Coleman Hyperflame Fyreknight Stove & Accessories Explained | Extremely Hot Stove!
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Coleman Hyperflame Fyreknight Stove & Accessories Explained | Extremely Hot Stove!

– Hi there guys, this is Matt here at Tentworld
of Archerfield again, and today I want to show off to you the Hyperflame Fyreknight. It’s a stove and personally I think they’re absolutely brilliant. They’re very very good at
boiling more than anything. Really comes down to these, which are their wind deflectors, really does allow for a
lot of movement in and out whilst also being 50
percent more efficient than a traditional burner
with the side gussets. Piezo ignition on the– down here, start up both burners. Nice simple folding handle. You have a nice catch here for the lid but to be honest with you, I’ve never used mine in my life because it sits here quite nicely. Low profile packed up
which is quite useful, and yeah I think they’re brilliant, 12,000 BTUs as well per burner, which means it’s really nice and strong. It’s a brilliant stove for
boiling more than anything, getting those steaks done real nicely. It is a bit of a finer adjustment if you just want to simmer, and there are some other options which may be better suited. Next I’d like to show off to
you some of the accessories as well as how the gas structure works because it’s kind of
common question I guess. Alright then guys, so this is the regulator here. This is for the gas obviously. You’ve the BOM field or BOM fitting here for the finer 60 gramme cartridges. Or else included with
it is the BOM fitting down a thread which is your
standard smaller gas cylinders. There’s also a 10 mil adaptor
if you’ve got your big barbecue bottles, these
swap and go models. To put the actual unit on, it’s as simple as pushing
it in the side here and screwing it down, and then attaching that there. But next I’ll go through some
of the other accessories. Now I never leave home without the case. Think it’s absolutely brilliant, it helps to protect the
investment in the stove. You have the option to
actually stick a couple of the canisters on the side like so, and there’s also a separate
spot to keep the griddle. This is another accessory,
it’s the griddle. Some people don’t reckon
you can chuck it in the bag, I’ve been able to. I suppose it’s– just been doing it for a little while. This is cast iron plate, it’s really nice and
thick so it helps spread that hot temperature across there nicely. It also has a grease capture
that sits on the side. The last accessory I
want to talk to you about is something that’s nice and light. It’s a little aluminium plate here. So you can sit that on one
side while still having your boiling plate if you wanted to, or your boiling pot, allow you to boil water
whilst still being able to cook some bacon, eggs
or whatever on this side. Personally I’ve actually
grabbed all three now but I have had the stove for a while. So yeah, that’s the Hyperflame Fyreknight. I think they’re an
absolutely brilliant stove. Come into your local Tentworld
and have a look at them and have a great day!


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