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Cleaning Your RV With Water | Make Cleaning Easier With Norwex

would you like to free up some extra
space and the cabinets in your RV would you like to make cleaning it just a
little bit easier if so stay tuned we’re gonna show you how hey all I’m Lisa and I’m Jimmy we are
find us camping if this is your first time joining us thanks for tuning in
we appreciate your viewership if you’re returning thanks for coming back today
we’re going to show you a couple ways that Lisa cleans our RV with just a
little bit of water and no chemicals and how I store what I’ll be using to clean
taking up minimal space which frees up cabinet space in your RV which as we all
know cabinet and drawer space is at a premium when you have to combine
everything you own to a very small area and hit the road with it
from 2,000 square feet to 400 square feet stay tuned we’re gonna show you how
we make it work as you all probably know by now I am Lisa the finest camping what
you may not know is that I’m also an independent sales consultant from Norwex
there’ll be a link below under the video that you can click on and check out the
Norwex products but in the meantime you may be asking yourself what is Norwex
and I had the same question we met a lady and her husband Steven and Sharon
Tyler at the Hershey RV show they were ahead of endor booth and they had their
Norwex set up and I had never heard of it so they were given a demonstration on
how to clean your windows streak-free no matter what’s on them with just these
two cloths and water no chemicals at all I’m gonna be honest I didn’t believe
that it would work Jimmy as a window fanatic especially in the vehicle so he
really didn’t believe it still didn’t believe it so we talked to them and they
gave us demonstration and we took it all in and we went back to the RV that night
and of course I got a Facebook and I started asking all my people who’s ever
heard of Norwex do you use it do you like it is it great is it bad is it real
does it work I got overwhelmingly surprisingly yes
yes yes use it I love it love it love it so we went back the next day with the
intention of buying this set of cloths that they were using to clean the
windows with we ended up leaving with much more and within six weeks I became
a consultant for Norwex because I believe in and love their
products so I want to give you a little bit about what Norwex is and then I’m
not gonna do a full cleaning of this room but I’m just going to do part of it
so you can kind of see what products I use to do what and then probably later
on we’ll do another video where we might do like the bathroom stuff like that but
I feel like this kitchen living room is the best area to give you the best
demonstration of the most products and show you how little space they actually
take up because in an RV that’s important so just to kind of give you a
visual what we used to have in our camper and I haven’t given up paper
towels completely so I don’t want to make it sound like I have but we do use
fewer of them but we had paper towels and we had your multi surface cleaner
and we had window cleaner and we had these disinfecting wipes and furniture
polish and wipes that I cleaned the stainless steel appliances with so um
I’m sure we’re all addicted to any or all of these products the thing that was
really a shocker for me was that most of these products like these wipes and this
multi-surface cleaner that most of us use on our countertops and places that
we sit food and prepare food if you read the fine print they usually say
something like if you’re using on food areas rents or wipe with water before
using for food so that kind of stuck in my mind and it was something that Sharon
had talked to us about when we were at their booth that day a lot of these kill
the bacteria but they leave it sitting on the countertop which still is kind of
disgusting and then if you’ve got to use this and then go behind it and wipe it
up with water it kind of sounds like you’re doing it twice so I’ve traded all
of these in as far as cleaning goes I still use paper towels for food and such
for these products here this bottle is just water it’s just easier if I have it
in a bottle in the camper then you know trying to use the sink water sometimes
at a premium as well so I use water for everything this is a rubber brush I’ll
show you how we use that this is my dusting mitt these are the
all that we’re gonna do the windows with you can’t and it’s not just windows but
glass mirrors I do the glass over my stovetop my refrigerator front this one
is one you use to wash with this one is the one you used to dry and polish with
you don’t have to have both of them but if you want that streak-free shine then
you’re going to want to use the polishing cloth and this is the mopping
system which you use this dry really soft mop pad to basically sweep the
floor and pick up dirt and then this one you use wet so instead of mopping so
this will replace your broom and your mop and bucket of water I do still have
a broom because we have the patio on the backhoe toy hauler and it’s got that
sandpapery finish to it so it’s not real conducive to running something like this
over it it just snags on it really bad and to be honest we really don’t use the
broom or either we have a small electric blower that we use for that but let me
give you one more little piece of information about Norwex Norwex the gist
of it is it’s a microfiber cloth so this is an enviro cloth and if you’ll notice
it says backlog so what that means is traditional microfiber is the the fiber
itself is the size of a human hair split six ways so microfiber that you pick up
at any home goods Dollar Tree Dollar Store Family Dollar Walmart wherever
you’re getting them that’s that’s what makes it so that they are qualified as
microfiber Norwex is the equivalent of a human hair split 200 times so the fiber
is much smaller making it easier to get into the tiniest cracks and crevices and
pick up the dirt and the germs also woven into their enviro cloth or any any
of their products that have that back lock tag that that’s a back lock on them
any of them have silver woven in when they are made and I didn’t know a lot of
people do but I did not that silver is an antibacterial so what that means is
when you use this cloth you’re going to wet it
wring it out fold it like I have this one folded in half and then
half again so that gives you this cleaning surface this cleaning surface
flip it this side this side open it up and again you’ve got the same amount of
sides so you have instead of a roll of paper towels you can do multiple windows
I did all the windows at my house and side and out with just these two cloths
and a bucket of water but furthermore when you’re done with it you’re gonna go
back to the sink you’re gonna rub it together and run it over rub it together
under running water you’re gonna wring it out and you’re
gonna use that same tag it tells you it’s got back lock to hang it up
somewhere wherever makes you happy but you’re gonna hang it up and it’s gonna
dry what it’s not gonna do is grow bacteria and start to smell like so many
of your cleaning claws dish claws that kind of thing you know they get that
odor because they have bacteria on them and then it just grows so it’s not gonna
do that it’s gonna hang and it’s gonna dry and then the next time you need it
it’s there all you got to do is wet it and start it over again so any of their
products that say back lock that’s what they’re all about so instead of having a
cabinet full of all of these chemicals under your sink the way like in my
kitchen the way mine works is I have command strip hooks so when I’m done
with my cloths I hang this one here this one here and they’re not taking up any
space in the drawer they’re not taking up any floor space they are taking up no
space at all I shut them and then when I need them again here they are the dust
mitt is the same way everything has a loop on it so the dust mitt I have in a
cabinet but I have hooks on the back of that cabinet we hang our keys and I just
hang this on that little hook in the back so it literally sits flat up
against the wall and doesn’t take up any space either and my mopping system I
hang I have a command strip that will hold oh we like a man scripts yeah well
I mean everybody in the RV community likes command strips so I have the one
that’s a little hook so it grabs it and it hangs on the wall like this what I do
is turn mine this way and I put this pad up against it and the pressure of that
holds these together so they take up however much space you know that takes
up on the wall and that’s it if you don’t have command scripts you need to
get some yeah so we use them for everything this
doesn’t just have to be used as a broom or a mop it can be used to clean your
walls dust areas that you can’t reach I use I have this is a smaller mop um
there is a bigger one that I have in the house but for the RV this one’s better
because the you know the spaces are much smaller in an RV and then I use my
rubber brush this isn’t a must-have but it’s a must-have for me when you’re done
sweeping you’re gonna have that dirt and dust and since we this isn’t one of
those products where we’re gonna rip this off and throw it away we’re gonna
keep using it which is better for the environment I’m gonna hold it over my
trash can it’s my rubber brush I’ll just go across it and it’ll knock all that
dirt off multi-purpose also a great tool for pet hair not so much a problem on
the leather couch but Michael my comforter on my dog’s bed when she’s
with us it’s an you know normally it’s here and it’s in the floor on a sweater
on your clothes whatever it just goes across you know
you go across it like that and it just rolls the dog hair up so I love this and
I would have never thought it would be one of my favorite products but it
actually is so I’m gonna give you a couple of quick demonstrations of all of
these products I’ve showed you how we store them and they don’t take up a
whole lot of space I’m gonna start I guess with the dust mitt I’m gonna start
at the top and work down so maybe there’s anybody using any Norwex yeah
are you using Norwex if so what is your favorite product because maybe I didn’t
think this would be my favorite product but it ranks right up there with just
the standard and viral so I’m gonna show you for the mop another little thing is
this little rubber ball that’s on the end of the mop is also good for scuff
marks on the floor I don’t really have any on this floor
but in the kitchen in my house or I have a lighter colored floor like this you
know get the black scuff marks and you just turn it over and rub it on the
floor and it pulls them right up so that’s a bonus they say to put this even
with your chin so it’s just a twist that way so you’re gonna bring it up even
with your chin and then this just twists in place to lock so it doesn’t matter
how tall you are how short you are little telescope and
work for you and what works for you so when you’re doing things like your wall
if there is this little lock here that you can flip up so right now it pivots
this way it pivots this way and when you’re trying to do walls you don’t want
to flip on you so you flip this little lock up now we’ll go this way but that’s
it it doesn’t go any other way so you lock it in place
and you come across here and you can just do any of these areas up here you
can get in here on the wall anywhere that you’re gonna have cobwebs dust
bunnies especially if it’s sitting for any period of time there’s things that
you just can’t really reach very well this makes it so much easier and again
there is a bigger one in the house that this one just works so much better for
doing a small spaces so I would go over all the whole you know all the slides
all the walls and then I would sit this aside okay again I’m not gonna do the
whole thing today but just to give you some idea of what you can use it for
then I would use my dust mitt the dust mitt is really soft runs kind of seen
because I’ve had it for a while if it ever stops picking up it’s mostly a
static thing so you can just kind of rub it against itself to build up some
static and then you can go across anything because there’s and you’re not
putting any polish or waxes on it it’s safe for everything so you can wipe off
your TV the top of the TV you can wipe off the shelf back here underneath the
TV and I just give it them the once-over
for everything I can reach anything I couldn’t reach now of course I did with
the UM with the mop / broom but anything I can reach I just go over it with my
dust in it so all these little cracks in the cabinets the tops of the doors
anything like that I’m gonna do with my dust mitt the beauty of the dust mitt is
if there’s big things on it you can either sweep them off like this into the
trashcan you can use the rubber brush or most the times I just hang it outside
the door and give it a real good shake and the dirt falls on the ground and
then I hang it back up then I will start wiping things down we brought out a
bucket of water because I don’t have water hooked up right now because we’re
at home but just like it would be if you had running water you’re just gonna get it wet bring it
out and go to town I use it to wipe off all my counters any cabinets that get
you know smudges or whatever on I’m dirty handprints and it’s just as simple
as that just wipe everything off and it’s picking up all the dirt it’s
picking up the bacteria I don’t have to worry about coming back and wiping it
once we’re done because I’m leaving chemicals behind I’m not leaving
anything behind it’s just clean it works really great on any of that I use it in
other parts the camper – I use in the bathroom I’m not going to go over
bathrooms today but maybe we could do another video on that comment below if
you’re interested in seeing how we clean the bathroom because there are some
different things we use for that real quick I’m gonna do I hope it’s gonna
show up on the video the glass door the garage not sure if you all have met
Daisy yet or not but she’s our black lab and she likes to draw with her nose on
the window so the streak-free just water and a
cloth there’s a big smudge up here you might be able to see I guess that’s from
somebody’s head you literally just go over it with your wet cloth and then you come back with your
polishing cloth and what this is gonna do is keep it from streaking it’s gonna
get the water it’s just going to dry it off really nicely for the guys I do use
this on my truck windows it does work very good I don’t use Windex and paper
towels anymore I don’t use newspapers none of that this is what I was
skeptical about so there’s the top half the door and that’s just the inside not
the outside and I’m sure there’s a bunch of marks on the outside too but you can
see I didn’t have to use any chemicals just water and this one cloth that mark
is on the outside now the birds may fly into it so yeah so then we’ll just
pretend for videos sake and not drawing it on too long that we had just wiped
down all our counters clean the windows clean the mirrors in the bathroom if
there were any then to clean our tile off normally the water would run so it
would be rubbing it together like this under the water while it was running
because I don’t have running water in the camper we’re gonna do it like that
right now I’m gonna fold it fold it I’m gonna wring it out and then I would just
open it up grab the tag hang it here shut the door and finish with it we will
do you also can use it and they’re not really dirty so it’s not gonna show up
really well but you can use it on your stainless um it’s not dirty cuz she’s
already used yeah I don’t have a lot of ones riding with me so I’m fine with
that much anymore um but the same the same thing I’m just gonna wipe it off
and then come back put the polishing rag get the rest of the water off it’s a
little bit cleaner than it was it’s it was only clean it’s still wet so there
you go so that was that um no stainless steel wipes so multi-purpose cleaner
nothing fancy like that Jimmy really loves the spot or demo so we’ll do this
real quick just for fun for those of you that are skeptical no cup of paper towel
and use the cleaner glass so you know of course butter or anything greasy is
always the hardest to get off of a window so don’t over here so we’ll do it
on our stovetop cuz that’s saved and cleaning with grease
so there’s your butter right and we all know what a nightmare that is and of
course normally you’re gonna use a paper towel and it’s gonna smear it all around
and so then you’re gonna get another paper towel and you’re gonna spray some
window cleaner on it and you’re gonna wipe it some more and now if you do it
properly because this is an area that food might touch you’re gonna get
another paper towel or get some kind of cloth out and wipe that off with water
to get the chemical residue but there is still a lot of streaks from that greasy
butter so with the Norwex cloth we’re just gonna wipe that butter right off no
chemical just water wipe it again the other side and then we’re going to come behind it
with our polishing pull all clean so um this is a little tricky I didn’t get
that area right there real good with the buttons it’s always hard to get in there there we go
so streak-free no paper towels no chemicals all done rinse my rag out hang
it up and all as well lastly we can do the floor when you sweet with the
Norwich’s mop you do it in more of an S motion because you’re not sweeping it
into a pile like you do with a traditional broom so what is great about
it is it a lot of people going to have back problems and the push-pull of a
standard broom or mop is bad for them don’t have as much trouble with this so
this will get up in a lot of the corners I like it cuz it’ll get under my slide
so I can drag that edge under the slide and pick up the dog hair that tends to
you know congregate there you’re just going to come and do the S motion so
you’re gonna go back and forth now there’s a couple different solutions
when you get to the end of your area that you’re mopping first is you’re
gonna want to get rid of anything that’s on your mop if there’s any dog hair it’s
not too bad but there is some here and you just run this brush down it over the
trashcan and you can see that it’s gonna let go of most of the big stuff so it’s
gonna collect there the other option if you end up with a pile of dirt which I
have a couple dead ladybugs down here that didn’t stick is to then come back
with your inverter cloth and just pick those up and then you can shake him in
the trashcan and then he’s gonna go back in the water rinse that out
hang it up when you’re done then the next thing is if you wanted to go over
it with your laptop you’re gonna remove that pad there’s two options here um you
can wet this so you would run it under your water and then wring it out as best
you can which is of course an option the option
I prefer just because in the camper again you don’t always have a lot of
running water so you put this on and you can just step down in the velcro will
adhere itself and that’s when I use this bottle of water so I literally just
spray the water and you know you need a fair amount the first couple swipes
because your pad is drawing it’s gonna want to stick to it so then I just come
up here back-and-forth same s motion okay if it starts sticking a lot of
times if you push or pull too hard it’ll stick and flip it probably means you
don’t have enough water on it but it’s not you know what enough because when it
wants to stick and grab so you can do the back and forth you can do the s
emotion whichever you know is better for you
but there’s not any dunking it in a mop bucket full of water I just spray my
area set my bottle down and move on to the next spot now what you are gonna
have to do is when you get to the end you’re gonna have to rinse it and wring
it so you’re going to have to use the sink or a puppet for that depending on
what your situation is and you can see it’s a little wet right here my floor is
um has a lot of ridges in it so it does collect water there but it’s just water
and then you draw I worry about the dog licking it or if I had little kids that
we’re gonna be doing calling I’m on it I don’t have to worry about it being
anything toxic that they can’t eat or drink so not too bad
gosh that was only a little piece of the floor but again so same thing I’m just
gonna rinse it out wring it out I’m gonna hang it back up in the UM in the
back where the mop hangs out so if you have any questions please post them
below happy to answer them if you’re interested in any of the products that
listed today Jimmy will put a link for each of them specifically in the area
below and he’ll also put a link just to my page but if you have any questions
please feel free to reach out I’m happy to help and I hope that this has helped
you think of a way that you can use less chemicals fill the landfills up a little
less use just water chemical free get your camper clean and use so much less
space to store everything in safe travels everyone


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