Clark Freaks Out – Christmas Vacation (9/10) Movie CLIP (1989) HD
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Clark Freaks Out – Christmas Vacation (9/10) Movie CLIP (1989) HD

I’m gonna
fly you all down here To help us dedicate it. Yay!
Yay! Ooh! I can’t swim, clark. I know that, eddie. [sighs] [sighs] [clark sighs] Hey. Ho. [sighs] Oh. Clark,
what’s wrong? Honey. It’s bigger
than you expected? Smaller? Well, what is it? It’s a one-year
membership In the jelly
of the month club. Oh, god. Eddie: Clark,
that’s the gift That keeps on giving
the whole year. That it is, edward. That it is, indeed. I’m sorry. Clark… If this isn’t the biggest
bag over the head, Punch in the face
I ever got. God damn it! Son. [whispering]
that’s good. That’s good. That’s good. Ahh, hey. If any of you
are looking For any last minute
gift ideas for me, I have one– I’d like frank shirley,
my boss, right here tonight. I want him brought from
his happy holiday slumber Over there on melody lane
with all the other rich people, And I want him
brought right here… With a big ribbon
on his head, And I want to look him
straight in the eye And tell him what a cheap, Lying, no-good, rotten,
four-flushing, Lowlife, snake-licking,
dirt-eating, inbred, Overstuffed,
ignorant, bloodsucking, Dog-kissing, brainless,
dickless, hopeless, Heartless, fat-assed,
bug-eyed, stiff-legged,


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