Christmas Vacation (10/10) Movie CLIP – Squirrel! (1989) HD
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Christmas Vacation (10/10) Movie CLIP – Squirrel! (1989) HD

[screaming] Quiet! Shut up! Ooh! Aah!
Aah! Shh! Shh! Shh! Mom, don’t move. We can’t let it get out
of the living room. Where’s eddie? He usually eats
these goddamn things. Oh, not recently, clark. He read that squirrels
were high in cholesterol. Thank you,
catherine. I’ll try and trap it. Russ! Right here, dad. Oh, there you are. Go get the hammer. Clark, what do you
need a hammer for? I’m going to catch
it in the coat And smack it
with the hammer. Aah!
Ohh. I’m going in
with him. Nora? Nora. Is he gone? Probably got scared and
ran back into the tree. Squirrel! Aah! Aah! You just March
right over there And slug that creep
in the face. I can’t just
attack someone. All right, then.
If you’re not man enough To put an end to
this shit, then I am! Aah!


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