Coleman Stove Propane Setup and Lighting Easy!
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Coleman Stove Propane Setup and Lighting Easy!

Hey everyone today we’re gonna be looking at a propane Coleman stove We’ll show you how to set it up and we’ll show you how to light it let’s check it out So welcome everyone today we’re gonna be setting up this propane Coleman stove model five Four three zero B seven zero zero the first thing we’re gonna be needing is some sort of lighter these longer lighters work great You’re less likely to burn your hands. We’re also gonna need a propane tank. This is a one pound Coleman propane tank They’re designed for these sorts of stoves and lanterns All right, so let’s get rolling The first thing you’re gonna do is push the button on the front of your stove When you push that it releases the lid to be opened The next thing you’re gonna do is fold out the wind baffles. There’s one on either side These wind baffles are designed to protect the stove from wind so it doesn’t go out on a windy day There’s little clips on these wind baffles And when you push them together, it allows you to slide them into the hole on the side of the Coleman stove So go ahead and grab the regulator from your stove It’s usually sitting right here in the middle and make sure the brass tip is push right to the end Over on the right-hand side of your stove. You’re gonna see a little hole that you put the brass tip into And you’re gonna want to tighten that up. It can be a little bit finicky Sometimes just make sure it’s straight and it’ll thread right on there painting it to the right And once that’s tight, then you’re gonna want to tighten the propane bottle to the regulator So again, this one tightens to the right as well. So just screw that right in there The propane bottle once it’s attached actually sits on the table. So again just make sure both ends are nice and snug So now we’re ready to light the stove So take your lighter and put it right next to the burner and turn the control knob Towards the left and the burner will light right up The left-hand side of the stove also lights in exactly the same way So go ahead and throw your pot or your pan on the stove and start cooking to give you an idea when we put this pot on the stove with about 3/4 full of water and the burner set to medium. It takes about 10 minutes for it to start boiling So we’ve been camping for 4 days now and we’ve cooked on this stove a couple of times each day We’ve still yet to run out of propane in this one pound cylinder So also, just a quick note about the burner control knob if you turn it all the way clockwise The burner will turn off and all the way counterclockwise. The burner will be at its maximum So I hope you enjoyed this video today on how to put together your Coleman stove and how to light it Please remember to like the video down below also subscribe and hit the bell notification I’ve got plenty of videos coming up in the future that I’d love to share with you. Thanks again for watching and take care!

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