Cold Weather Tip For Boots
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Cold Weather Tip For Boots

Imagine this: You wake up after a cold night
of camping, you go to slide your foot into your boot, suddenly it’s much harder to do
than it was the day before, and that’s essentially because the material of your boot has frozen
stiff. And, it doesn’t matter if your boot is made out of leather or synthetic material.
If the temperature drops down low enough during the night, that material will stiffen up and
it’ll be a lot harder to get your foot into your footwear the next morning. So, if that situation sounds familiar I have
a really simple tip to share with you and it just involves one of these water bottles.
Basically all you need to do is take the water bottle and slide it down into your boot before
you go to bed. Then, the next morning, when you wake up, just slide that water bottle
out of your boot and put your foot in like you normally would. You’ll find it to be a lot easier to do than
if you had just left your boots outside without that water bottle in it. Essentially is what the water bottle does
is it takes the opening of your boot and spreads it apart so that there’s a lot more volume
and that volume just helps assist your foot so that it can slide right in. Now this tip isn’t just good for the winter.
It’s good for the summer months too because the water bottle plugs the opening of your
boot so the critters can’t get in. If you have any fear of spiders, or bugs, or mice,
or whatever else might be out there, then um just plugging the top of your boot with
that water bottle can give you a lot of comfort during the night. So, I hope you found this tip helpful. If
you did, give us a thumbs up or head on over to our YouTube channel to subscribe to show
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here at the end.


  • John Lord

    Dropping in a hot water heated campfire water bottle into the boot, while overnight, still keeps the boot and sole warmer than a normal temperature water bottle in the boot. The insulation will keep the boot warmer overnight, and less cold in the morning. And (!!!) keeping the boots near the campfire also keeps them warm and pliable.

  • Andy Timinsky

    Seems like a good idea. Last overnight snowshoe trip I had to put mine in my sleeping bag stuff sack, then put it at the bottom of my sleeping bag. My boots were soaked by the end of the day so I didn't want them to be frozen popsicles by morning. Seemed to do the trick.


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