Cheburek on Boris street – Bulgaria vacation
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Cheburek on Boris street – Bulgaria vacation

Ukraine airlines? Hope they have in-flight borsch Eugh, what kind of next level pizdec? “Do not walk outside” Blin, what kind of circus clowns fly this plane if they need warning like that? So this is latch for opening window or what? Complete debil So once I arrive in super gopnik city of Varna And wave of high rise apartment buildings cover my view I am greeted by Igor: our bus driver Igor… is a happy man But sometimes he drink too much dishwashing liquid Or maybe it is coloured jet fuel, I don’t know We get on bus and Igor start driving We have small stop at the pristigashi We switch to different bus and start driving… to the beach I never knew Bulgaria was such a sh- Uhh… I mean, Slav paradise After many more minutes of Igor’s driving We arrive in beautiful old hotel The only one fit for a Slav king As I found out later on: it was built in 1957 The same year as Sputnik-1 was launched And just like Sputnik, my vacation was just taking off In reception they say: “Hello Boris” “How are you doing? Please, have this discount voucher for rakija” “and please, enjoy your vacation” And bliiin how enjoyable it was Absoloutely blyatiful what I need now, is a drink! If this place also not have shashlik… I will be very disappointed But after no more than 3 minutes of searching I find… the one thing missing in my life: the shashlik We also order some traditional Bulgarian- uh… meat kompot And of course huge plate of meat for Boris Including one whole stick of shashlik We also get some beers that are not as cheap as you would expect But shop price you will like, more of that very soon And as a fan did suggest some Burgas 63 to wash it all down and some green juice that I have still no idea what is After that I have idea: Buy some semechki, go to beach but since beach was completely pitch black I decide to go for personalised beach experience right in hotel Next morning I wake up, I realise: what a nice Slavic hotel! Some gopnik touches added here and there to make it feel more like home Every wall has wallpaper, and every floor has a carpet that is Slav paradise! Zebra pattern chair especially for Boris for… some cheeki breeki action People somehow assume I travel alone I never travel alone! That would just be sad! Poland, Slovakia… Czech Republic Always with some friend or some company you know… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Now beach was open and Boris ready for relaxation But before, did a bit of last minute editing on my last video and saw my videos getting demonetised Good job, YouTube I wonder if they’re going to demonetise this video as well for showing the warm weather, maybe it is oppressive… for some Northern countries At time of editing this video… 50 of my popular videos, got demonetised for no reason at all… So instead of showing me drinking Here is some seagulls: having bath in the pool Welcome to the end my friends, enjoy the ride! If you have not seen my language lesson of Bulgarian please go watch it right now and you will learn some useful phrases for when you’re going to haggle with the shop owners when buying your fake Ad- Uh… wait, I can not say that brand those videos got demonetised too so I am going to say… Sadibass …or Labidas You know, the company with thr- four stripes You see Dabidas? This is what it has come to You know, maybe I should just swap out all my clothing for Weslav instead You know, official Slav brand clothing Owned and run by Boris – the Slav Superstar Go check it out! But as I have said when you’re trying to buy your fake brand clothing from the shops in- markets in Bulgaria not exactly shops Then you can always say: “NO” “I am not paying 15 Leva for one hat” or some fake jewellery And you say: “HEY! 3 Leva for these gloves!” And they say: “NO!” And you say: “YES! 3 LEVA” And they say: “Okay :(” And the same goes with these fake bags everybody know this is fake! And that is why you must remember: never to pay more than 10 Leva! And these fake Sadimas Which of course I did buy 15 Leva for one hoodie? Of course! Sign me up! So when you’re going to Bulgaria… and I know you are not Check out black hoodie with gold stripes running across head Ay blyat Of course this being a Slav country there is wide variety of Slav food pelmeni, some syrnik cheburek Some tasty golden onion rings to go with your beer- -coloured kvass But when you do visit be sure to pick up some rakija It is by far most important thing I bought in this whole trip Opa! But is not only thing you should check out in store Because if you want some cheap food of course you buy from shop just like me Initiating Boris shopping sequence in 3…2… Bread Opa! Bread is necessary cornerstone for many healthy breakfasts Like bread soup Breaded bread and of course buterbrod But no buterbrod is complete without literally translates as cow lubricant Yes, you lubricate bread Make sure to add so much that you can feel it in your That you can feel it back of your throat No wait that sounds dirty On top of it- or how ever you pronounce in Bulgarian Oooooh Cat food Opa blya Smells like cat food This video sponsored by nobody at all Except fans from Patreon – THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Keep sending the money, I keep giving the CHEEKI BREEKI Sounds like fair deal? Yes it does Yes! Children’s pashtet best pashtet! I do hope it is made for children not made by children Wait why am I adding butter again? So for this butterbrod we are adding …some kind of sausage For Slav country it is very strange I not find Doctor’s sausage in store because as everybody know from my butterbrod video Doctor’s sausage Is most important part of sandwich so this was Florentiner sausage with cheese and mayonez not my favourite Better wash it down with more sausage You see, fish carcass with mayonez should be official food of channel of Life of Boris Mm looking good Cranberry cheese.. what is next? Strawberry flavoured cheburek maybe? Definitely not for me And what is this? Tovarish Biskvit is coming out to play Well, for product named “Mirage” you really have to expect something And, uh Oh would you look at that Turkish delight or do you call it Bulgarian delight here? Mm taste very Delightful …and then went to fill up on some shashlik Some prices in every menu have been blurred out so you possibly cannot know what the price is You think is 14? NO IS 55! Oh my taxi has arrived I get on the taxi and he show me around so we drive into woods Normal and some guy start following us And I say “GO GO there is some guy!” and he say “No is…” “is Mikhail” and so Mikhail follow us for whole road Other than that very nice taxi man we do many stops I say I want to pick some corn, he say “ok” he say “Bring me some too” I say okay I never before see corn field, so is very interesting But most beautiful sight of whole trip definitely was fields and fields of semechki Mama is this heaven? Ready to be taken and of course I did Fresh semechki right off the flower That was a glorious day For the Life of Boris So, Bulgaria not bad place to live at all if I could I would move to the sunny beaches and the fields of semechki today! But I cannot Not yet But if you are planning to visit check out the super cheap food, drink, hotels everything The beaches very nice almost always is free Well sometimes is free but I guess sometimes paying for beaches is not so bad Also, if you are ever in Varna Check out this charcoal themed pub everything is absolutely free but I do not think their food taste very good Also, the TV reception was horrible Eh? What is this now? No money for TV reception just show Life of Boris videos – is completely free Also if you are in Varna, check out Boris street definitely most Slav in whole country because you see there is benches for squatting Discount shoe store for when you have squat too much Suit store they have tracksuits in back ask for Boris they will hook you up Some optics store for when you are hard of vision and need better sight to identify Western spies I do not remember this part Some blyatiful street art Of course there is video surveillance so I can upload any cheeki breeki that has been going on to YouTube and a sign that said “No drinking water” right next to drinking fountain just to confuse people Here is Boris national bank where I keep all my recipes very secret Right next to that is a big wall where you can write whatever you want to do in your life If you ever visit go write “squat” and send me picture because Boris approve Well it seems fans have arrived And if you do plan to visit check out “Golden Sands” for a nice relaxing Slav vacation Well thank you for watching, my friends I hope you enjoyed this video as much as I did At this point we are very close to 900,000 subscribers and for this I have very big announcement in November there is launching no, not Sputnik-3 although that would be a good name for it No we are launching Life of Boris Superslav THE GAME! So you better get ready also here is one sneeki breeki little bit of concept art for you more information about game very soon but until then stay cheeki breeki, my friends and I will see you next time!


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