Coleman Lantern Storage Boxes Camping Hunting Must Have Items
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Coleman Lantern Storage Boxes Camping Hunting Must Have Items

Hi it’s AlaskaGranny if lanterns are part of your camping gear or emergency supplies you need to consider having storage boxes to keep them in it protects them because they have glass and you need to protect them plus the mantle
inside for lighting is delicate so I like the Coleman boxes I have a large one for my large lantern and small one for the small lantern store
extra mantles in the base then when you wanna
store it there is a little hook here holds the base slide it in till its secure know it’s going to be safe keep the hanger that I have extra in there also and they have 2 little clips so you figure out where the clips
are slide it over snap it in it’s easy to carry holds it securely this one has even been dropped out of a plane hit the pontoon and landed in the water nothing broke not even the mantle shouldn’t try that protected it very much these do tend to get
smashed down around so I’m liking these because if anything like the glass should get
broken because you had some sort of mishap the glass is still
contained and isn’t in to all of your gear large one is the same I keep mantles in the bottom clips here to hold this securely then it has the same thing has knobs and bracket so you slide it over just like that snaps on then when you want to use it push these 2 pull this off and wiggle it out your lantern is ready same with this one push on the clips wiggle it out ready to go get some lantern storage boxes if lanterns are part of your camping and emergency gear Please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel


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