Chudlow Flat Pack Woodgas Stove
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Chudlow Flat Pack Woodgas Stove

Hi, I’m Rich and this is Bosmer Bushcraft Hi guys, welcome to my channel. Today I’m going to be showing you my new flat-pack wood
gas stove. And this, is it! So, the stove come in 11 pieces, the outer
stove, and the inner stove. We’ll start by putting the outer stove together. The stove is designed to simply slot together. Make sure that the 2-prong base plate is facing
outwards, so the final piece slots on easily. And that is as simple as it is for the outside
stove. Next, we follow exactly the same procedure
for the inner stove. Again, make sure the 2 tab section is the last piece to go on. And that is the inner stove. And finally, to complete the stove, simply
slot the two together. Once together, the final piece, place that over the top,
and that seals the gas chamber. One completed stove. The preferred fuel for the stove is this stuff, 100% wood cat lit! dead cheap, you can get
it from most supermarkets. A full load in the stove, which is about 200g, should last
for about 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes. Plenty of time to do your brew and a bit of cooking
as well. Quick tip: Cat lit can be a little bit tricky
to get going. Alcohol hand sanitizer! I always keep some in my first aid kit, good stuff! Also included with the stove are a couple of tent pegs, to aid with stability. Simply
slide down the side, twist, and finish. Now the important bit, lets get a brew on! Time to see how we’re doing… Beautiful!


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