Christmas Vacation (2/10) Movie CLIP – The Griswold Family Christmas Tree (1989) HD
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Christmas Vacation (2/10) Movie CLIP – The Griswold Family Christmas Tree (1989) HD

Made pretty good time. [wolf howls] Russ: Dad, didn’t they
invent christmas tree lots So people wouldn’t have to drive
all the way out to nowhere And waste a whole Saturday? They invented them,
russ, Because people
forgot how to have A fun, old-fashioned
family christmas And are satisfied With scrawny, dead
overpriced trees That have
no special meaning. Audrey:
My toes are numb. You see, kids, this is
what our forefathers did. Audrey:
I can’t feel my leg. They walked
into the woods, They picked out
that special tree, And they cut it down
with their bare hands. Audrey: Mom,
I can’t feel my hips! Yes, honey?
Clark? Audrey’s frozen
from the waist down. It’s all part of
the experience, honey. There it is. [choir singing] The griswold family
christmas tree. Isn’t it
a little big? It’s not big.
It’s just…Full. Dad, that thing wouldn’t
fit in our yard. It’s not going
in our yard, russ. It’s going
in our living room. [teeth chattering] Ah. Look at it. It really is
beautiful, clark. Something else,
huh, russ? Yeah, dad. Isn’t it a beaut, audrey? She’ll see it
later, honey. Her eyes are frozen. The most enduring traditions
of the season are best enjoyed In the warm embrace
of kith and kin.


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