CJ’s Baptism is Awk-Awkward! 🙃 Jersey Shore: Family Vacation
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CJ’s Baptism is Awk-Awkward! 🙃 Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

(upbeat electronic dance music) – How cute is this? So cute, is this a fun party Moo-moo? Oh, this is like a wedding. – I would say a baptism for Italians is just as a big as a wedding. We have a DJ, I have a photo booth, bar, and of course, a ton of food, and tapas, sausage and peppers, all the good stuff. And we have a lot of kids at this baptism so it better be a drama free day. I mean this is a baptism. It’s about faith. We’re Catholic. Let’s keep it classy. Guys, we’re drinking a shot for CJ, to CJ. – [Crowd] To CJ. (upbeat hiphop music) – Jenny wasn’t at the church. Do you think she’s gonna
show up to the party? – I don’t know. – Probably better for
me if she doesn’t go. I’m hoping and I’m praying
that she doesn’t show up. Because if she does,
shit might hit the fan, and then it might become a huge problem. I think Jenny’s gonna gorilla slam me into one of the tables. – We’ll see. – [Snooki] Let’s find our table. We’re at different tables. – [Jen] We are? – I think so. – [Jen] What? – So Dena’s terrified that there’s gonna be drama at CJ’s baptism. So, she put me and Jenny at one table. And then she put all the other
roommates at another table. So there’s no beef. Hey, over there. Cool. You can come hang out. – No, you stay on your side. – Okay. – We don’t want you over here anyway. – I actually really like Nicole. But then she got involved in this. They would have been no
problems with me and her if she would have just
minded her own business. – She’ll see, don’t worry,
the truth’ll come out. – (sighing) Here we go, Chris. I told Dena at her house, listen, I will not do anything
at your son’s baptism party. But you know what? If the girls come at me,
I’m not gonna back down. What up? Can we sit here, you want me to go there? See Nicole? – Yeah. – [Angelina] Where’s Jenny? – [Ronnie] She’s not here. – Really? Oh my God. I might be able to actually enjoy today. – It’s a party! – Damn it! Ugh! Here we go. – Where’s Aunt Nicole? If Angelina gets out of
line at the baptism party and if anything is said, I
don’t know how I’m gonna react. Hi! – You made it. Hi, Greyson. Hey.
– How are you? – Nice to finally meet you. – I’m not even gonna look up because I know that if I look up, and I look her in the eyes,
something’s gonna be said, and I’m thinking baptism,
baptism, baptism. – [Dena] Say hi! – Can you say hi? – [Dena] Say hi, Aunt Jenny. – He doesn’t do well at
churches or we woulda went. – [Dena] Yeah, that’s fine, hi Grey! – Jwoww and Nicole sitting
at different tables, it’s so awkward. – My roommates over there. One big, happy family. – Dena probably wanted to
avoid drama today at all costs. But CJ is oblivious, he’s just a baby, he’s just like eh, you know. And the fact that they’re not
talking to each other at all, I think it makes it worse.


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