Coleman CPX6 Tent Fan with LED Light Review
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Coleman CPX6 Tent Fan with LED Light Review

– Hey guys here we have
the Coleman CPX Tent Fan. It’s a very nice small compact fan. It has two different
speeds, fast and slow. And soft fine blades, which
is quite nice and safe, especially for the kids. Also features a light,
LED light, two different brightnesses, high and low. Comes with a handy, hanging hook. Also with a magnetic carabiner and bracket so you can actually hang the
fan from the tent ceiling. Like so, which is quite handy. Alternatively it has
a little stand as well so you can just have it
sitting on the floor. To operate it it just has four D batteries in a little old battery pack there. Then alternatively it
has an optional extra you can grab the power cartridge,
six volt power cartridge and rechargeable battery. So that’s a nice optional extra there.


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