Chiniot, my homeland, the historical city of Chiniot, Best places to Visit, Vlog#4
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Chiniot, my homeland, the historical city of Chiniot, Best places to Visit, Vlog#4

I dont get frightened you are walking like somethings gonna happen. Stop here. be careful. I just bought that power bank. (Phone vibrating) Helo! Ya Im awake im awake no no im not asleep! im Awake Come fast we have to make the vlog Im ready man I have taken the bath. OK
Come come (phone Vibrating) helo be there in two minutes man! okay coming Lets go (Chiniot) Asslam o Alaikum every one! Todays vlog is for Chiniot and I have reached Chiniot from Lahore Exams have ended and I have come home after
the exams and today ill show you in this vlog that how
beautiful Chiniot is and how much it is historical there are historical places here and different beautiful places such as in my back you can see this bridge this was made by the british about 100 years ago
and still it is intact train passes from here and the scene is love and theres a river behind me as you can all see no Prob man the Phone is Water proof! just hold this I cant swim man So check this out
its my first time here im a resident of Chiniot from my childhood
but i have com here for the first time. It was this guy’s Idea Look at this Moreover Chiniot is also famous for its sufism the tomb shown in this video is the Sain Sukh tomb
Also known as Sheesh Mahal in the local Language Sheesh Mahal Because the walls and the ceiling
is made from glass the gemstones and mirrors are crafted on the
walls which give a beautiful scenery the 3rd thing is the furniture of chiniot that is made by hands no Machinery is used in the designing but its just the woodwork by hands Right now im sitting in the courtyard of Badshahi Mosque Chiniot this Mosque was built about 400 years from now this mosque is a replica of Badshahi Mosque Lahore and it is a symbol of Chiniot As time passed and due to the government’s
missmanagement the mosque has been damaged alot and it needs renovation
If the government helps us the Badshahi Mosque can be made a great tourist spot. RIght now Im standing in front of the Omar
Hayat Mahal. I didnt know that chiniot has such a beautiful
historical place . I have seen it for the first time in my life
but after watching it from inside Im really shocked. So lets go Inside and watch it. The city of Chiniot is a Small Lukhnow of
Pakistan according to the history The real nawabs of Chiniot are chinioti Sheikh
Manoo, Maggoo and sehgal. You have come to the Omar Hayat Mehal
Visit the narrow streets of Chiniot sometime the old houses built in the old city are actually
palaces. Theres a Mohalla Kalkatti, the residents of
which had business in Kalkata At that time the fare of train was 2 Rupees
and it was the British Reign. So Omar Hayat was one of them
whos Business was in Kalkata and his hometown was Chiniot He earned wealth and Married in Pindi Bhattiyan A son and daughter were born in his house so He made a palace for their living in 14 marlas and 5 stories with staggering beauty. this happiness was’nt permanent and he died
after the 5 years of making this palace. He is buried in the nearby graveyard His son also died after some time His mother said that he couldnt live in this
palace in his life so he should be buried in the palace so that he could live here. But there are two graves? yeah after a year the mother also died and
she was buried beside her son The palace became a tomb. In 1991 a deputy commissioner Muhammad Ather
Tahir and Dr. Muhammad Amjad Saqib and the chairman of muinciplaity took it under the hold of government and converted the palace to a library. Now its a library of the city and a tourist
spot. This is the toilet of that era. this is the ‘Jharoka’ The special thing If you watch it from bottom to upside the beauty of this is taken from a peacock just like a peacock is standing in front of
you spreading its wings. This was made by a great crafter Ilahi Bakhsh
Pirjha He said that I see the things in my dreams
and make this to wood, the next day It means that he was so much absorbed in his
work that he only thought of his work and someone called it like it is poetry in
the wood. Its doors open from inside lets take a closer
look to that. The doors open like a flower’s petals.
if all of them open they make a great view. watch that there are Eyes made on the outside
and on the inside they made hearts. It tells us how the work is done by heart
and mind. *THE WAY TO THE HIll* the lion I showed you from Omar Hayat Mahal looks like this from close. and we have reached the hill that we were
watching from there. theres a great scene. there are clouds and we couldnt see the sun. So we have come up here and the stone that
looked like a lion from the other side seems to be a monkey from this side. A monkey’s face. look at that so, The view from here is the most beautiful View
of chiniot. nothing is better and just behind me. So it sums up
That chiniot is a real tourist spot. you should visit it once in your life. They say Jinne Lahore Nai Vekheya Oh Jameya
e nai Jinne Chiniot nai Vekheya, te fer ki vekheya? This ends up my vlog
Thank you very much for Watching Make sure you subscribe to My channel
and Peace out.


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