Coleman Fuel Filter Funnel Product Review
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Coleman Fuel Filter Funnel Product Review

COLEMAN FUEL FILTER FUNNEL filtering FUNNEL FOR COLEMAN CAMPING GEAR Hi it’s AlaskaGranny prepper if you’re going to be using Coleman or other
camping lanterns stove heaters that require you to pour fuel you
wanna make sure you get a good quality fuel funnel designed for doing this task I have this one by Coleman and I don’t know if you can read
it there but it says Coleman on it and it is a filtering funnel and this one
is actually made in the United States I’m not worried about it adding any kind of wierd chemicals what’s nice about this is that it has a
nice double end it has two different little
sizes is gonna fit securely not fallout and it comes with the filter and you can
see it has a cap that has a spot in here to collect any residue you know how your cars and
trucks have fuel filters l you don’t clogs in your camping gear especially if you’re
counting on it in a very cold or hungry situation so you place filter into the funnel and you would pour in your fuel next you would be able to pull this back
out and then any residue can be swept out
and cleaned and if you don’t wanna stick it in with
your fingers just use like your pocket knife for stick you can even push it out from the other
end if you can’t get it pulled out so look for a Coleman filtering funnel and make that a part of you’re camping hunting and emergency gear Please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

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