! Go! ‘Uncle, where do
you have piles? ‘ Piles are found in Pakistan. ‘Abu, everything is ready.’ You just have to give
the finishing touches. I hope you understand. Abu baba. – Here he is.
Take the phone. Your performance should
be good. Come in. ‘Yes, that School is mine.’ I can terminate that teacher. That’s okay. Yes, ok, bye. ‘Abu, the DIG had mentioned
about your security.’ Rajveer Singh from Patiala. I thought the DIG would
send a strong man. It’s just because
of his insistence. Otherwise I don’t need anybody. Do you think a strong man
like me needs security? Not at all.
You have got great muscles. ‘No, you don’t need
security at all.’ That’s why you are afraid to
go to the bathroom at night. What are you doing? Why are you spoiling my
impression? Put me down. Okay. ‘Wait, I’ll help you.’ What’s wrong? The child didn’t hit you
so hard. What happened? You won’t understand that.
This is a personal matter. Is it paining a lot?
Please sit down. Sit. What’s wrong now?
– This is a very sensitive issue. Sometimes it aggravates. I’ll reveal this
secret to you. What’s it? – Actually my
background is very painful. From your maternal
or paternal side? No that’s not the problem. Then what’s the matter? – I
used to work in Hyderabad before. I know.
– What do you know? Your employer was a
fun loving person. ‘No, that’s not the problem.’ Actually he loved spicy food. He used to force me
to eat spicy food too. I never realised when
this problem came. And so my background
became painful. I hope you understand
my problem now. ‘Come, I’ll take
you to your room.’ He has a gun with him too.
-Is it a real gun? Will he play with us? He seems to be a snob. No, he is so cute. I hope he is a bachelor. Bachelor? Are you planning to marry him?
-I don’t know. By the way what is his name?
-Rajveer Singh. That must be his real name. What will you call him? We forgot to give him a name. First we will give him a name
and then we’ll do the rest. Tell any funny name. Yes. Handsome. – No. Fool.
– Shut up. Banta Singh.
– Shut up. Shall I suggest a name?
– Yes. ‘Hero.
– Just shut up, hero’s heroine.’ Each of us will write an
alphabet on a piece of paper. Ok?
– Ok. I will write too.
You tomato, you also come, ..-Yes,.. Give me a piece of paper too. C-H-A-M-P-I-O-N, Champion? He has become a Champion. He just can’t be a champion. He looks like a champion, dude. He doesn’t look like a champion.. He looks like a Chimpanzee.
Chimpanzee! -Chimpanzee!
-Chimpanzee! Hello. Hello, Rajveer.
– Yes, Sir. I expected this from you.
I am very proud of you. ‘Are you doing your
duty properly? – Yes, sir.’ Very good. ‘Rajveer, always stay alert.’ And remember that you can find
a clue anytime and anywhere. Even small things matter. So
notice even small matters. Yes sir. I am keeping an
eye on every small detail. Who are you?
What are you doing here? How did you come in my room? How did you come in my room? What are you doing here?
Why don’t you speak? Tell me what is
going on in my room? Out! Out! Get out! What is going on?
What is all this? Move aside. Dalda- Coming. Yes?
– What is going on? ‘What to tell you Abu, he’s
not an inspector, he’s a jailer.’ ‘Your friend, the minister’s son,
was right.’ He’s putting cameras everywhere
Whole house is like a prison. ‘Yes. – Where is he?
– In his room, where else?’ ‘All the cameras have been
installed, sir. ‘ ‘Yes sir, the work will
be finished by evening. Okay, sir. What is this? Why are you
installing cameras everywhere? Can’t I go anywhere freely?
What does all this mean? It means that you can’t go
anywhere without asking me. ‘Sir, take a look.’ My bedroom & bathroom? You’ve
installed a camera in bathroom? Yes.
– What about my privacy? Your security is more
important than your privacy. You, chimpanzee. I will go to the D.I.G. and
get you suspended right now. You don’t know me. ‘Ask him before you go anywhere.
– Pandey, get the car.’ ‘Don’t go anywhere without
asking him. – Pandey, get the car.’ Remember what I
have said. – Pandey! ‘Pandey, whose employee
are you? – Yours Master Abu.’ Whose house is this?
– Yours Master Abu. ‘So, who is the Master?
– You Master Abu.’ ‘So, whose orders will be
carried out in this house? – Mine’ Hello. Hello Motu! Where are you? Come fast. Right now I have
a very big problem. Forget the problem. There
is a lot of tension here. I am in great difficulty.
– Even I am. Shut up! That policeman has taken
over the whole house. There are cameras everywhere. And you know? He has installed
a camera in the bathroom too! What? A camera in my
bathroom?! ‘Not in yours, Idiot! in my
bathroom.’ ‘Now, what were you saying?
– He doesn’t let me go out.’ He said he will beat up Motu.
– What? He said that about me? Okay, I’ll just come.’ ‘Rajveer, If you have the courage,
come out!’ Today we will decide who
is going to stay. You or me! Being a policeman does not give
you the right to bully us! Which law does not
allow kids to play? ‘Don’t think you are brave,
with the collar of DIG, Rajveer.’ History proves that whoever
opposes kids…- Will be destroyed! Will be destroyed! ‘Pandey, explain it to him…’ …that these kind of toys
are very common in the market. ‘But the courage you need, to
fight with toys of these kind,…’ …is gifted only to real men. Yes, change. That’s nice. Get it quick, ok. – That’s lovely. Oh!
– Yeah. Vivien, I am too tired. Enough for today. Pack up.
-What is this? Don’t be unfair! No, no, I am too tired. Chotu. Mobile. There is no one here.
– Motu. – Chief! Chief! Where are you? – In my
photo shoot. Where else? I tried calling you up.
Your mobile was switched off. You know what’s happening here?
Violation of children’s rights. ‘Really? – We are being tortured.
– Who dared to do that, Bossy?’ That man from Patiala.
– Patiala? ‘Yes, the D.I.G. has
sent him for my security.’ You mean bodyguard. ‘That’s good.
– You’re saying that, Chief? ‘ I want freedom and not
security. You know… …he has tied our hands feet and we
have a tape on our mouth. ‘Has video cameras everywhere &
he keeps an eye on us, always.’ He has a camera in the bathroom
too. – What are you saying? Chief, we need you,
we need your support. Is that so? I am coming. Friends, brothers and the countrymen! Be prepared for the battle! – Yeah! You have done very good
arrangements. ‘Now, without your wish
no one can do anything.’ Who is she?
– Open the door. She’s the chief of Monkey Brigade.
And a special advisor to Abu. She’s the daughter of M.D.
Khanna. – M.D. Khanna? – Yes. ‘But, he looks like a donkey.
– But her mother…’ Oh Sir.. Move. You cannot come in.
– I have already come in. Your games won’t succeed here ‘Sir, hide! Save yourself.
Everything will be seen.’ What will be seen? – She can
see everything from those glasses. Even through our clothes.
– Stupid man! ‘Shut up, Pandey.
– I don’t believe it. – Don’t.’ A mole on the thigh!
– Even I didn’t know about it. Remove your glasses. Remove your glasses. Inspector has had it!
– Remove your glasses. I can see that too.
– That’s okay. ‘You remove your glasses.- Come
in front, where are you going?’ – Get away from me!
– Come here! She never saw me through
those glasses like this. There should be something to see too. ‘So, you bully the kids, and
now you are hiding? Come out.’ What kind of a girl is she?
– Come out. Come. – Go away. – How long
will you stand behind that pillar? ‘You will have to come
out in the open, sometime.’ Look.. Come here.
– Go away. My glasses… Go on.
I have one more. Leave me! So sweet. What?
– Nothing. You go on. You! Oh Abu Baba, Abu Baba. Abu Baba wait. Wait Master Abu! We will
go and get Sapna ourselves. No! He has insulted the Chief.
He will go and get Sapna. What are you doing Master Abu? Please wait. The T.V. …
-There it goes!! ‘Sir, you go and
get Sapna, please.’ ‘Send Pandey. – Sir, Pandey
has gone to the factory.’ ‘And Abu says that you insulted
her, so you have to bring her.’ ‘Master Abu, please…
– Please bring her, sir.’ Yeah! Wake up! How did you come in?
Can’t you see that this is… …the bathroom and
I was taking a bath. How dare you! “The ‘Jat’ got robbed!” “My heart’s bird flew away.” “I have seen a very
nice girl.” “My heart’s bird flew away.” “I have seen a very
nice girl.” “What do I do now,
I am lost & I am robbed” “The ‘Jat’ got robbed!” “The ‘Jat’ got robbed!” “Hey you, you, don’t come close to me.” “Hey you, you, don’t come close to me.” “My heart’s bird flew away.” “I have seen a very
nice girl.” :What do I do now,
I am lost & I am robbed” “The ‘Jat’ got robbed.” “What to do and what
not to do!” “What to tell and what
not to tell!” “Should I live or die.
How much will I yearn?” “Let me also know
what has come over you” “Something has
definitely happened.” “What has happened
in one moment?” “Everything has changed
and I am lost.” “The ‘Jat’ got robbed.” “The ‘Jat’ got robbed.” “Don’t go away after
taking away my heart.” “You find your heart somewhere
else not with me” “I have fallen in love with you
from today” “Go away, you have gone
mad. Forget me” “I have lost my heart from the
time I saw you.” “Got robbed.” “The ‘Jat’ got robbed.” “The ‘Jat’ got robbed.” “My heart’s bird flew away” “I have seen a very
nice girl.” “Your heart has gone
after seeing a nice girl” ‘What do I do now,
I am lost & I am robbed’ “The ‘Jat’ got robbed.” “The ‘Jat’ got robbed.” “The ‘Jat’ got robbed.” “Got robbed.” “The ‘Jat’ got robbed.” “The ‘Jat’ got robbed.” “Oh, I got ruined.” “‘Jat’ got ruined.” ‘Look! Look at this! See, whom
Mukhtar Ahmed is embracing?’ He is an I.S.I. agent.
Wajid Ali. He is the main culprit of
bomb blasts. What more proof do you want? ‘Nawab, If I didn’t care about your
companies, and your reputation,…’ …then Mukhtar Ahmed would’ve
been in jail from a long time. From now on, Mukhtar won’t be
associated with Mansoorali Khan.’ Nawab… – I want to talk to
you in private. Come inside. ‘Sign these papers.
They mention that,…’ Sir.. ‘…you have supplied raw
material to terrorist group,…’ …under the cover
of Khan Fireworks. I don’t understand.
– Really? Then what is this? What is this? Do you
have an answer for this? ‘Please talk slowly, Nawab.
There are guests in the house.’ I made a big mistake! Tomorrow
is my daughter Shahana’s wedding. ‘lf my wife and kids see me in
handcuffs, they’ll commit suicide.’ ‘Have pity on me, Nawab.
Please save me.’ ‘Sir I want to… – Don’t
go inside, let them talk.’ He is my father.
– They’re talking. No need to go inside. My father is inside..
– Please don’t go in… – He needs me. God knows that I didn’t
do all this for money. ‘Only for my community, my
religion…’ Shut up! Aren’t you ashamed of mentioning
your community and religion? Do you help your
community in this way? ‘Today, because of people like you,
we are suspected first’ Before I lose my control
you sign here. ‘Have pity on me, Nawab.’ I said sign it. ‘Send Shahana, her mother
and Nazeer upstairs. – Yes.’ ‘Madam, Sir has called
both of you upstairs.’ Upstairs? ‘Father, police are here…’ Forgive me. Father!! What’s wrong with you?
Why did you kill him? What had he done? ‘Sometimes you break someone’s
arm, then you cut someone’s leg. ‘ How many times can we
handle it? ‘Mr. Srivastav, if you take his
money this time, it won’t be right.’ ‘I had told you, he
will be trouble for us.’ But you don’t understand.
A special room and facilities for him. ‘When the police arrests you,
with handcuffs, you’ll understand.’ We made a big mistake by curing
him & should have left him. We wouldn’t have to face
this if he was still sick. It is still not late. We have
done a lot for him for his money. Now don’t support him. What happens to you suddenly?
Why are you angry now? You have taken your revenge.
You have killed Nawab and his wife. Then why are you always
so short tempered? The kid is still alive. And I
can’t be at peace till he is alive. I can’t sleep. I cannot do
anything. He will have to die. God has saved me
so that I can kill him. There should be nothing left of
Nawab. I’ll kill his whole family. ‘lf the kid doesn’t die, Nawab’s
name will always be there.’ I will kill him and I
myself will stay alive. ‘lf I stay alive, my father’s
name will be carried on.’ My family will say alive.
I want to save my family. I have to kill him. I will kill him. I will kill him. I will kill him. Give me!
– Give me! Here take this. ‘Abbas, you have given your
plane to him, & it is gone.’ But we had fun today. Yeah What are you thinking? I was thinking of how to
get that man in my control. ‘He didn’t even get scared by
my dialogues. – I am scared,…’ …because we had
hit Dalda so hard. He is a He-Man, right? ‘Shut up, you are
that chimpanzee’s ally.’ ‘You know, he is very
scared of Chief nowadays.’ ‘But why is he scared,
Chief? – Just like that.’ But what did you do?
– Nothing? You must have shown
him something scary. I think you are hiding something. ‘Don’t hide & tell us, please.
– Okay, I will tell you.’ I showed him Bombay.
– Bombay? Bombay?
– Bombay? But how did he get
scared seeing Bombay. ‘When someone sees Bombay for
the first time, he gets scared.’ ‘It’s Dalda, sir. We were watching
a cricket match and got hungry.’ Why are you shivering so much?
– Can I go? – Yes. Thank you. ‘Kids, here’s some fruit for you.’ Have this. “I am the dude of Banaras.” ‘What happened?
– Dalda, did he suspect?’ How could he suspect?
I made a fool of him in a minute. He thinks he is very smart.
He was aiming with the gun. ‘I have shifted Abu from here to
there, and he doesn’t know yet.’ Make the omlette.
– What is happening? ‘Pandey, is your piles cured?
– Yes, almost.’ What are you hiding
behind your back? ‘It is medicine, sir.
– Medicine? Show.’ ‘A drink. Do you want water?
– No, sir.’ Neat. The audience have started
throwing bottles in the ground. Common people have
opposed this decision. The police will… They will appeal.
The person who can do something… …is a kid’s body guard. If I
was there I would have seen to it. ‘Right Pandey?
– Nothing, sir.’ Come here. ‘What is it? – Sir, Abu is
out of the house since morning.’ ‘What?
– Sir, Sapna had come and…’ …for the cricket match… ‘Sir, she was saying that…’ Call the fire brigade & arrange
for some more ambulances. ‘Did you call the fire
brigade? – Yes, sir. – Rajveer.’ Jai Hind, Sir. Whom are you looking for? Do you do your duty like this? You were supposed to be with
the kid 24 hours? Where were you? We have made a mistake
by calling you here. You are apt to stay in that
village and take out cow’s milk You can’t take care
of a child and talk big. Idiot! Why are you standing here like
a statue? Go home and sleep. I said go. What shall we do now? All of you sit in the car.
I’ll leave Bossy and come. Okay. ‘Henceforth, don’t ever
step into this compound.’ I have never raised
my hands on any girl. But I have taken any
oath like that You go. Sorry. Sorry. I miss you, mom. I miss you, dad. It was our mistake. Abbu’s happiness has returned
after a lot of difficulties. And we don’t want him to… ‘Sir, all this fun that we have,…’ …is only so that we
can keep Abbu happy. ‘God has taken away his
parents from him, sir.’ We are merely servants. How can we make up for
that loss? But we always try… … to make sure that he
doesn’t feel the loss. ‘Henceforth, we’ll always
do whatever you say.’ But make Abbu smile once again.
Make him happy again. Come on, come on, Dalda. What are you doing Dalda?
– Give it to me Dalda! Leave it Motu! Give it to me. Yes. Yes. Hey, give. Give me. Motu, leave. Give me. Motu. Hey, pass it. Come on, come on. Give me.
– Shall I come? Come on, come on. Hey, give. Dalda, pass here, Dalda. No Motu! Hey Motu, pass here. Pass, pass. Give me the ball. Hey Dalda. Come, come. Shit! Move, Chief. Come.
Compete with a man. Hey, hey, cheating,
cheating, cheating, cheating, cheating. What happened Chief? ‘Hey! Come on Chief, get up.
– What happened?’ You! ‘Do you know Abbas, I had come
to Mumbai with the thought that…’ …I’ll get all the
big goons here arrested. And I’ll get several
medals in return. So what? You can catch
them now. No problem.. And I’ll tell DIG uncle to
give you the medals too. Your laughter is
better than any medal. Fish, fish, fish, catch, catch. Very good! You really
caught a fish. Yes. My dad used to say… …that fishing requires
lots of patience. Hasn’t your dad taught
you fishing? No, he only taught me
how to fetch milk. How to fetch milk?
– Yes, milking.’ You used to do milking? Yes. ‘You must be looking very funny
while milking cows, right?’ Yes. – You’re so cute! ‘Do you know, from all the
milk that I used to remove,…’ …I used to drink up half of it. But papa used to get very
angry on finding out. And your mother?
– She’s no more. Oh, I see. Champion. Do you know where your
mother is? Your mother is one of the
stars up there in the sky. Find her. And can you
see those two stars? They are my parents. ‘My mother used to say
that when someone dies,…’ ‘…he becomes a star.
And all these stars,…’ …are someone’s parents. ‘And after we die,
we’ll become stars too.’ Right Champion? The fishes in Mumbai
are so sly. I couldn’t catch even
one of them. The fishes of Mumbai! ‘Not a fish, she is a crocodile.
-lf you want to catch a fish,…’ …have to attach food to the
hook too. Food? I used to feed the
cattle thrice in the village. But how is that connected with
fishes? – We have to go… … to the award function
tomorrow. Do you remember? ‘Yes, I remember.
Both of us will come.’ “Beautiful!” “Beautiful!” “Beautiful!” “Beautiful!” “Beautiful!” “He is mad after me and
roams in my path.” “Tells me that I am
in his eyes and breath.” “You will definitely come
into my arms one day” “You should pity that one after
and reduce your distances.” “Otherwise his story will be….
-No” “No” “No” “No” “No” “No” “The difficulty is that he tells me
that he’ll make me suffer in love” “lf you don’t see & love
I will sacrifice my life” “Save him and pacify & call him
and have pity on him” “No” “No” “No” “No” Come Abbas – Where?
– For alighting the flag. It will take two minutes. All stars must be falling down. All right. Well done. I planted a bomb in the
flag. That was enough! Who saved him?
He? You saved him. Fool! Overconfidence! What will you do now? He will
be surrounded by the police. What will you do? He must be laughing on you. Must
be making a joke out of you! He must be laughing on you!
Don’t spare him! ‘Don’t spare him!
No, I won’t spare him!’ Sir, it was a crude bomb. And this clearly shows that it
was the work of professionals. ‘But there is one thing.
Whoever has planted this bomb,…’ …has done it very smartly. How were the security arrangements? Normal, Sir. Because no VIP movement was there. Anyway! Malik Yes sir? – Pay more attention
to the child’s security now. Post policemen around
the entire bungalow. Provide the child with Z security. There’s no need for any
security sir. What? ‘Sir, I want the child to be
attacked again. – What nonsense?’ Just a minute. ‘Sir, we should act as
if nothing has happened.’ It should seem as if we haven’t
taken this matter seriously. So that they attack again.
And we won’t let them escape again ‘There’s something else too, sir.’ ‘lf there are policemen
surrounding this entire house,…’ …it will make the child
more afraid. Well, it sounds sensible
but it involves great risk. Give me one chance sir. Ok. What happened? – Abbas has
locked the door from inside. He’s not speaking to anybody. ‘Abbas, You are brave, right?
Why are you crying?’ ‘Someone wants to kill me, right?’ ‘Who told you that?
– I have found out,…’ …that my parents
were killed by someone. Now he’ll kill you too. What nonsense?
– Then who wants to kill me? Will he kill me?
– No one can kill you. Aren’t I here? I’ll kill him. ‘And look, everybody is with you.’ There’s Sapna. There’s Dalda. There’s Kanta.
Isn’t everybody with you? And do you want to know
who else is with you? Do you want to know
who all are with you? Do you know who they are?
Go to them. Tell them that you are starting
all factories again tomorrow. Go! “Who rang the anklets?” “All the dancing airs are singing.” “The anklets are ringing
since you are coming.” “One girl’s eyes are telling
me she likes me” “One girl’s eyes are telling
me she likes me” “But I don’t know why she
is afraid to talk of love” “But I don’t know why she
is afraid to talk of love” “Tell me how I should
explain this to that mad girl” “One boy’s eyes are telling me
that he likes me.” “But I don’t why a girl
is feeling shy” “But I don’t why a girl
is feeling shy” Tell me how this should
be explained to that mad girl “I do not know why
that girl is so stubborn” “May that is his
character” “Why is anger is stuck
in her nose.” “Why is that boy also
stubborn in his words?” “I should not come and jump into
some well tomorrow” “I should not come and jump into
some well tomorrow” “Somebody tell me,
how I should explain to this mad one” “What does that
boy think of me” “Explain to that girl
that the boy is very good” “Tell that boy
that he knows nothing” “Tell that girl not
to do too much fuss” “Somebody should show him
face in the mirror’ “Somebody should show him
face in the mirror’ “Somebody tell me how
to explain to this mad one” “One girl’s eyes are telling me” “That he likes me.” “One boy’s eyes are telling me” “That she likes me.” “But I don’t why a girl
is feeling shy” “But I don’t know why she
is afraid to talk of love” “Tell me how I should
explain this to that mad girl” Just one photo. Thank you. Congratulations Abu! Thank you. Hello Baba.
– Hello sir. You all will be happy to know
that our sealed factory will … … be inaugurated by Master Abu.
Please come. Hey! – What are you doing? ‘Yes, that it.’ ‘We’ve got him, sir.
He is the one.’ Take it’s print out.
And find out his details. You want to meet him?
– Yes. Listen! Yes, sir. Get Nazir from
Isolation Ward no. 3. ‘Nazir, the police has come.’ He is the one who is attacking
Abbas and trying to kill him. He is trying to kill? Your police officer surely
has some misunderstanding. Here is his case file. ‘The man who can’t walk,
who can’t talk properly.’ And whose hands are disabled
and can’t eat on his own ‘And the one who has attempted
suicide several times…’ …how can he try to kill someone.
This seems to be ridiculous. His is mentally ill.
and he is mad And we tie him with chains
and lock him in a cell. Maybe I was mistaken? Its ok, Rajveer, let’s go. Brain is a unique thing. Even if it works
well it gives trouble. It gives more trouble
if it is not well. ‘Your hands were crippled,
and couldn’t eat, isn’t it?’ You couldn’t even stand properly
on your legs! ‘You are mad, isn’t it?’ I will cure you. You won’t be cured
by electric shocks. You need special treatment. And I will give you
that special treatment. You want to kill that
innocent child! Will you beat me more
than this? Can you! Don’t waste your energy. ‘You have come here from far
for small salary of Rs. 2,000.’ Isn’t it?
Then what is your problem? ‘You have your service,
salary and Sapna.’ Get settled. ‘You may try your best,
I won’t spare him.’ There’s always a small
distance between us. Do you know why? ‘Because you always think
below, i.e. from your heart.’ And I think from above
that is from my brains That is why today you are
in the lock up and I’m out. Shall I go? ‘Please come, sir.
See for yourself.’ He was furious.
He would kill Nazir today. Please come and see. We have
locked him with great difficulty. He would kill Nazir
if we had not locked him. This man is lying and is involved
in this. Nazir is not mad He is lying.
– He has gone mad. ‘Take action against him,
otherwise I’ll …’ You are lying! ‘Rajveer, leave him.’ ‘He has said that
his hands are crippled,…’ … he can’t walk.
It is all lies. I saw him eating with his hands. Why don’t you speak?
Speak! ‘Sir, Nazir will go there.
and will kill Abbas.’ Make them open this door.
He will kill the child. Please make them open this.
– Nazir has not gone anywhere. He is here. Get me released.
– Leave him. Leave! Nazir has not gone anywhere.
He is here. ‘Please come, I’ll show you.
– Release him.’ He was saying that Nazir
has escaped from here? ‘He has not gone anywhere.
Look, there he is.’ Look what he has done to him
by beating him mercilessly! He has gone mad. This officer had come in
the morning. We had told him in detail that
Nazir is totally crippled. Even then look how
mercilessly he has beaten him. ‘Look, sir! He is beating
him again.’ He will die. Stop him! ‘Stop him!
-Sir, he will kill him.’ ‘Rajveer, what are you doing?’
Stop it. ‘Rajveer, leave him!’ ‘Don’t just watch, stop him!’ Rajveer stop. He is beating him more!
He will die! ‘Help!
Sir, do something.’ Stop it! Stop this madness! Get up! Put him in the lock up.
– Yes sir. You search there. ‘And you look upstairs.
– Yes, sir.’ Where is the child?
– Upstairs. And you?
– I’m Inspector Shinde. Today onwards we are
posted here. Where is Rajveer?
– He has been suspended. Suspended? ‘Inspector, lock it.’ ‘Sir, listen!
He will kill the child.’ ‘Sir, why don’t you listen to me?
All the doctors are with him.’ He must’ve reached there.
Abbas is alone! ‘Open this, sir!’ Hello. – Hello. ‘Is D.I.G. Malik at home?
– No, he is not at home.’ ‘When will he be back? – I don’t
know, you call in the morning.’ Hey! Who …? Who is that? Abbas. Abbas. Abbas. Where are you? Abbas. Don’t be afraid of me. Your parents have
sent me to take you. ‘Abbas, they miss you a lot.’ ‘Even you miss them a lot,
isn’t it?’ Dalda, Dalda. Dalda, Dalda. ‘No, Malik.
I don’t want to hear anything.’ Do you know if this matter
goes to the high authorities …? Please listen to me. You just shut up, just shut up! You fool! ‘Terminate him, and send him
back to Patiala.’ He is not capable
for being in the police. No! You all are not worth
being in the police. He fooled all of you. Open the lock or I’ll
shoot him. ‘Rajveer, do you realize
what you are doing?’ I can do anything for the child. No! No! Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me! No. Don’t kill me! No! Abbas! Child! Abbas! Where is the doctor?
-First floor Just a minute. Abbas! You are in the hospital. Doctor..
– Oh my God, this is an emergency. Nurse, nurse,
quickly to the operation theatre. Quick, quick, move. Nice and easy,
easy into the operation theatre. That’s it, nice and easy. – Very good. Please wait outside,
please wait outside, right. Nurse, operation, quick. Doctor, clean the wound, stethoscope
keep that.. be ready. Blood group, check quickly, please. Scissors please. Doctor. – The child is fine,
don’t worry. I couldn’t do anything. I tried my best. He killed everybody. Abbas will be all right. You all deserve just one
punishment. You all should be made to stand
in a queue and shot dead Greetings!
An important announcement! A dreadful man is present in
Mumbai city and is insane He also has dreadful weapons.
This man’s name is Nazir… … who entered a farm house
and killed several people. Abbas, Abbas. Abbas.. No! No! No! No! No! Abbas. Abbas. No! No!
Don’t kill me! No!
Don’t kill me! ‘You are safe. I’m the doctor,
these are nurses. ‘ You are in the hospital.
Calm down. Sedative, nurse. Sedative please. Abbas, Abbas. Doctor, Abbas. – Just relax,
he is absolutely all right. He will be absolutely all right. Come, come. Why was he screaming? Would you please relax?
Would you just please relax? But why did you …
-I will explain to you everything. He is a child. – I know that.
But we had to do this. Would you please let me explain? Thank you. ‘Actually, soon after gaining his
conscious and started screaming, …’ Don’t kill me! ‘He is very frightened, and is not
able to recognize anybody.’ Now you kindly tell me
what has exactly happened? What are you doing? He will recognize me. ‘As soon as he opens his eyes,
he’ll see me & become all right.’ ‘He needs me, not you.’ Kinsley Fork wants to eat. Abbas. Abbas Abbas No! – I’m Rajveer.
– Don’t kill me. I’m Rajveer.
– No! It’s me. – No!
– Listen to me. Abbas! – No! No! Leave me.
-It’s me. I’m Raj…. Don’t kill me! It’s me. Don’t kill me! ‘Recognize me! It’s me.
– No, leave me.’ Come on, quick,
follow me, come on, come on, come on. Abbas, Abbas, it’s me – No, leave me! What are you doing?
– I’m Rajveer. Cheerfully..
– Doctor, Abbas.. Rajvir. Every face seems to be
the killer’s face for him … … because he is
obsessed by that image. The child is suffering from
post-traumatic stress disorder. What does it mean, doctor? Anything is possible. He may lose his voice.
He may become mad. Which treatment is needed? ‘According to me, there is
only one way to save the child.’ Somehow we have to clear this
incident from the child’s mind. We have to wipe out that image. lf the child is made to believe
that the cause of his fear… ‘… is over, then perhaps we
can save him.’ ‘Doctor, how can this be done?’ Well, we have to come up with something. ‘Whatever is to be done,
it has to be done fast.’ Because the child is in trouble. No! No! No! Don’t kill me! Champion… he dead?
Has he died? ‘Yes Dr. Karande, you are right.’
Child is completely out of shock. The child is completely out
of shock. Abbas is absolutely normal.
He is sleeping peacefully. ‘Sir, now you transfer the real
killer to some other city jail’ Exactly the same will be done, doctor. ‘That is what we will do, doctor.
He will soon be in our custody.’ What? He will be! What do you mean by ‘he
will be’? You mean you did so much
without arresting the killer? It was important to arrest the
killer before doing all this. The child’s recovery
was more important. ‘And then, you all only had said
that there is only one solution.’ ‘That the incident, the image,
had to be erased from his mind.’ I could only think
of this and I did it. The child has recovered.
– You don’t understand. Your plan has increased
the risk to the child …. … and made the task
of that killer easier. ‘Now he only has to come before
the child once, that’s all.’ “Champion!” “Champion!” “I there any one overjoyed &
ecstatic like him” “Champion!” “Champion!” “I there any one overjoyed &
ecstatic like him” “One who steals the hearts,
makes you your own” “And does magic too.” “He can melt all & pacifies all
and removes all the difficulties.” “Where is the champion
like him?” “Where is the champion
like him?” “Where is the champion
like him?” “His heart is delicate like
a flower.” “Everybody mingles with his
colours.” “He did whatever he
has promised.” “Where is the Champion
like him?” “Where is the champion
like him?” “Where is the champion
like him?” “He never stops and never
drops his eyes before the enemy” “He is so enthusiastic that the
whole world runs after him” “Where is a champion
like him?” “Where is the champion
like him?” “Where is the champion
like him?” “I there any one overjoyed &
ecstatic like him” “One who steals the hearts,
makes you your own” “And does magic too.” “He can melt all & pacifies all
and removes all the difficulties.” “Where is the champion
like him?” “Where is the champion
like him?” “Where is the champion
like him?” “Where is the champion
like him?” “Where is the champion
like him?” “Where is the champion
like him?” Ok. ‘Abbas, Not like that.’ ‘Wow! It’s so tasty. But
Champion, you told me that…’ …your father only
taught you to fetch milk. But you even cook well.
What a surprise! Shall I give you another surprise?
-Will you dance and show me? No. ‘Tickets for Waterpark,
Disneyland. Wah!’ But there are only two
tickets here. ‘Mine and Sapna’s. Where is your
ticket, Champion?’ ‘I have urgent work,
I will join you later.’ Is it very urgent?
– Yes. ‘Alright, you finish your work,
we’ll all go together then.’ Yes! Yes! Come on! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes, yes, one lac points,
come on, come on, one lac. Yes, come on, turn, turn, turn, yes. Come on, come on, come on. ‘Champion, interesting game.
Want to play?’ Yes come on.. ‘No, you play.
– Then watch.’ Come on. Come on.. ‘I made so many points,
but you didn’t say anything.’ What kind of a friend are you? ‘You are my friend, aren’t you?
– Yes, of course!’ Then will you listen to me? You
and Sapna leave for America … There you go again! I said
we will go together. That’s all! ‘Look …
– No, no, no!’ We’ll go together. Don’t be stubborn. I said you are
going means you are going! ‘I will not go! If you don’t
come along, I will not go!’ And that’s my order!
-What order? Am I your slave? Have you bought me that I
will do everything as you say? That I will take you around
in my arms all my life? ‘I had come here to do
my duty, which is over.’ My duty is in another
area from tomorrow … … so I will not come
here from tomorrow. You are posted somewhere
else from tomorrow … … isn’t that why you are
sending me to America? Go Go. Thanks for saving me. Thanks for saving my life, Champion. Why? Are you ashamed
to meet my eyes? ‘You are posted somewhere
else from tomorrow, isn’t it?’ Then go. You had only
come here to do your duty. You had come here for
the child’s security. Your duty is over now.
You have saved the child. Now go! ‘lf you had to go like this, why
did you create a bond with him?’ Why did you allow
him to get close to you? Why did you maintain
this fake friendship? You only pretended to love him. I have realised today that
you are just a police officer. Only an ordinary police officer
who does his duty for a salary. Nazeer is alive.
– What?!! But you had killed him. All that was just an act
because we had to cure Abbas. You had seen Abbas’s condition. lf he comes to know now
that Nazeer is alive he will die So we want to send Abbas away
so that we can kill Nazeer. ‘lf Abbas stays here, we cannot
even publish his photo …’ … in the newspaper
or broadcast it on television. That is why I want you to take
Abbas and go away from here. ‘Bossy, whatever Rajveer
said was in anger.’ ‘He is not going anywhere,
he will live with us.’ But he has urgent work. Why don’t we leave for
America first… … and he will join us soon
there. I have told him that.
-Even you have joined him? He will not come. ‘You go with him,
leave me alone.’ ‘Sapna, take him upstairs.’ You all go inside.
And switch on all the lights. Ashok! Sawant! Pawar! ‘Ashok, Sawant, Pawar,
where are you all?’ Who is that? Ashok? Sawant?
– They are all dead. Honestly! I don’t pretend
to kill anyone like you do. ‘Even you have begun to act
smart nowadays, haven’t you?’ Looking for me?
You’ll not be able to find me. ‘Confront me, you coward!’ Why did you lie to the kid?
You told him I am dead. But I am alive. ‘Now when the kid
sees me, he will die.’ ‘You want to play, don’t you?’ ‘Then come on, let’s play.’ ‘By swimming across to him,
you did not save him.’ ‘Only I didn’t kill him. If I
wanted, I could have killed him.’ Like this! What are you thinking about?
The game has begun outside. Run! Run! ‘Are you alright, Pandey?’ ‘Sapna, Abbas,
come down immediately!’ Go out quickly! All of you get in the car! ‘Pandey, come!’ Take him to the hospital quickly. Will Pandey die? ‘No, he will recover in a
few days and return home.’ Sapna has taken him to hospital.
Even we are going there. ‘Champion, who is doing
all this?’ The thing is that ….. ‘Champion, he is alive.’ No.
– Nazeer is alive. I had killed Nazeer in hospital
right before your eyes. ‘You had seen that, hadn’t you?
You want me to come to…’ ‘…America with you, don’t you?
I’ll come with you.’ Abbas…are you alright? See! You yourself
brought him to me. That too at the right place
In a cemetery. Every story comes to an
end here. ‘Look, this is his father’s grave,
and this is his mother’s.’ And this…this one is for him. Is the size of the grave right? Size? It is smaller by one foot
up and one foot down. ‘Abbas….No, Abbas.’ Abbas.. Abbas.. Abbas.. Abbas.. Abbas.. Abbas.. Abbas.. No Abbas.. Abbas.. Abbas.. Champion! “Where is the champion
like him?” “Where is the champion
like him?” “Where is the champion
like him?” “His heart is delicate like
a flower.” “Everybody mingles with his
colours.” “He did whatever he
has promised.” “Where is the Champion
like him?” “Where is the Champion
like him?” “Where is the Champion
like him?”


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