Cherry Blossoms in Shinjuku Gyoen Park 2016 (Solo Bento Picnic)

hi everybody I’m in Shinjuku today and I am going to go do Shinjuku Gyoen Park unfortunately once again it’s a cloudy day but we’re going to buy some bento and enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms before we go to the park we’re stopped by Family Mart the convenience store to get something to eat so they can have a small picnic okay so here I’m a 7-eleven once again looking for dessert to take to my picnic that looks yummy this is Kubota me dashi down I think I’m gonna get me down I sit down go I feel like you guys should go high that time to look for a drink then go very traditional I’m gonna get tea I get 7/11 tea I think I’m gonna get one sabi salt that’s something else maybe wasabi shriek it wasabi okay I’ll get this one hi so here we are at Shinjuku co-ed now the only thing is that alcohol is prohibited here at Shinjuku Gyoen Park that’s okay if you don’t drink alcohol as you can see there are a lot of people even on a weekday because it’s I could a season here’s a bag check they’re checking for alcohol and so baggage it has business checks here’s the main gate Shinjuku gate so let’s go in okay we’re inside the park and now it is time to look for places and eat so look at this I can are the cherry blossom trees so this is really beautiful and the great thing is that there’s not that many people know usually on the weekends Teresa Cassese here this place is crammed with people and it’s so crowded and that’s why I like to come on the weekdays looks like all the good spots are taken I think maybe I’ll sit below this tree that’s not a cherry blossom because no one’s sitting below this stream so I decide not to sit under the tree because it’s a bit muddy and cold so I’m gonna sit myself right down here on this grassy patch right there because I have a really beautiful view of the secular trees in the back so here’s my lunch everybody my drink my jacobi snack my meat aloshy dango and my Saba makunoichi bento okay so this is my jaga be with yama wasabi combo which is mountain wasabi and seaweed flavor he’s like fried potatoes let’s Chara mmm like taste the wasabi thank you my head my food my food yeah let’s try this one let’s get hmm oh hi hmm good food I have to say 7-eleven does really well with their food recommended I recommend almost any other bentos at 7:00 you love it we done go dessert by the way we made this in a video kind of the simple version of this whoa check that out if you’re interested all right here’s my metallicy dango usually it’s on sticks but this one is made very convenient and their individual document look at that I I don’t know who I’m looking at but it’s really good oh yeah oh look at that I’ve always loved the pedals on the ground I think that’s really beautiful what do you guys think don’t you think it’s beautiful beautiful yeah each record unless she was letting me get nigga what looky that wraps up this video hope you guys enjoyed the beautiful circular trees here in Shinjuku Karin Park I will definitely be climbing back during an under season and yeah hopefully you guys enjoyed it thanks for watching and see you guys soon bye

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