Coleman Instant Up Gold 4P Tent – How to setup & pack away
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Coleman Instant Up Gold 4P Tent – How to setup & pack away

– This is the Coleman Instant
Up 4P Gold Series Tent. It is a little beauty, I’m
gonna show you how to set it up and how to pack it away today. Let’s get started. ♪ Hit it ♪ (relaxed hip-hop music) – We’re in a shady spot down here today at the Brown Hill Creek Tourist Park, just 15 minutes from the
city, not far from the beach at the base of the Adelaide Hills it’s in Adelaide’s eastern suburbs. And they’ve given us some space today to go through some of
our products for you. What I’ve got in front of me here now, is the Coleman Instant
Up Gold four person tent. I’m gonna show you how to set
it up and pack it away today. When you buy it, this is how it comes in a bag, weighs about 15 kilos, measures about 112 centimetres in long, in length, sorry, 24 centimetres high and about 24 centimetres deep. Before I set it up, I’ll show
you what comes in the bag. So, inside the bag for your
Instant Up Gold 4P tent here, you’re getting the main tent, this is the inner and the
frame all combined as one. This is your fly sheet here. Now you do get a removable
awning with this as well, it goes on both sides of the tent, in this instance, it’s actually
attached to the fly here but we’ll show you more about that later. You get a bag of pegs,
they’re light-duty pegs. You will benefit from
adding, say, four to six, possibly up to eight
heavier-duty pegs to your kit. There’s five awning poles in here. Two for the front awning
and three for the side. There’s one longer one so you can create a
peaked awning on the side. You get some extra guy ropes. There’s some straps to
tie it all up together, and this is a little doormat,
I’ll show you that later. Now the first thing I
need to do to set it up is put this stuff aside and grab
the inner tent, spread it out. ‘Cause there’s no wind here today, I can pop all the poles up in place, and put the pegs in after. Now if I just let the poles
just fall to the side here, don’t force them. Before I pull it out too much further, I just want to work out where my door is. So, I can see that the
entry is on this side here. I want my door to face this way, so I’m just gonna twist the
tent around a little bit, and then I can gradually spread these out. And pop these poles into place. First thing I need to do
is just grab each of these and invert the knuckles. Just spread it out a little bit. If it was windy, I’d wanna
put some pegs in place now so that this doesn’t blow away. It’s not windy so I
can put it straight up. All I need to do now is
extend these poles out, until the button appears
in this little hole here. That’s the frame of our
Instant Up 4P, all set up. I put four pegs in the corners now, and then I can grab the fly
and throw it over the top. So I just gotta get the
orientation of my fly right before I throw it over top. Now, there’s only one doorway, so I know that this brown panel here, with the zips that go right to the bottom, are the door, so that
goes on this side here. So I’ll let that sit on there,
I’ll grab the other side and I’ll throw it over and
sort of work it into place. So I’ve got the fly
roughly in place there. Before I touch it at the bottom, there’s three attachment points on each pole that we need to put in place, to attach it to the
frame, to the inner frame. So up underneath here, we’ve got one, two, and right at the top,
is the third Velcro tab, that we need to put
around the inner frame. Once you’ve put the last one on, we just grab this plastic
clip at the bottom here, which goes into the D ring on
the base of the inner tent. We do all four of those
attachment points on each corner. You may find you need to undo the clip at the bottom on the opposite corner. I found I couldn’t lift
this fabric up high enough without doing up the clip
on that bottom corner to be able to get to this top tab here. So don’t force it, just undo it so you can
get them all done up. So now I’ve got all the
attachment points on the corners, and each corner of the
fly clipped to the inner, I can go around and put all the pegs in in the base of the fly. Now there’s one at the rear, there’s three on each side
for the circle ventilation, and then I need two pegs at the front for the vestibule as well. So this bit of fabric here
is the removable awning this can go on either side of the tent. I’ll set that up shortly for you. I just need to hold it out the way, did come attached to the fly, just hold it out the way,
while I peg these in. Now these little vents here, are for what’s called
Coleman’s circle ventilation I’ll show you the vents inside shortly but if we peg that out, just allows a bit more
airflow inside the tent. Just got two more pegs to put in for the vestibule around the front here. Now, I’ll mention the ground sheet that I’m using here today. This is a 2.44 by 3.6 metre
or thereabouts ground sheet. Now, it’s a little bit
longer than the tent and what I’m gonna find is when I go to put this peg in here, it’s gonna go through the ground sheet. Now I’ve got two options here. I can get an eyelet kit and put a eyelet through
the ground sheet or, all I’m gonna do today is
fold this up over the top or underneath like this if I like, and put the peg in on the outside of it. Now I’m gonna put all the guy ropes in, there’s four of them
in total on the sides. Really important that we
use these all the time. It’s got a nice big flat size
which creates room inside but it does catch the wind. If we put all these in, put ’em
a fair way out from the tent as far out as you can like this, don’t put ’em in close by, right out so they get lots of support for the tent and you won’t have any dramas. And that’s the main
portion of the tent set up. While I’m on the side here
I’ll mention these windows. There’s one at the rear and
one of these on each side. We can actually roll these right up if we want, leave them closed so when they’re closed like this they offer storm protection. When they’re rolled up like this, obviously, they offer ventilation. We can use a couple of extra
pegs on these guy ropes also, to peg them out as small awnings
like this over the window which gives us a bit of shade
while allowing ventilation. I’m just gonna roll it up for now, though. The other elements we can set up, on this tent, is the awning at the front using the included awning poles, and there’s also the removable awning that was on the other side of the tent. That we can actually put on
either side that we want. There’s a zipper, along the
top of this window here, that allows that awning on the other side to be zipped either out this side, or out that side, I’m
gonna zip it off there and put it this side for you shortly, and we can create a peaked shaded area on this side of the tent. I’ll sent the front one up first, though. Now you get five steel awning poles with your Instant Up Gold 4P Tent, and one of them is longer than the others. We need two of the shorter ones for, this awning at the front here, so I have front storm closure here. I’m gonna extend out as a
shaded entry to our tent. The other three we use
for the side awning, to create a peak in the middle, so the long one will go in the middle. And the two shorter ones on each side. That is the Coleman Instant Up 4P Person pretty much all set up, we
put the longer awning pole in the middle here, I
do get another guy rope. It’s probably beneficial to
also put this guy rope on, to pull this out like this. And create a nice flat awning there and the water runs off of it
as well, it’s got an angle. And that is the Coleman
Instant Up 4P Tent all set up apart from a couple of accessories, and that is the doormat, which is this guy here. Now, I don’t really need it
’cause I’ve used a groundsheet but I could peg this out on the front here if I didn’t have a groundsheet. Just to wipe my feet on, there’s six peg points around the sides. And something I didn’t mention before was this little gear loft, now this goes up inside the tent here, up the top, might be a bit
dark in here at the moment. But there’s four attachment points for these little plastic
clips to hook on to, and it creates a little loft for us, to store our gear in, up high in the tent. That’s it, we’re all done. That’s the Coleman Instant
Up 4P Gold all set up. I’ve got shelter on two sides, we’re ready to set up camp on the inside. That was easily done by myself, it’s easy to pack up by myself as well. I’ll show you how to do that, first thing I do, is
take all the pegs out. And just use a little bit of common sense when you’re taking down your
Coleman Instant Up Tent, most people would damage their tent when they’re taking it down in the wind. And that’s usually because
they don’t have a think about, leave some pegs in place if it is windy so the wind doesn’t pick it up, and take it to someone else’s campsite and you end up with a damaged tent. So we just gotta pull the
clips off each corner, and remember to undo the Velcro tabs around the frame underneath. And also go around and
make sure all the flaps on your windows are closed up, it’s gonna make folding
the fly a lot easier. One little tip I’ve got for
trying to make it easier to fold your fly sheet is to firstly, down one side of the tent,
make sure it’s up over the side of the frame so it can’t catch. And then I grab roughly the
centre point of each side, walk around the middle here
and I find the very peak, of the tent and I grab the middle. You can usually tell where it is ’cause all the fabric crosses here. I’ll grab that point as
well, gather it together, and then I try and find
the same centre point, on the other side here, so it’s between my two tie points here. Now if I pull that off, as I lay it down it kind of
automatically folds in half provided it doesn’t get too
caught up on the tent there. And it doesn’t take too much effort then, to get the fly folded in half. So it neatly goes back in the bag. The more time we spend getting these fabrics flat at the moment, the easier it is, to
fit it back in the bag with the rest of the tent. Now it’s really calm here now so I pulled all four
corners out of the pegs, I don’t have to worry about wind. All I need to do now to lower the tent is go to each corner and
push our silver button here, to allow the legs to collapse. Don’t force it just yet, just let it sit. We’ll do it on all four corners. And the tent will lower to the ground. Now I’ve got all four legs lowered so the tent’s as low as it
will go, all I need to do now is invert these knuckles
backwards like this, the tent will then fall to the ground. And I can gather the
corners up into the middle, and roll it up. Now I’ve got all four poles
gathered in the middle here now you could always benefit
from an elastic strap or something to round this
now, just to hold ’em in place ’cause otherwise you need to
use your hand to hold ’em all. Now if you just take a
little bit of time now just to stretch these fabrics out on the side here, sort of
flatten them out a bit. It’s gonna make rolling the
tent up so much easier, so. I’ll get these flat and then
I can lay it down on its side. And then I’ll get these ones out as well. We just take a little bit of time to fold this so it sits
as flat as you can, it’s gonna make getting it
back in the bag so much easier. All I need to do now is roll it up, get the fly, and put
it all back in the bag. Now you can roll the fly up
inside the tent if you like, that’s how it came when it was new. I actually find it easier just
to pack this up like this, and then roll the fly
up around next to it. And that is how you set up and pack away the Coleman Instant Up
4P Gold Series Tent. It went back in the bag reasonably easily, if I was to do it again I’d probably fold it up
slightly differently, the fly a different shape
’cause there’s more space at one end than the other after
you put the inner in there. But I got it in easily by myself. You can grab these
online at, lowest prices every day. Thanks for watching, I hope it was useful. We’ll see you next time. (relaxed hip-hop music) If you liked that video, folks, subscribe to our channel,
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