Cheap and Easy RV Hacks!

Hello! Ben and Rebecca here with His and
Hers Alaska. And today we’re gonna share our favorite RV hacks with you…..If you
don’t know what a hack is; It’s something that makes life easier for you. So let’s
get started and we’ll show you our favorite ones….. We’re going to get things
started up here in the front of the motorhome. We pulled out the old-style
TV that took up all this space and we were very pleasantly surprised by a 12
volt cigarette lighter outlet. And there’s also regular old plug in back
there. Some people with woodworking talents could make something really cool
here. But we store our Yeti power inverter box and a catch-all basket. And
down here, we have our Wilson signal booster. What this does, is ahh…boosts our cellphone signals so we’re able to camp further out into the middle of nowhere.
You might be wondering what we use since we got rid of the old boob tube. Well we
found a 12 volt DVD TV combination. This plays into another little hack that we
have. We’re big movie fans in this RV and we live in Alaska. Where we’re not
necessarily at RV parks and hooked up to cable. So…… We take a lot of DVDs with us and we have two of these DVD cases to keep our collection. Since we’re talking
about 12-volt TVs, we’ve gotten to be big fans of 12 volts. And in order to be able
to utilize all of those things, we have to have places to plug them in. The TV
here gets plugged into the dash. We also installed two outlets up above the fans
for our cameras. Ben was also really nice and put one on on the passenger side
for me so I can plug my devices in when we’re driving.We also installed one in
the kitchen. It’s a 2 port as well. We have a 12-volt crock pot and the next
thing on my wish list is a 12-volt blender so I can make my smoothies in
the morning. Last place that we installed additional 12 volts is on each side of
our beds. So we have his and her plug ins. And it really was nice because prior to
this we’d have to plug our phones and tablets and stuff like that into the
front up by the dash. And we couldn’t use it for alarm clocks or look at it when
we laid in bed at night. One of the things that used to drive me crazy when
we were riding as the Navigator, was that I have a map out here, a tablet with
Google Maps, my phone, my computer for work……The list goes on… And this stuff was just everywhere on my side of the dash. We found these matching baskets and I’ll
show you the other ones throughout the rest of the RV. But this one stays up
here on the dash. We put something to make it so it doesn’t slide underneath.
And we can store all of the things that we need when we’re driving. Like
navigation type tools up here and keep it nice and neat. Since it’s just the two
of us in the RV, we had a lot of wasted space on the Settees and the back
corners. So I found these two baskets. One we usually store food type items in
and the other one we store paperwork type stuff in. It keeps everything in place
and it doesn’t shift around while we’re driving. The last place that we use one
of these baskets is here in the corner of our kitchen. This was terribly wasted
space because everything would roll around if we put stuff back there. But
now we can put fruits and other produce. And we can also store bread back here.
The more you drive down the road in one of these things, the more you realize you
need spaces that contain items. We take vitamins and so we did find this little
basket from one of the major box stores. We velcroed it to our settee table so that
it won’t slide and we’re able to store all of our vitamins in here. I have a
similar basket on my bedside table for books and lotion and my candle. I’m not
sure you’d necessarily call this a hack. It’s something you find in almost every
kitchen. But our RV didn’t come with one from the factory. And there was an ugly
plastic one in here when we bought it. So we replaced it with a pretty paper towel
holder….. Our next hack solves the problem of what to do with all these damn shoes??!!….
So we went into a box store and we found a regular old coat hook rack. It works
great and fortunately there was wood inside of this couch that I was able to
drill holes into and secure this. One of our friends, Generic Ramblings they helped us by getting
a coat rack that had a little shelf on the top. They have said the shelf isn’t
quite as cool as they thought it’d be. Because things are never really secure
on there but it is nice to have. If we had to do it over again, we would
probably get one with the shelf. We also have a fetish for the command hooks. And we use these to store keys or dog poop bags. And then up here, we have hooks for
coats on this wall and this wall…. The bathroom is one place you really have to
make the most of your storage and counter space. So we installed a
toothbrush and toothpaste holder that will work for our electric toothbrushes.
It drove me nuts to have to reorganize everything every time we drove. So I
found these little clear plastic things at a box store. And we’re able to stack
stuff in there and it doesn’t fly all over the place. We also were able to keep
q-tips, face wipes and dental floss in these little cups and not have the
entire package out here in the medicine cabinet……. Moving on into the shower and enclosed bathroom of our motorhome. We decided to upgrade our shower curtain
rod. This is awesome! So you ever go to a hotel and they got that curved shower
curtain rod and it just feels like you have so much elbow room in there?… Well, this does it for your RV. It makes you feel like you have a lot more room in
here…. And we also got this curtain. It’s a regular household shower curtain. But we
cut it so it was more appropriately sized for the motorhome. You’ve probably
heard of oxygenics shower heads…. Yeah! They are that good!
So totally just spend the 20 bucks and get it fixed. It makes a night and day
difference for showering in your motorhome. Then you can also see our
command hook fetish. Going all the way through here into the bathroom…. All of the walls. What this does, is it’s great for drying swimsuits and stuff like that
after you’ve been out playing in the water…… Moving into the bedroom……. We got rid
of that cheesy accordion style room divider. And….. Got a regular curtain panel
and trimmed it up a little so it fit the space here. And this is a
regular old rod from a box store. And we have a more decorative nicer looking room divider. There’s several hacks here in the
bedroom. But we made a separate video about how to get a better night’s sleep.
So I’m just gonna quickly share them with you. Make your bed longer by getting
a four by six inch block of foam and putting it down there. When you sleep
fill in the gaps with another four by six block af foam.Charge your phone’s
off the 12-volt power. Right here on your bedside!
Don’t lose your remote to your 12-volt TV DVD player…..So from a girl’s
perspective you need places to store stuff. And there’s not always enough room in RV cabinets. So we installed a two drawer little plastic cabinet in a
basket that I mentioned earlier for all my nightstand type stuff. And I keep my
makeup and jewelry and stuff like that in little drawers. The question every
girl has to answer where to put your shoes?… So I was able to find this at
Camping World and hang it under the bed. There’s a lip that covers it so you
don’t catch your feet or anything like that.That I’m able to store a minimum of
eight pairs of shoes because it wraps all the way around my side of the bed…..
We hope these RV hacks help you get a little more comfortable and make life a
little bit easier in your coach! Thanks for watching. Be sure to subscribe to our
Channel and follow our adventures. Share with your friends, comment below and most importantly…. Enjoy the ride!

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