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HI, everybody, OK today I want to give you
a update about going to Las Vegas in 2 days 2 days I going to Las Vegas over Christmas.
I have a Christmas party in Las Vegas, my very first time I never did that be for so,
It lots drunk people , but I don’t care drunk people. I drink, but when I drink? I not drunk.
When I drink I walk straight, and when people drink in Las Vegas? They get drunk and they
fall down mm, fall down. so, that,not me!! So I happy going to Las Vegas, Sound weird
when I drunk, I walk straight. because something, I don’t no something I there make me walk
straight when I drunk. when I not drunk, I walk nmn. that. so, OK, I don’t care, when
I drunk, when I drinking, I walk straight I OK, So, I when give up date This coming
Saturday, I leaving to Las Vegas around Christmas stay Christmas up there for 4 days or 5 days,
I don’t no , I , I leaving 23, so I be there Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, only 3 days. So
I be back 3 days. So it will be lots fun going up there. and I will take picture all lights,
all lights going on for Christmas and hopefully, I go see Christmas tree on the strip at Los
Vegas so that be fun OK, So, I will not make no videos now though Saturday, I having make
any videos in coupler days anyway. OK, so, OK. that I want to give you head up sss, up,up,up
going to Las Vegas around Christmas, AA, OK and Subscribe for me going to Vegas around
Christmas. I leaving Saturday, OK, so I see you soon by!!by, by.

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