Coastal Now – Resident Adviser Picnic
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Coastal Now – Resident Adviser Picnic

Whew, that bronze and teal. I love my bronze and teal. In the midst of training, this year’s
Resident Advisers at Coastal Carolina University took some time to have fun.
This is a great break for them to kind of relax and rejuvenate a little bit in
the midst of RA training. Thank you for the job you’re going to do. Dr.
DeCenzo, Mrs. DeCenzo every year take the time to recognize the RAs ahead of their
jobs to say thank you in advance. You’re the front line for our students on this campus. It could be one of the most important jobs
at the University. There’s tons of responsibility in being an
RA. Honestly, the RA on a first year housing, could make or break a student’s,
like, college experience. In order to fill such vital roles, first-time RAs, as well
as those who are returning to the position, undergo extensive training. They
are working hard, figuring out how to best do their job. I’m just adjusting
trying to learn how to be a great RA, a great listener, a great person to
interact with residents help them with their issues. I believe training does a
lot to like prepare you for like the different things that you’ll encounter.
It’s very intensive. There’s a lot of stuff you have to learn, but they do a
really good job of spacing it out, making it fun and there’s just a lot of stuff
we learn and I’ve, it’s definitely been helping. In the end, all of the resident
advisers are prepared to assist the students on their floor in whatever
way is needed. I want to make sure their life at Coastal is great.
We have a huge impact on like what they do and what they feel like on this
campus. You never know what resident is down, you never know what resident is
struggling and you can always be that person to give them that little push to
success. It’s about making sure they have a home, they feel safe and they know they
have someone to go to at any time of the year. The impact can be especially
positive for first-year students. I like the idea of like helping people
acclimate themselves to the college lifestyle. Okay, I see you now. Good job.
Most of these individuals became resident advisers because of the
guidance an RA provided for them, when they first came to Coastal. I didn’t know
much coming in and I learned all of it from my RA and other stuff on campus and
I feel like I can give my students a lot of knowledge that they might not know what
to do. With training now complete, the resident advisers are awaiting the
arrival of their students. I just want to see everybody coming into the
building and just loving like how everything goes and hopefully everyone
has a great time. Coastal’s the best, you can’t do what we do. Can’t do it.

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