Coleman Rechargeable Fan with LED Light
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Coleman Rechargeable Fan with LED Light

Hi I’m Neville from Snowys. I’m here to
talk about the Coleman fans. Comes in two sizes – an 8 inch and a 12 inch fan. They both run off 240 volt and 12 volts, you have the option of either. It does
have an in-built rechargeable battery as well, which will last up to 3 hours. So on the lowest setting they oscillate, you can have the centre section here locked
in so you can have it in certain directions if you want to. Both of the
Coleman fans have lights. Just by pressing power buttons here, we turn the lights on
and off. On the larger one, the lights are on the side. So this is the size of the
box for the 8 inch fan. It’s quite light. So, all your information is on the box.
Very straightforward. Another great feature of the fans are they have a low
and a high setting. So on the front of the fan here, you’ll find down here there is a low and high setting. So if you flick it across… WOAHHH!!!! We love this product but there’s one thing
we have found is when you’ve charged it up, the red light here is meant to
go green when it’s fully charged. That doesn’t seem to be the case. The red
light stays on constantly but the battery is fully charged even though the red light stays on. These fans have only been out for a
couple of months and they’re selling like crazy. Great gifts for summer,
awesome present, great for camping.


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